Saturday, 27 August 2011

No More Ivory Towers

While the truth movement is at the front line of the action, the academics and professors are still discussing 'ideologies' to come up with solutions. This has been going on for generations, so we say 'No more ivory towers'. In my experience, many of these academics have no understanding of what is going on at the grass roots of humanity. They have no comprehension of the sheer impact and size of it.

So let us continue to call out those that are living in what is termed 'Ivory Towers'. Academics that live in 'Ivory Towers' instead of rolling up their sleeves and walking with the people. The professors still think they know better than the people themselves.

These academics that supported Obama (you know the one that they supported for the peace prize) and stand against Israel, instead of looking at what Obama is doing in Libya and Syria. The same academics that have communities in their own countries, that are suffering from drugs and crime, with no fathers to take care of the children. Children in Detroit and LA and many others parts of the USA are suffering, with no hope, no jobs, and no future. Yet, these same academics that have not solved the crimes against humanity in their own country, have the audacity to speak detrimentally of Israel.

In my experience, academics have been more interested in my grammar, than understanding the message and divine purpose of the experiences being shared. As I said to an academic nearly a decade ago. Does the LORD God care about my grammar? No, he cares fully for children.

St Francis was rich, he gave it all up after the experience and divine calling. He surrendered completely to the divine, his mission to be with the people at the grassroots, side by side, hand in hand at the front line. His humility and courage to take on the Pope in his reality, co-created by the orthodox academics was very powerful indeed.

Did Gandhi sit in an ivory tower or did he walk with the people? He was the change that he wished to see in the world. He was with the people in the frontline. Hand in hand, side by side. That is what made the work of Gandhi so very powerful. Humble, courageous, walking the talk. The same with Christ, he walked with the people and stood against the oppressors.

However, one does not have to be on the streets to be at the front line of the action, because as we know most of the action is taking place in the social networks. We are the sphere of influence that the media follow. It as also been proven time and time again, that even the politicians are following words and using words they we use. However, the words of the politicians are empty words because they have not integrated the words that they copying.

One cannot know 'essentials' unless one as lived it and integrated it. The same goes for taking responsibility. If one as not experienced it, how can one truly know it or understand it? If one does not live in the heart of essentials of the giving heart; how can one know it or understand it? The same goes for mercy and compassionate action. We speak of VIRTUE that is powerful beyond measure because it is based upon the integration of experience. WE LIVE IT. That is why from experience comes WISDOM, and wisdom was called to do the count.

The academics spoke of peace, love and harmony, yet did not take on or stand up to the oppressors with the people. As such they have no understanding of spiritual alchemy or its healing process, its impact on ascension of the people and planet. From experience we know that the academics are attached to their ideologies and theories; that they have invested their lives in. As such that kept them attached to the political divide and the division of the people.

It was decades ago when we shared that the politicians are all on the same side, and it was then that the people began to move beyond the illusion of the realities that the politicians co-create for the people.

Well we have news for all those that sit in their ivory towers.

We are strong and we are global.

After standing up to two more academics lasts night, this video was posted for my viewing today. Its called 'Nobody is smarter than you'. How very appropriate.


Love beyond measure

Righteousness is here.


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