Saturday, 20 August 2011

The RED Arrow

Today, I found 25 pounds in a pocket of a washed pair of shorts, jeans that I have not worn for a year. The money had been through the washing machine and was still OK. 25 is the number of spiritual wisdom gained through experience, overcoming in life brings strength, excellent powers of judgement.

What's in the news today?

There as been another plane crash, this time it is a Red Arrow that crashed at Bournemouth. The BBC say that it is thought to be the RED4 and this is the year of 4. Numerology relate the number 4 to concrete constructs that vibrates to mercury. However, this was a military application used for entertainment, and that is definitely vulcanic energy. See previous post on 'Vulcanic Humanity'.

There were nine planes altogether and only eight landed safely in Dorset. Today is the 'Day of Secrets' and 20 is the number of judgement. It feels like a warning to the military and the British government.

Remember number 8 was on the black pool ball that I saw last week and it is also the value of CHET and the Chet Visions received in March 2009. Blackpool is also known for entertainment and so is the black ball found in pool.

8/9 gives us the date of the 8th of September and that is the 'Day of Purist'.

In the comments section of the 'Joseph Tzadikim Crop Circle' we reminded of the message from Abba when he said 'Lotus turns up the heat, the planes are burning down'. Our original post on it mentions the UN laws and the police force. [4]

So why is the British government, its military and justice system getting a warning?

A 48 year old man was sentenced to 18 months in prison for taking some donuts.

18 year old sentenced to two years and four months in a youth offenders institution. He drank a bottle of champagne that someone else took.

21 and 22 year olds, four years imprisonment for encouraging disorder. Although one person's call to action was only up for one hour and then he took it down.

Do you feel that these sentences were too harsh? I certainly do. Amnesty for the children.

God asked for mercy, and those that show no mercy will receive none from the heavenly Father. 

Does it remind you of Iran and its brutality against its people? Did you know that the English word 'Brutality' is the same English gematria as 'Adolf Hitler'?

Prophet Isaiah predicted that they would show no mercy to the children. "Their bows will strike down the young men; they will have no mercy on infants, nor will they look with compassion on children." Isaiah 13:18 Prophet Zechariah asked for justice and mercy and not fasting. Zech 7:1. The riots took place during Ramadan. 

Judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment. James 2:13

Did you know a man that murdered another man with a knife only got seven years? Now compare that with the four years for encouraging others to loot? Just because a youngster encourages a person to loot does not mean that other young people will do so. That is what responsibility is all about.

So where do you draw the line because justice is a thin line to walk. How about the encouragement to take drugs or the encouragement to have sexual intercourse? How far do you wish for the government to intervene in your life? Did you know that civil servants now ask people if they've had sex in last 26 weeks?

How about the encouragement to share and expose the truth of what governments are doing?  It is your human right under international law. UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19. Did you know there as also been mention by members of the government to revoke the 'Children's Charter?".

I do not condone violence or looting at all. However, is taking some donuts violence or looting?

No. Its like taking a loaf of bread. Was the bench merciful? No.

The BBC report that the bench had no sentencing guidelines for these kinds of situations. So the men were jailed under the serious crime act. Since when did taking some donuts and drinking a bottle of someone else's champagne become a serious crime? First offenders that now have a criminal record, photographed, fingerprinted, DNA, now that is the intelligence that the police like. Did you know that the DNA is also being used for other purposes? Now that is a crime against humanity and the government and its police force are the perpetrators. They should be brought before a court of international human rights.

If I had been a magistrate on that bench, I would have given those I have mentioned on this post a serious caution, and thrown them all out of court, because there was no legal guidelines to deal with such trivial cases. I would also have given the police a strong warning not to waste court time. Clearly, the police were looking to impress the government with the sheer numbers that they were able to arrest.

Did the magistrates that judged those cases sit in the seat of mercy? Certainly not. Perhaps someone should remind them that the old bailey was originally built to defend the poor that take a loaf of bread.

Time for the healers to work on the word 'Brutality', and we sent out a call to action earlier today.

ELIAKIM JOSEPH-SOPHIA who does sit in the seat of mercy.





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