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There are many threads being posted on international forums to do with a second man that goes by the name RA-EL. This one claims the name means 'Word of God' mentioned in Rev 19, when in fact, the name RAEL in Hebrew means 'Friend of God', not word of God.

Why is this so important?

Watch the videos and then you will see why.

So let us look at his claims one-by-one. The first claim he makes is that Christians (and others) believe the Messiah known as Jesus, will come just prior to the judgement, offering people one last chance at salvation, and that Ra-EL believes that he is the re-incarnation of Jesus, the prophesied Messiah as Christians understand it.

In the above video he also mentions the uprising in the Middle East. However, clearly, Rael is not aware that the biblical prophecy predicted that the uprising in Egypt; would come to be due to the LORD God's testimony for his Messiah Joseph.


Just because Christians have a belief does not make it true. First and foremost, is the fact that the scriptures (NT) tell the people that the one that comes to judge this generation is the 'Queen of the South.'

Prophet Jeremiah also predicted the the LORD GOD would make a new thing on the earth and a woman would encompass a man. Micah 4 and Rev 12 also supports what Christ and Prophet Jeremiah said. Its a woman that comes to judge the nations.

Christ also told his followers that when the Queen of the South arrived to judge this generation, the only sign that the Jewish priests in Israel would be given, would be the sign of Jonah. The whale turned up in Israel in May 2010 not May 2011. Then we had the flotilla disaster in Israel and 5 million trees burn down on Mount Carmel at Jewish New Year. The Mount of Elijah and Our Lady of Carmel.

The biblical prophecies have not been explained properly to the Christians, because few truly understood them. The books were sealed until the end for divine purpose. Why was that? We were meant to expose people like the man that calls himself Lord Ra-El.

Now we will address his claims point-by-point on his website link called the evidence.

1. Son of Man. 

150 biblical scholars at the 'Jesus Seminar' agreed that when Christ was talking about the Son of Man to come, he was not speaking about himself. The renowned Dead Sea Scrolls scholar, Geza Vermes also agreed with them. However, the sign of the 'Son of Man', the Star of David,  did appear in the heavens in 2003. The global spiritual community celebrated the event. The prophecy was fulfilled at that time.

2. The Clouds

He did not cite scripture, and we have provided an in-depth analysis on the clouds and the meaning in spiritual symbology, aligned with biblical prophecies. He also mentions a Hopi prophecy regarding the 'Iron snake', and it being to do with trains.

Is this to do with the Amos 5 prophecy, about the Virgin Group and Virgin Trains, you may remember we posted it last week when the great house burnt to the ground on Necker Island.

3. Birth of Jesus and the Virgin 

Again, he speaks of belief and provides no text to support his belief. He predicts that Christ will be a gemini, again no evidence to support the claim. However, I do have a gemini moon sign and Rev 12, tells you that I have the moon under my feet.

He mentions bloodlines and the Davidic line. However, the scripture states that the one to come in this timeline comes from the root of Jesse and there are many meanings to that. However, there is excellent proof in the Vatican itself.

In the Jesse fresco, Michelangelo painted the woman in the arch frame. In the fresco she is sitting in a specific position.  The same position as she was photographed in Israel in 2006, at the holy gathering on his holy hill. Again the fact of the matter is; that the one that comes from Jesse is in female form. This is also confirmed in Micah 4 about the LORD's plan for the last days of the end times.

In the Zephaniah prophecies it is also the Virgin (female) that stands up to the Son of Lawlessness. Now if this man truly knew his scripture, then he would know that I am in female form.

4. Metal Worker

In point four he speaks of being a metal worker. We shared with you in the last two weeks that the LORD God spoke about the 'Vulcanics' of humanity, and rael is clearly vulcan energy. Nostradamus also made a prophecy about Vulcan Hermes being made into food. Is that what we are doing to Rael? We all know what happens to food don't we, it goes in one way and out the other.

Here is the Vulcan Prophecy that we posted on the Vulcanics post on the 20th of August, 2011.

Le Sol caché eclipse par Mercure,
Ne sera mis que pour le ciel second:
De Vulcan Hermes sera faicte pasture,
Sol sera veu peur, rutiland & blond.

