Thursday, 18 August 2011

War with the Poor

One really has to watch this video to understand where these people are coming from. Its a report from Channel 4 uploaded on the 14th of August. It includes a CEO from Peace Alliance, the only one that talks sense.

The manner of arrest, is that really necessary? Does it really take that many people to arrest a child with such force? Do you realize that the kind of force demonstrated by the police force can impact on the children for the rest of their lives, mind, body and soul? Do you realize that it can be like a life sentence to the consciousness of the person?

Are those that supported Cameron and his petition satisfied with that? Is that really the kind of society that they would like to live in?

The Home Secretary, Theresa May MP,  talks about responding to public 'anger' and demands for tough action. While Simon Hughes speaks of the 'kneejerk' reaction to have a reverse effect. Healers know that knees hold anger, and scientifically we know that anger is the biggest predictor of heart disease. That does not bode well for Theresa May.

One as to bear in mind that it is very easy for the Tories to conjure up a petition of 100,000 people. All they have to do is send out an email call to action to party members. 100,000 signatures can be pulled out of the hat like a rabbit. Clearly, they have learnt a lot from the social media and what is now termed the third sector of the NGO's.

The police claim that they have been made into 'scapegoats' and mention the governments treatment of the police as being 'hurtful'.

Iain Duncan Smith, is talking about an official campaign of 'Harassment', to make the lives of the youth 'Hell' and this is a man that wrote a book called 'Devils Tune'. It was published in 2003.

He's a Scot like Gordon Brown. His profile states that he is a distant relative of the Irish socialist, author and playwright, George Bernard Shaw. You can just imagine what he would have to say to him.  Smith is military stock, ex-Sandhurst. Not only is he ex-military but he is a Roman Catholic to boot. So now we know why he talks about making the lives of others hell. What about forgiveness Smith, did they not teach you that in Church or at Sandhurst?

It is also reported that he was one of the first politicians to call for the invasion of Iraq and here he is in 2010 as the Chairman for Social Justice. People like Iain Duncan Smith are running this country like there at war with the poor.  Is this really the kind of public officer that the people wish to serve them?

A man that instigates wars and threatens children with hell? Is that what you call social justice? Is that what people call Christian? What about love your enemies and turn the other cheek?

Goodness gracious me there should be a public petition to have him removed from office immediately. As the Christ said 'You shall be judged by your words'.

His wealth is written to be a million, and his only saving grace is his words about immigration prior to the riots.

Mr Duncan Smith believes that some companies are using immigration as “an excuse to import labour to take up posts which could be filled by people already in Britain”. He says Britain needs an immigration system that gives the unemployed “a level playing field”. “If we do not get this right then we risk leaving more British citizens out of work, and the most vulnerable group who will be the most affected are young people,” he said.

The military and politicians are good at kneejerk reactions aren't they? As Simon Hughes saw it clearly. 

How many ex-military men do you know that have the humility and courage to heal themselves?

I have to say I am speechless, at what is coming our of their mouths, and they have the audacity to talk about responsibility and discipline when they have none.

Amnesty for the children. The LORD God asked for mercy.



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Eliakim, why is it that the lord god has not told you about the operations of the illumnati and the involvement of the Queen as the top tyrant and the central bank connection to the U.S. and the cell tower dumbing down frequency that is affecting all of america and the rest of the free world taking free will away.....answer me this and the question of a false prophet will be answered...cgjames...the one...