Thursday, 25 August 2011

C1.82 Nostradamus Vienna Earthquake

After doing a write up on C1.81 I took a look at C1.82 and that is how this post began. 

"When the columns of wood trembling greatly,
led by the South Wind, covered with red ochre:
A very great assembly will empty outside,
Vienna and the land of Austria will tremble."

It looks like there is an earthquake predicted for Vienna, Austria. A great assembly could indicate a government building. The direction of the South is to do the prophet and in the NT, it is the Queen of the South that would come when the sign of Jonah arrived in Israel. The whale arrived in May 2010. 

Ochre is a non-toxic substance and it is written;  "that it has been argued that Neolithic burials used red ochre pigments symbolically, either to represent a return to the earth or possibly as a form of ritual rebirth, in which the color symbolizes blood and the Great Goddess." [2] However, blood is also symbolic of life. 

What color is the text on this blog? red ochre. 

So let's see when was the last time that Vienna had an earthquake? 

Goodness gracious me, there was one on the 23rd of August, 2011 and that was the 'Day of Precision'. 

The news report mentions the shaking of trees at the side of a building and it had impact on and  damaged the Vienna Metro. It also mentions 'East Falls Church Metro' and how a man was sitting outside the Convention Centre as he watched his office be evacuated. [3]

Reports state that it was a 5.8 magnitude. 

58 in gematria is GRACE. In His blood, The Glory of the LORD, because they trust in him, brightness, the garden, the stone. 


This follows the LORD God speaking about 'Vulcanics' this month, and that relates to planes and trains. A RED Arrow went down last weekend in Dorset, now a Russian rocket as also gone down in Siberia. Do you also remember years ago at the other place, when we informed the people that the LORD God was shaking his tree? 


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