The Sun hidden eclipsed by Mercury
Will be placed only second in the sky:
Of Vulcan Hermes will be made into food,
The Sun will be seen pure, glowing red and golden. 20 AUGUST 2011 13:50

Is this the time of an eclipse? No. However, we have had some earlier in the summer, both in June and July. The eclipse in Gemini was on the 1st of June, 201. Gemini is also ruled by Mercury. However, Mercury is currently retrograde in Virgo as far as I am aware. Eg the VIRGIN and when mercury is retrograde it does impact on communications and its systems.

Now the Nostradamus prophecy predicted that once we have made the Vulcan into food, then the true Sun will be seen as pure.

5. The Prostitute 

He claims that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute and that his partner is an ex-prostitute, and drug taker that he calls the demons. He claims this supports his position as Messiah and being Jesus Christ.

Most sincere hearted people who have done their research, do not embrace the belief that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute at all. In fact, the texts show us that she was a healer, an aromatherapist, and clairvoyant.

As far as I am concerned, Princess Diana was the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene, and she was sacrificed by the Royal family. The LORD God asked for mercy not sacrifice. Princess Diana had a relationship with a Muslim. In the same way that the legend says that the Jewish magdalene had a relationship with a Roman soldier.

Hence, why those that stood against the relationship in ancient times, tried to stone her.  Prior to Jesus Christ stepping into to stop them, like his true followers do to today. It must be remembered that Islamic countries still do stone women today. Those that stand against those that stone women, are his true followers from ancient times. His true companions. Many of them have become ex-Muslims due to their heart of conscience.

It as also been proven, that often women are accused of adultery because the man is the one being the adulterer. In my own life it was the case, that I was accused of committing the adultery, when in fact it was my husband that was doing so. Divorce was the result.

6. Comparison with the Life of Jesus

Insufficient evidence and nothing that backs up his claim. It is also erroneous belief,  that if and when Christ comes, he will be as he was before. In fact, Messiah Joseph, as been given a complete brief on how to recognize him when he comes. She was prepared years in advance.

7. Archangel Michael

Point seven is about belief again, and he does not provide any supporting text or fulfillment of prophecies. As I was writing that the LORD God said 'Null and void'.

8. Fighting against corruption

See point 6.

9. Connection with Peter the betrayer. 

See point 6.

10. Healer and Teacher 

The healer and spiritual teacher mentioned in the biblical prophecies is the refiner and purifier that was sent to Israel in 2006.  The Spiritual Alchemist that Prophet Malachi predicted in this timeline. Hence why the short form for ELIJAH is part of the name of the Queen of the South who is Messiah Joseph.

11. The Branch Knowledge

In point 11, he speaks about knowledge to back up his claim and the book of Genesis was very clear. 'Do not eat from the Tree of Knowledge or you shall surely die'.

12. The LION 

No text provided to support his claim. No biblical prophecies cited to prove anything he says.

13. Bible Code 

He claims that his name is mentioned three and six times in the bible code. Well someone better tell him that ELI is mentioned over 3,000 times. Is Rael defeated? Yes. In more ways than one.

14. Masonic 

In point 14 he mentions his masonic connections. We have to inform him that the Virgin that was predicted to come in this timeline, stands against the masons not with them.

15. Angels 

See point 6.

16. Messiah in Judaism

See point 6. In addition, the Jewish sages are fully aware that the Messiah as a skin disease. It was pre-ordained, because the one that comes in this timeline is like Moses. The Torah also tells you that Moses had a skin disease and it is described as being like snow on his arm.

Scripture also tells the people that Moses asked for the blessing of the promise that the LORD God made; to be given to a descendent of Joseph. Hence, why they are called Messiah Joseph. Joseph also had a dream at age 17, that the one promised to the Jewish people would come in his name. Prophet Isaiah (Dead Sea Scrolls) also predicted that they would come with a coat of many colors. A rainbow of hope (rainbow warriors and healers) with the everlasting covenant for the children.

17 & 18  Birth 

Point 17 is based on Christian beliefs and that does not make them truth, because there is a vast amount of biblical prophecies involved. Interesting that Rael points 17 and 18 are to do with his birth. Now read Rev 17 and 18 that is about the USA. Micah 4 also mentions Babylon of the USA, and our mission there in 2008 to warn the people about Obama, the son of lawlessness. The 3rd beast mentioned by Prophet Daniel and John the Divine in the book of Revelation, chapter 13. Wisdom was called to do the count on the man 666.

