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C1.81 Nostradamus

There appears to be a lot going on with rockets at the moment. Branson and development into 'space tours' and today, a Russian rocket crashes in Siberia. Did Nostradamus say anything about rockets? Some claim he did. However, I have to disagree with them on this specific quatrain C1.81.  [1] This is the best link for translations of the work of Nostradamus. [2] As I began to write this, I could smell food, and it had the smell of school dinners, like hospital food or mass catering.

"Nine will be set apart from the human flock.
removed from judgment and counsel:
Their fate will be determined on departure.
Kappa, Thita, Lambda, dead, banished, astray."

First part of the prophecy relates to the 'flock' and they're set apart and removed.

Kappa, Thita, and Lambda all relate to Greek letters. Kappa is the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet and is the letter K and it as the value of 20. It comes from the Phoenician letter Kaph. Theta is the 8th Greek letter and it comes from the Phoenician letter Teth and it as the value of nine. Lambda is the 11th Greek letter and it comes from the Phoenician letter Lamed and it as the value of 30.

In the ancient pictographs the Kaph is an open hand, palm. Jeff Benner, author of the Hebrew Lexicon states that it can mean 'bent', or shaped to another's will. The Tet is described as clay basket that contains something. However, the picture is a circle with a cross within it, and the cross sticks relate to a sign so each of their deaths is a sign to the flock and the community.

The Lam in the ancient pictographs looks like the letter J and is a shepherds staff and it relates to a leader of the flock.

In conclusion, the message from Nostradamus relates to nine people that were doing the human will of another and leading others astray. Hence, why they were set apart, banished and died. In other words, taken away from the the LORD's flock. If we add the value of the gematria of the three letters it is 59, so it could indicate that they were around that age when they died or die.

These people are removed from 'judgement and counsel' in other words removed from Messiah Joseph's counsel to help them. 'Their fate determined on departure' clearly speaks of the condition in which they depart when they die.

"The depth of your forgiveness, determines the depth of your love" from Sacred Words

The fact that I could smell food when writing this indicates the state of the food, being dished up by those people to their followers.

The LORD God said "Ubiquitous", in other words they appeared to be everywhere.

He said 'Yes, trolls'.

The word 'troll' is from germanic origin and in March 2009, during receipt of the CHET Visions he did say that he was getting rid of the germs. That included the elephant stepping on the mouse that was co-creating disease, in addition to the ram.

Clearly, nine people are taken out of the way.


Biblewheel share this offering with us on the gematria of 181. [3]


The prime Number 181 is the 6th hexagonal Star Number: It is the root of the great name of God revealed in the same context as the verse above:


For I will be with thee [Ex 3.12]

Ki Ehyeh Imka
Upon the throne [Deu 17.18]

El Kissey
All who thirst [Is 55.1]

Kol Metsa
Peace [Rev 1.4]

Wrath [Rom 1.18]

The Great, the Mighty God, the LORD of hosts,
is his name (Ord) [Jer 32.18]

The Sacrifice of the feast of the Passover [Ex 34.25]

He raised [Lk 1.69]





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