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C4.29 Vulcan Hermes Prophecy

Following on from the 'Lord Ra-El Judged' post it is worthy to make a separate post on the Nostradamus prophecy. Lord Ra-El mentions that he was a 'metal worker' in point 4 of his claims.

4. Metal Worker - Vulcanics 

We shared with you in the last two weeks that the LORD God spoke about the 'Vulcanics' of humanity, and rael is clearly vulcan energy. Nostradamus also made a prophecy about Vulcan Hermes being made into food. Is that what we are doing to Rael? We all know what happens to food don't we, it goes in one way and out the other. As we shared on the 'Vulcanic's post, those involved in ships, planes, trains and rockets are also vulcanic energy.

Here is the Vulcan Prophecy that we posted on the Vulcanics post on the 20th of August, 2011. Now this quatrain is also C4.29 and this is a four year. Now 29 weeks in the gregorian calendar ended on the 24th of July. The 24th of July is also the anniversary of when the archaeologist, HIRAM Bingham discovered the lost city of Machu Picchu. [2] Make of that what you will, 1911, also ended in 11.

Le Sol caché eclipse par Mercure,
Ne sera mis que pour le ciel second:
De Vulcan Hermes sera faicte pasture,
Sol sera veu peur, rutiland & blond.

The Sun hidden eclipsed by Mercury
Will be placed only second in the sky:
Of Vulcan Hermes will be made into food,
The Sun will be seen pure, glowing red and golden.

20 AUGUST 2011 13:50 [1]

In addition to the Vulcan, Nostradamus also mentions Hermes, and Hermes was associated with the Roman god Mercury.. 

Is this the time of an eclipse? No. However, we have had some earlier in the summer, both in June and July. 

The partial solar eclipse in Gemini was on the 1st of June, 2011. Gemini is also ruled by Mercury, it was the 'Down the Nose Eclipse'. 

Mercury is currently retrograde in Virgo as far as I am aware, at this point in time. Eg the VIRGIN and when mercury is retrograde it does impact on communications and its systems.

Now the Nostradamus prophecy predicted that once we have made the Vulcan into food, then the true Sun (of Righteousness, mentioned in the Malachi prophecy) will be seen as pure. 

Onwards and upwards blessed ones, onward and upwards. Its all about perfect timing. 

ELIAKIM JOSEPH-SOPHIA;jsessionid=5484588037B66C4C8514A9D75E48995E

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