Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Business Tribulation

Number ten keeps on coming up in the crop circles and ten is to do with the ten days mentioned in the book of Revelation. As our previous post explains the ten days to do with the ten years of trials and tribulation involved in business. People who allowed themselves to become tax collectors for the money changers.

Not only will they have to face the trials and tribulations, so will those that they serve. Christ warned everyone you cannot have two masters you must choose money or God. Those that he chose were removed from business for divine purpose.

Business people have been complicit in the taxing of the workers and the LORD God said 'NO TAX ON LABOUR'.

The business community put money before people. The business community is based upon self-interest -v- humanitarian values and giving.

The corporations have continually transgressed the spiritual law of creation. Continually ignored the
call to honor the environment and the people as sacred. 'People are not a commodity without love they become so" from Sacred Words

The business people have invested in stock markets that gamble on food and future productivity.

There is to be no profit on food, and you shall not gamble on the lives of the people.

They also allowed 3rd world debt to continue, unfair trading, did nothing about the US economic hit men in 3rd world countries.

Business people purchased 2nd, 3rd, 4th and plus, plus homes pushing up the prices of houses beyond the pocket of the people.

Those responsible will be brought to account for not defending the people and the human rights of the poor. Due to the self-interest of the business people, children have been forced to live in a society that embraced systems that simply do not work and are unhealthy for humanity.

Business people did not help those that required it, when they were asked for help.

Now those same people will pay the price for not honoring the word of the LORD God and the one
that delivers it.

Innocents were enticed into starting their own businesses and into captivity they went.

Straight into the laps of the bankers.

So Prince Charles, you will also be brought to account for what as happened to the children in the UK.

The rich think they are above trials and tribulations and that money is power.

Well now you shall learn differently.

You shall face the universal law of creation and it will be right in
your faces.

So that you cannot ignore the spiritual law anymore.

Divine intervention is what counts.

Remember the Malachi prophecy about the Messenger of the Covenant, did you understand it?

Did you listen? Did you understand the prophecy?

Best you do because judgement is upon you.


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