19. Great Earthquake 

In my humble view, the great earthquake mentioned in both the bible and Qu'ran as not happened yet. I do feel that the earthquake is linked to the destruction of Damascus and the flooding of Judah.

However, the first great earthquake was in China in the 70's, at that time over 250,000 died. It was a sign to China that  'Lovingkindness', mentioned in the bible, the one known as Maitreya (Maitreya means "Lovingkindness") was here on earth.

20. Great Tribulation 

In the book of Revelation, the great tribulation lasts for ten days, and a day in Judaism can also be a year. This is the 'Sober Decade' and we featured on this blog that the business people will now experience a ten year tribulation and it is judgement upon them for becoming tax collectors etc. In my humble view this applies to all nations, that have enforced companies to become their tax collectors, and taxed the people on their labour.

Rael claims that Christ does not come until after the great tribulation. If that is true, then he does not come until after ten years from now. That does align with the end of the book of Revelation because he will not come until we have built New Jerusalem, the City of Enlightenment that Prophet Isaiah spoke of. So now you know,  that Rael as shown you in his own words that he is not Jesus Christ.

21. The Name

The book of Revelation tells you that the name that he as chosen was given to the one that overcome, the one that was victorious and given the crown. The one that was given all the information about New Jerusalem, the one that he placed upon his throne. The one that was told that they had been chosen for their integrity. His name is not Rael and Rael does not mean 'Word of God', it means 'Friend of God'.

Will I declare his new name to you? Certainly not. Why? We know the weakness of man.

Also Revelation 19 is not about Christ. In my humble view and experience, it is about the ACHARIT, the last in Judaism. The last one to come for the Jewish people. In India, it is the Lord Kalki that puts an end to the Kali Yuga.

22. Lightening 

Point 22 is about the Son of Man again. See point 1. Interesting that number 22 is a master number of the divine feminine and we have shared the prophecies about the 'Storm of Peace' that as just hit the USA and the Obama nation.

The planet moved into master 22 energies in May 2004. The prophecies predicted that the one to come would be like a pent up flood. The first flood was a tsunami in Asia on Boxing Day 2004, as predicted in the prophecies of the book of Matthew, when the Son of Man was here.

In recent decades some have said that I am a prolific writer. The biblical prophecies also predicted that the one to come would be a writer. The writer did work professionally as a copywriter for her clients while running her own company, prior to being summoned by the LORD God.

As the LORD God said 'By the time they find out what we have done, it will be too late for them to change it".

23. 21st May 2011 

Rael rode on the back of Harold Camping and his judgement day prophecies. There was a class action lawsuit against Camping prior to his stroke. Some Americans are well aware, that the LORD God turned his face away from Washington and the USA, years ago. We shared in the public domain at that time; to help people to prepare for what was coming.

Queensland, Australia,  was also flooded in January 2011, that was the night that the LORD's Queen of the South, the Son of Man was arrested on a political charge. Another biblical prophecy predicted that when they began to arrest my people, then the Son of Man would come. The 'Son of Man' is a term of endearment for a true prophet of the LORD God. That is why Prophet Daniel and Prophet Ezekiel were called 'Son of Man'.

24. Second Sun 

For your information, the third son as arisen. The prophecy about Joseph increasing the Sons of God was hidden by John the Divine in the text of the book of Revelation.

25. Darkening of the Sun 

Do I really have to say anymore? Rael as already shared how Christians and Americans have responded to him. So my response to him and them is this.

Those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, and their religion is worthless. James 1:26 

I will add point 26, because 26 is the gematria value of the name of the LORD God. It also relates to my date of birth, 13th of February. The water carrier that was destined to come to serve and to help the Jewish people.

26. The Church 

Rael is talking about building a Church in his name. However, the true Christ teachings in the scriptures stated that his followers must not build upon his foundations with building materials. He also told his followers that the stones of the great temples would come tumbling down in the last days of the end times. In addition, he told them that they would have to go through the flames.

Who is the flame in the biblical prophecies? Joseph. The Paraclete that flew into Babylon USA in 2008. The day that the Philadelphia Prince of Peace Church burned to the ground.

So Rael you have been judged in the sight of the LORD God almighty,



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