Thursday, 1 September 2011

LORD God said KIRA

LORD God said 'KIRA' and it sounded like 'KEIRA' There is also a French singer called 'KIERAH'.

It is written that the name KIRA is 7,000 years old. Another spelling is Kyra. In ancient Greek it meant 'LADY' and lady is feminine of Lord.

Kira is a title of respect for a woman. In Russia there are various meanings, from 'ruler', to 'leader of the people'. There is lady called KIRA, original founder of a Jewish music theatre in Odessa, Ukraine. She as been funded by the Rothschild Foundation and many others.

Kira is a former town in Japan and its on the coast.

Check out the KIRA Corporation in the USA. [3]

Kyra a town in Cyprus is inhabited by the Turks since the invasion in 1974.

KIRA, the national dress of the Bhutanese, simple, warm and colorful. As you can see the Kira is worn like a sarong,  although it is in a much warmer material. Bhutan was known as the 'Dragon Kingdom', the mystical kingdom of Bhutan. 2012, is the Chinese year of the Dragon. Cannibis grows wild in Bhutan, and pigs like it the most. Humans do not consume it, it is given to the animals as feed.

Royal decree was given to ban plastic bags and all private logging companies. There is to be a royal wedding in October and the new young King can be seen with his wife to be on this BBC link. Her name is Jetsun and she is beautiful, he describes her as 'warm and kind in heart.'

The King of Bhutan - Gross National Happiness is most important.

Here we are in the Himalayas, Bhutan is near Nepal, that is also near Sikkim and it means "One of the fortified place'.

The flag of a former monarch of Sikkim. Does it remind of Sekhem? 






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