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In various posts we have mentioned the 'Blacksmith' mentioned in Isaiah 44 and how it is related to idols. Today, the LORD God is talking about 'VULCANICS', that's right folks, vulcanics.

He also said that the people are not meant to live near volcanoes. It is written that the word 'volcano' came from the word VULCANO, a volcanic island in the Aeolian Islands of Italy.

The blacksmith god of fire and volcanoes can be found in Roman mythology and it is called 'VULCAN'. Vulcan's oldest shrine is in Rome, called the 'Vulcanal', It is also relates to Capitoline Hill.

The festival of the Vulcan had various rites including bonfires, live fish and small animals were sacrificed, to be consumed in place of humans. Materials, cloths and fabrics were also placed in the sun due to the connection with the divinized sun. Furthermore, there was a custom of working with the light of a candle for beneficial use by the fire by the god.

As we know Churches are filled with candles that people light. In May there was also something called a flamen, and it was a sacrifice to the goddess MAIA held every year in May.

Vulcan is the patron god of the English steel making city of Sheffield and his statue sits on top of Sheffield Town Hall. The largest cast iron statue of vulcan is in Birmingham, Alabama. In addition, there is one at a university in California (CALU).

Paracelsus (1493-1541) this Swiss botanist is known in the healing community due to his work with vibrational medicine and it is written that he introduced the VULCAN as the patron deity of alchemy.
I must admit he does remind me of cellular biologist Dr Bruce Lipton. (USA) who as been doing some remarkable work with new biology and new science. The Man of the Decade, 2000-2010.

To Paracelsus, Vulcan was synonymous with both the alchemist/physician's manipulation of fire, heating and distilling of nature's properties for medicine, and the transforming power and creative potential locked within Man, the greater invisible Man or anthropos, slumbering within.
Alchemy is an art and Vulcan (the governor of fire) is the artist in it: 'He who is Vulcan has the power of the art ... All things have been created in an unfinished state, nothing is finished, but Vulcan must bring all things to their completion. Everything is at first created in its prima materia, its original stuff; whereupon Vulcan comes, and develops it into its final substance ... God created iron but not that which is to be made of it. He enjoined fire, and Vulcan, who is the lord of fire, to do the rest ... From this it follows that iron must be cleansed of its dross before it can be forged. This process is alchemy; its founder is the smith Vulcan. What is accomplished by fire is alchemy-whether in the furnace or in the kitchen stove. And he who governs fire is Vulcan, even if he be a cook or a man who tends the stove.
Elsewhere, Paracelus writes:
Nothing has been created as ultima materia — in its final state. Everything is at first created in its prima materia, its original stuff; whereupon Vulcan comes, and by the art of alchemy develops it into its final substance.
Alchemy is a necessary, indispensable art ... It is an art, and Vulcan is its artist. He who is a Vulcan has mastered this art; he who is not a Vulcan can make no headway in it.

Elizabethan Alchemist, Francis Bacon did not accept the existing belief system about the vulcan god being the god of Alchemy and I have to say that I agree with him. He simply did not embrace the Roman deity. in 1605, 'Advancement of Learning' he wrote:

Abandoning Minerva and wisdom they play court to the sooty smith Vulcan and his pots and pans. 

The classical mythology of Vulcan speaks of the dance of Mars and Venus, planets of war and love. Does it remind you of Tolstoy's 'War and Peace'? Or 'Men Come From Mars, Women Come from Venus' written by John Gray. Vulcans do not understand the heart of communication and its scientific consequences to the physics of the cosmos, because they lack wisdom. Metal is base, it is mined, it comes from under the feet because it is under the earth and not part of heavenly reality. 

Is a spiritual alchemist beyond Mars and Venus? Yes, they live in the inner sanctum of the Kingdom of God that can only be known in the heart. 

Vulcan is a mythical figure, an archetype that relates to base metals, the element of metal and the machine, Symbolic of the military, those that built rail roads, cars, planes, rockets, anything to do with man that distributes harm to the natural environment of the cosmos. Candlestick makers, makers of idols, metal sculptures, crosses. Anything that is made for worship in metals or placed upon buildings of worship. 

It can be understood as an energetic value of the state of being of the person, that is part of the machine and big wheel of the fun fair. Hence, why the planet as witnessed decay and collapse of metal frames and stages in different parts of the world, with death being the result. It is indicative of the people themselves. 

Scaffolders, trains, metal industrial buildings, anything that is un-natural to the landscape of the land and its trees where birds and fish live. High rise blocks made of metal that then also includes the architects that design them. The vulcanics of humanity and the state of being metal that stands in opposition of all that is sacred and truly divine. 

Industrialization, the industrial revolution where men became rich on the backs of women and child labor.  That is what the archetype energy of vulcan metal men co-created. The Americans that introduced the rail roads to Japan, then bombed it with an atomic bomb. 

It is the instrumentation of men that seeks to have power over other men and nature. Just like the scientists created nuclear reactors and the biggest magnets in the world. It is indicative of Chinese leaders that purchase Copper mountains in Peru and dominate Tibet. When there is a lot of volcanic activity, more than is usual,  you can be sure that metal man as had an impact on the environment, due to its state of consciousness, and tampering with the natural flow of creation. 

A lot of metal music would also fit into this category, because it is indicative of the state of being of the writers and musicians of it. Music that is detrimental to the consciousness of children and the health of the being. It can be said that this music as impacted on the development of knife and gun crime, because the sound of music impacts on consciousness, and as the power to change cultures and cultural views of society. So metal music companies are also responsible for co-creation of riots. 

Can this also be purely energetic? I would say so, because it relates to states of being. Carl Jung also describes it in terms of being divorced from God, that creates desire that creates what the bible calls the wrath of God. 

Everything that is under your feet as an important reason for being there, and when too much is removed from the planet, it can create the kind of imbalances that humanity experience. Due to the sheer amount of metal on top of the earth, both physically and energetically, it as also created a situation where it is top heavy with metal. Hence, why it is imperative that we remove the metal cans from the base of the pyramid so that the pyramid collapses of its own accord in harmonic concordance with the divine plan. 

What is Pittsburgh famous for? US Steel, Bayer, Glaxo, Heinz. The metal corporations and 'The Pirates' Baseball team. Pittsburgh 'Steelers' and Pittsburgh 'Panthers'. See previous two posts on the panthers. 
Pittsburgh known as the 'City of Bridges', metal of course. 

This is a time of planetary realignment with true virtue and wisdom. Minerva is simply symbolic of feminine energy in this timeline that began in March 2010 with the Sophia Wisdom gateway opening in Greece. She who measures is to do with the wisdom of the spiritual law biblically speaking. In Judaism one can understand it as the woman of valor, valiant in thought, word and deed. Wisdom as value beyond measure. 






Eliakim said...


Le Sol caché eclipse par Mercure,
Ne sera mis que pour le ciel second:
De Vulcan Hermes sera faicte pasture,
Sol sera veu peur, rutiland & blond.

The Sun hidden eclipsed by Mercury
Will be placed only second in the sky:
Of Vulcan Hermes will be made into food,
The Sun will be seen pure, glowing red and golden.

Eliakim said...

5.8 Earthquake. Now read Psalm 58.

Eliakim said...

Eliakim said...

Another 7 on the 3rd.

Also a plane went down in Sydney and the pilot died.