Thursday, 25 August 2011

Rabbi Yehuda Levin Judged

It was in 2009 that the LORD God first mentioned 'LEVIN' and this morning a video as been posted of the one that is known as Rabbi Yehuda Levin. This post is to call him out. First let us look at his connections and you will see that he is in bed with the Catholic Church. 
In 1996, he supported Catholic Pat Buchanan and he worked for Nixon.  His profile also states that Levin as received support from some conservative Catholics for causes. Levin as run for public office, is that what Rabbi's are meant to do? No, the truly spiritual, the LORD's chosen, stand against current governments not with them. Its what we call the global truth movement, we're strong and we're global.

It was predicted that in this timeline people would be judged for their words and deeds. So let us see his words. "I promise that there's going to be bloodshed", it is written that he said that when he was supporting the use of violence by protesters; when they were opposing a 'gay pride' march in Jerusalem.

So let us educate Yehuda Levin, (USA) the Jewish prophets declared that "You shall not pollute the land with bloodshed". As such Levin, should be stripped of any right to call himself a Rabbi, as he clearly stands against the word of the LORD.

Messiah Joseph is here now Levin, and you have been judged.

Now I do not agree with 'gay pride' marches because the true spiritual teachings specify that the people are to trample their garments of pride under their feet. Those teachings were said to the Jewish priests 2,000 years ago, and it still stands today. The teaching stands on the rock of the true teachings of the LORD God.

So it is time Levin, to trample your garments of religious pride under your feet. As Prophet Malachi predicted the people will leave their stalls of division in this timeline. So you, Levin have been added to what I call 'Elijah's list' of those that are being called out in this timeline.

As far as the gay community are concerned, we have made other posts on that with biblical references and you
might like to read Isaiah 58 for starters.

Then read our post titled 'Blessed Eunuchs and Gays'. The NT also gave you advance warning, and the prophecy that it would be worse for you on the day of judgement, then it would be for Sodom.

Now Levin, who gave you authority to judge? Are you a Saint? Clearly, not. Would the righteous one that does have the authority to judge, ever support or encourage bloodshed and violence? Certainly not. "Violence disempowers the soul and vexes the Spirit of God." from Sacred Words.

Your time is up Yehuda Levin. Enough,  you can take your Catholic Church friends with you, as the recent judgement in Madrid conveys. Judgement is on the Pope Benedict XVI, as well. Witnessed in front of the whole world.

The fire in Israel was for the glory of the LORD God and his Messiah Joseph. It fulfilled the biblical prophecy that it would come to be; if they did not take this reality to their hearts. In the same way that the uprising in Egypt of the people was testimony for Joseph. Another biblical prophecy fulfilled.

Now remember this ELIAKIM holds the Key of David, and what I shut nobody can open, and what I open nobody can shut.



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