Friday, 19 August 2011

Repatriation Task Force USA

The USA requires a 'Repatriation Task Force' for those that wish to live in a black nation. They have the right of return to the land of their ancestors.  We are fully aware that it was the African people themselves that sold the members of their tribes to Arab slave traders that then sold them on to European and American traders. Does it remind you of the stock markets?

'People are not a commodity without love they become so' from Sacred Words.

One can view this in terms of cultural repatriation. However, one as to give the families and individuals the means to survive, live and feed themselves.

The Task Force can be responsible for ensuring the following:

1. The people are taught how to build their own ecological and self-sustainable homes. Each person to be given $30,000 for fittings and living while food harvesting is being created. The task force is to be responsible for monitoring and ensuring that the money is spent in the right way. If it isn't then the task force are to be held responsible for distribution of the monies as required.

2. A minimum of 3 acres of land for the harvesting of food and the means to create the harvesting of ten ton of fish is to be given to each person in any African nation of their choice. In addition to the land for the building of a modest eco-dwelling with no energy costs.

3. A UN repatriation task force, to be established in the African nations to ensure smooth repatriation of those that wish to engage with the right of return to the land of their ancestors.

4. Full and comprehensive medical care for three years to be provided for those families that repatriate to an African nation.

5. Repatriation communities to come together to work together, in harmony being supportive of each other and their ultimate goals. Eco-communities that are compliant with, and in harmony with the spiritual law of creation.

6. One way flights can be provided by either the UN or the the US government. US citizenship surrendered by those that accept the conditions offered. New African passport to be given to the adults and children.

7. Land, means to eat, training and money to fit homes so that they can survive and prosper in their homeland.

8. The long term impact of this will reduce violence, looting, bloodshed and a strain on the American economy. It will also add to the peace of the nation and the peace of the people.

9. This opportunity to be offered to all of those that wish to live in a Black nation and those whose families were sold into slavery. Any African that willingly moved to the USA of their own accord, via study, amnesty or any other means,  do not comply to the criteria specified.

10. Short, medium and long term solution.

Giving people these skills will also provide African nations with people that can share these skills to help others there. Let them be a light in their right to return.

The LORD God said 'Rock the Boat'. 

Time for the Aliayah.....



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