Sunday, 21 August 2011

Suffering Messiah Joseph

Little is known by the general populous of the mysterious one, the suffering Messiah Joseph. The one that suffered in every way so that they could overcome. The one that overcome is described in the book of Revelation. 

The Messenger of the Covenant was not predicted to come until the last days of the end times. Micah 4, also tells the people that Messiah is in female form, Prophet Jeremiah, Zechariah and Zephaniah knew it too. Zephaniah described her as the Virgin that stands against the Son of Lawlessness, in Rev 13, wisdom is called to do the count on the man 666. 

The LORD God sent me to stand against Obama and Micah 4 mentions her trip to Babylon that took place in 2008. Biblical prophecy from prophet Daniel, also tells you how Michael and I stood against 
the Prince Persia, e.g the leaders of Iran. 

She overcome all suffering in the first 40 years on earth, to help others to do the same, 
she was victorious and given her crown. 

The writer predicted in the scriptures did come; to impart what she had integrated from the suffering, 
to help humanity to make important breakthroughs. 

She also carried the cross of group karma to heal group consciousness, 
sharing with others how to understand it, and the rite of passage home to the LORD God. 

The LORD God knows that his Messiah Joseph is now very weak physically, and lacks physical strength. He knows that she suffers because his will has not been carried out by humanity, he is not happy about it. Does the LORD God like the suffering of others? Of course not. 

This is also conveyed in Deuteronomy 32 and it mentions that we made atonement on the land. Indeed we did, we made atonement in Israel without blood being shed in 2006. 

Although she did shed her own life, and dedicated her being and existence to the LORD God. 

People have to understand that the body of Messiah takes the brunt of man's transgressions against humanity. The body feels the pain prior to the pain being inflicted on humanity by others. 

Now the body is physically weak, humanity is being treated like a rag doll, she feels weak like a rag doll, because humanity will not allow the comforter to be here for the children. 

As such the LORD God said "The King is not allowing'. 

When you stand against Messiah, and do not allow the will of the LORD God and his divine plan to be fulfilled, he then will not allow your plans to be fulfilled. 

The pain that she suffers now is your pain, the pains of humanity, due to the transgressions of the brutality of men against those that are weaker than them. 

Nostradamus was fully aware that there would be two parts to her life. The first 40 years is the part that is known by the Jewish sages as the time when she would suffer and be humbled. She always was humbled hearted. However, those that are truly humble hearted serve the LORD God wholeheartedly, this she had to integrate. 

In the first 40 years, it was predestined for to suffer, so that she would come to understand suffering and disease on many different levels of consciousness, and in multi-dimensional realms. Hence she became a healer of consciousness and a Spiritual Alchemist as portrayed by Prophet Malachi. 

Not only to understand suffering, but to experience redemption of the soul and its ascension. 

Messiah Joseph was exalted as the Jewish sages predicted, after that came more suffering, rejection and persecution and this also fulfilled the biblical prophecies about what would come to be once the LORD chose to reveal Messiah Joseph to the people in the second part of her life. 

Do I have to suffer for the rest of my life for you? 

Is that what you choose for Messiah Joseph and the one that did it all for love? 

Are you and the nations willing to have that on your conscience? 

Who saw the humble, sun tanned, olive skinned child, riding the donkey on the beach? The baby standing up on the donkey in perfect balance? Who held that child in their arms in the land of Joseph? 
Riding a donkey for her was as natural as breathing, she is one with the animals and was born in the Chinese Year of the Horse. Can she communicate with the animals? Of course she can. 

Who held her in their arms in Israel and felt her love, whose hearts were opened in the USA with her mercy and peace that was beyond measure. Who received her flowers, the sign that she had come, who received her gifts from the heart? Who received her food packages in the UK, who heard the sound of her voice and was healed by it? How many thousands were healed? Do you know? 

Who felt her tender touch and experienced miracles afterwards? How many did she stroke and wipe their tears away? How many did she raise up out of the valley of death? How many did she exalt beyond herself? How many were blessed to know her? How many truly loved her, because she truly loved them. 

Last year I told you that I cannot grieve for humanity anymore, I cannot cry for you anymore. 

Shall I leave you, so that I do not have to suffer physically for you all anymore? 

Or will you humble yourselves before the LORD God, and do his will to help you all? 

What kind of humanity is this that refuses to help Messiah? 

What kind of humanity is this that refuse to do the will of the LORD God? 

What kind of humanity is this that refuses to exalt children above their own heads and belief systems? 

What kind of humanity is this that refuses to accept that the LORD God ordains that New Jerusalem shall be built? His holy city of enlightenment predicted by prophet Isaiah. 

What kind of humanity is this that sees all of the signs, and yet they still do not return? 

What kind of humanity is this that does not care fully when the LORD God kept his promise? 





Anonymous said...

Why do you complain if god is helping you? People are suffering all over the world and I just happened to find you blog thru a very devine experience and now I think I know the REASON. You are not sent by god. You have your own agenda and you are not the least bit humble as I was shown to be. So do not expect a very angry, confused, and controlled humanity to see what you see and do what you say. only a small percentage of this great earth are living the so called wealthy and uncaring life and I can assure you many of them are not even American. Americans are not happy but are struggling to make ends meet, so they did not see your blog. learn something instead of asking for donations as the peace pilgrim walked 25,000 miles with no money and touched thousands of lives in the process, you have 22 members... peace and love in the light..cgjames..the one...

Eliakim said...

It is the LORD God that is complaining cgjames that is why the prophecies tell you that he withdrew his comforter from the USA. He turned his face away from them because they refused to do the will of the LORD God.

The LORD God sent you to me cgjames for you are to learn from his Messiah Joseph. The Teacher of Righteousness, his lovingkindness who its in the mercy seat.

So can you heal it cgjames?

not sent by god
own agenda
not least bit humble
not happy
ends meet
learn something

Now do as the LORD God's Messiah Joseph asks of you and heal thyself cgjames. There is plenty in that list to address. Do you know to get to the root causes of the core issues cgjames?

Do you know to achieve in 37 hours what social workers did not achieve in 20 years?

People that know me all over the world are sent the information from this blog. They do not have to come to the blog because they are kept fully informed.

Now I have walked on many lands across the globe, the LORD"s presence blessed many countries with his presence of purity. He sent out our students and teachers to touch many more lands, nations and people as well. Just like Christ sent his students out to heal those that required it.

Our students are spread all over the world.

Thousands of lives? I have touched millions of lives because the LORD God works through me 24/7.

May my peace be with you.