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David Project 22

This is a great video that shares truth with other students and the people that are not aware of what is going on in Western Universities. Compelled by their hearts to not remain silent in the face of adversity.

"Those that remain silent are compliant to the suffering in the world" from Sacred Words

It is well done to the students involved in this project; and their organization of PEACE WEEK on campus. Sharing truth is to be highly commended. It has an important meaning to Messiah Joseph as well, because when we blessed the Sea of Galilee on the 22nd of May, 2006, with six Israeli's and with a Franciscan monk looking on. We gave each of those that came a 'dove of peace' to remember the day of the blessing, and the Harmonic Epiphany that took place.

It was a special day because the 22nd of May, is the 'Day of ENERGY' and in 2006, it was the second anniversary of the planetary energies moving into Master 22, that is divine feminine energy. It brings forth good spiritual leadership, right action, powerful virtue, charity and the healing angels of Elohim. The 21st century was also born in WISDOM and the biblical prophecies predicted that in this timeline, it calls for WISDOM.

Wisdom is a great asset. However, what can be done if people choose to reject their share of it?

PEACE WEEK that was organized by these students in the USA, is a great honor to Israel and its supporters. One student asked for more people to stand up in universities in England and be counted. 

My view is that Jewish academics in universities in England have not helped the situation by standing against Israel. They have poured more oil onto the fire that is created by man. Also it is not only pro-Israeli youth that are being bullied in colleges and universities. In England, many Hindu's have been bullied simply for having a different spiritual heritage. 

Obama supporters have also bullied people on international forums as well, they have tried to silence anyone that speaks the truth. One of them even came to this blog and did their utmost to silence me.

We all know how Obama co-creates what he does and where he as come from. Obama called the truth movement 'Carnival Barkers' that seek attention. Now what does that say about Obama? 

The Leo the Leopard mentioned in the biblical prophecies. Leo's are well known for their 'attention seeking' it is part of their astrological traits; that they are born with. Leo's love drama and they are the complete opposite to the Aquarian water bearer that puts out their fire. 

The English Aquarian and her people on this land of Joseph, do not make a drama out of a crisis, and nor do her people in Israel. The descendants of the remnant from WW2, became strong in their resolve for freedom to be. We were born free.

However, does Obama even know where he was born? So far, he as not proven it to the American people. Michelle Obama also admitted publicly that she did not like America, prior to her husband being elected. So you can understand and appreciate that the Obama's were working against the best interests of Americans prior to his election. Hence, why all of his connections from the past were also doing the same. This as been going on for decades folks, and you are now seeing the evidence and repercussions internationally.

Does a Harvard trained lawyer become a community organizer? Of course not. They follow their career path. So is it time for the American media and its people, to ask themselves some very serious questions regarding the Obama history. And what that is now co-creating for the USA, at the grass roots in the black and Islamic community. Did he even help his own brother in Kenya? His brother said not. 

Leo's are not known for being humanitarians, or for their compassion and mercy. You are more likely to find them in the stock markets and on the stage. Hence, why we told the Americans in advance; that Obama would be a celebrity president.

What happened in Kenya during Obama's cousins election, was also another example of the kind of activity that Obama as been involved in. Christians were burnt alive. So it is no surprise to me, that race wars are now breaking out in the USA, Obama and the US media have not covered it in-depth. Who and what is behind it. How it came to be, the root causes of the core issues.

Obama was a community organizer for many years, he was there rallying the troops against a country and its people that he said he hated, the USA and its flag. The new Black Panthers are perfect examples of what is going on. The Nation of Islam that called him the Messiah, also stand against Americans. As do those that are involved in the Black Liberation Theology churches. 

In 2007, a woman approached me from the USA. She told me how her husband was attending secret meetings, and she was very concerned about it. She was not allowed to go with him. Clearly, he knew that she would not approve of what he was involved in. We guided her the best way that we could at that time.

The fact of the matter is that no matter what color our skin is, the color of our blood is the same. That fact, was shared with me by a dear friend whose son was murdered in a knife crime. In the daylight, in the UK. The LORD God said 'Do not pollute the land with bloodshed'. However, clearly, Obama does not live the truth of the teachings of the LORD God. For if he did, at no time would he send troops into Libya, Afganistan or any other country.

"The depth of your forgiveness determines the depth of your love" from Sacred Words

This is a time to defend the truth, and the point of the sword of truth is to prick the conscience of those that are sleeping. The LORD God is the great defender of those that speak the truth, and those that are merciful. His waterfall can put out the fire created by man, this is the Aquarian Age of the water bearer of Messiah Joseph. There is a biblical prophecy regarding the water bearers that have come to serve Israel in this timeline, in the name of the LORD God and pure intention, miracles come to be.

This is the time for everyone to connect with their own hearts, find their voices; and stand up to the oppressors wherever they may be found. Muslims and their supporters cannot be allowed to silence the truth, and in my experience they do not like to hear the truth that as been hidden from them for 1,400 years. If they truly stand in integrity, then let them hear the truth, because the truth will set them free.


Freedom of speech is part of the UN declaration of human rights, article 19. The students featured in this video are correct, it does make you stronger, and the people become dauntless when they know they are right and on the right path.

One Jewish student from England said 'we must fight'. My response to him is this; that we do not fight for truth, we defend truth, there is a huge difference between defending and fighting. The LORD God did not ask for sacrifice he asked for mercy. He also called WISDOM to do the count exactly as the prophecy predicted. 'This calls for Wisdom'.

What these pro-Israeli students are involved in featured in the video, without them realizing it. Is spiritual alchemy and the ascension that the true prophets spoke about and taught. Words and the truth can have an amazing impact on co-creating miracles when people are willing to seek within themselves at the same time as doing good. 

A heart of pure intention is worth more than most people currently understand. The power of pure intention is powerful beyond measure. When people come to know how powerful they really are in their intentional purity, they then live in true humility of it. Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God. He really does exist, and these students are proof of the truth, that the LORD God would like the world to hear.

Peace beyond measure

May my peace be with you all.


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