Friday, 26 August 2011

Shops Are Closing Down USA

I saw the cats chasing the mice that are co-creating disease. I saw the dogs chasing the cats. The cats have been told not to chase the birds and to leave them be. After I had finished writing a post, God said 'The shops are closing down'. 

I was in the kitchen and I looked at the sky,  the clouds were dark and it as rained all day. I saw the light going into the mouth of the great big whale, like Jonah did when he went into the belly of the 
great whale, because he did not wish to do what he had been asked to do. He did not wish to follow commands so he did his best to runaway from the will of the LORD God. There he stayed for three days, that amounts to three years in mystical Judaism. This tells me that many of the spiritual will stay submerged and hidden until 2014. 

After I received the message from God and began writing this post, I looked at the news on the hurricane Irene. News reports state that transportation is being closed down in New York City. So here we go, Hurricane Irene closes down the shops and the retailers that were looking forward to a bountiful weekend. [1] That comes after we launched the 'Cancel Christmas Campaign'. 600 Wal-Mart stores, TARGET Corporation are in the path of Hurricane Irene on the East coast, and the East is the sacred direction of the teacher.

Will people now learn from this experience, and gain wisdom from it, like the crop circles predicted? Time will tell whether they've had enough, and whether they're ready to return to the sacred, of truly living in harmony with God's will. Today, is the 'Day of Support', and he is certainly asking for support for his blessed ones, his Rainbow Warriors. The true family of Messiah Joseph, they come in many shapes and forms, many different colors, from many cultures and nations.

600 is the value of the Hebrew letter MEM and in the ancient pictographs it is a symbol of water. The symbol became the letter M for Mother. It is also the value of 'Nurse', 'Exultation', 'Rejoicing' and 'Liberation Bowl'.

In English gematria 600 is X and in the ancient pictographs the crossed sticks means a sign or signature. [3]





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