Monday, 29 August 2011

City in Space

Earlier today, after I woke up, I was given a vision of what looked like a very large city in space. It looked completely round, it had other much smaller round parts that surrounded it. The city did not look like it was moving, it looked like it was still. 

The nearest word that I could associate with it, was 'Sputnik' as I have no knowledge of any spacecraft etc. 

After dealing with the UFO leader Ra-el and the Lord Ra-el. In addition to the Nostradamus prophecy on the Vulcan Hermes, it felt appropriate to share this vision with you. I then just checked the news and three hours ago, there was a post made by the Christian Science Monitor. 

They report that there have been a string of accidents that could leave the International Space Station without a crew. 

Various rocket malfunctions appear to be behind at least four serious accidents in the past nine months. In addition to last week's crash of the Progress freighter, which was carrying 3 tons of food, fuel and water to the ISS, an Express AM-4 telecommunications satellite was lost in early August when it failed to separate from its Proton-M carrier rocket and had to be jettisoned. In February the launch of a military geodesic satellite ended in failure. Yet another crippling setback occurred last December, when 3 satellites crucial to finalizing Russia's ambitious Glonass orbiting navigation system crashed into the Pacific Ocean.
Russian experts point out that their technology, though old, is proven to be reliable. The Progress accident was the first of its kind in 130 missions of the robot freighters since they were introduced in 1972. The basic design of the Proton rocket hasn't changed much since one of its ancestors hurled Yury Gagarin into orbit half a century ago – aboard an original Soyuz spacecraft.
Big smiles, they still haven't worked it out have they? Russia you are not welcome in space. China, USA the same goes for all of you. No more space exploration, you can't afford it. The cost is too high when you transgress the spiritual law of creation. 


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