Thursday, 25 August 2011

Catholics Freaking Out

After making the last post about Vienna, the LORD God said 'The Catholics are freaking out'. So you might like to check out what they're up to.

Love beyond measure, may my peace be with you.

Let's take a look at Catholic News, on 'World Youth Day',  the Pope was in Madrid and 1.5 million attended.  There was a wild storm on August the 20th and August 20, is the 'Day of Secrets'. 20 is also the number of judgement.

Six people were injured, two people with broken legs, World Youth Day and its intentions were finished. The Pope endured, thunder, lightening, winds and rain before the event was called to an abrupt end. Pope Benedict XVI and 16 is the number of the tower of destruction.

The number six is also related to the crop circles and it is the number of 'Theory', 'Academics' and 'Imagination'. I hope that the six people that were injured understand that, and what the Church of Rome was built upon because you are going to keep on getting the messages from the environment. Until you do understand the messages and signs from the LORD God, and what he is conveying to you. TESHUVAH.

The Pope told the youth "Your strength is stronger than the rain". He didn't tell that there is radioactive rain falling in Canada did he? Get out of the rain folks, keep out of the rain.

Does it remind you of the south wind mentioned in the Nostradamus prophecy for Vienna and the earthquake?  What are legs to do with? The path and direction that people are taking. Broken legs, give a message that it is not the path that the youth of today are meant to be walking.

In addition we have news regarding the VIRGINia earthquake and the Catholics report that the Churches in the USA were hit very hard.

"WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Historic churches in Washington, Maryland and Virginia were among buildings with the most serious damage after the unusual Aug. 23 magnitude 5.8 earthquake shook the region."

Did the Church and its members get the memo? Doesn't sound like it. Now this did make me smile. The picture is of a stone from the Church of St Thomas. Apparently, large stones from this Church fell during the earthquake felt in Wilmington, Del.  In Phoenician the name Thomas means 'Sun God'. 

Are you listening flowing stream is that not your area of the USA? 

In Washington, "a spokesman for Washington National Cathedral says at least three of the four pinnacles on the central tower have fallen off and the central tower appears to be leaning. The pinnacles are the top stones on the cathedral's towers." Do you remember the crop circles and the shattered citadels? The tower of destruction. Is this any surprise that this happened at around the time of the 9/11 ceremony? No. 

Now the date on that stone is interesting. 1927, that was the year that there was an earthquake in Nablus in Israel and the tomb of Joseph is in that area. The quake also happened in the summer. [5]

The stonemason put a cross in between the numbers, 19 is the number of the sun and 27 is the number of the sceptre, the cross also means a sign in the ancient pictographs.







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