Tuesday, 31 May 2011


How wonderful then that two suns are rising, and were caught on camera in Hawaii just before this forthcoming partial solar eclipse on the 1st of June, 2011. We will update this post if anything else special happens on the 1st.

Love beyond measure and blessings in abundance,


No birds seen in sky, a figure can be seen on the right formed by the clouds
at around 2.22 and 22 is the year for the ice caps.

22 Master Number - Divine Feminine.

This video was taken on the South East coastline at BRIGHTON.
South East = Prophet Teacher, Joseph.

Decades ago I did shows at Brighton.

A very special lady as a publisher in Brighton and her name

is Dr Ursula Anderson (USA) she did amazing work

for children while she was a consultant to WHO.

Check out her website.

BRIGHT ON indeed.

Land of Joseph.

On June 1st 2011, a partial solar eclipse will be visible from the high latitudes of Europe (including Northern Russia, Greenland, Iceland, Northern Alaska, the Yukon, and North / North Eastern Canada. The eclipse will start at 1925 UTC (1525 EDT) and finish at 2306 UTC (1906 EDT). This is how the eclipse will look in the Russian High Arctic. Because it is a partial eclipse, please do not look at the sun unless wearing a pair of Shade 14 rated lenses. 

Photograph courtesy of Lucy Pringle, Crop Circle Connector. 

Am going to sit with this today and will make a separate post when the eclipse is over.

However, I can see the eclipse in the crop circle and on the right the necklace of Joseph that also appeared in the 2010 crop circles. We also have the Vesica Pisces. Four main parts in this Four year. 

Feeling this crop circle is to do with this eclipse and the RIVER NILE DELTA,  Egypt, ASWAN dam gateway opening on the 4th of June, 2011. The Children of the NILE.

The Crop was reported on the 30th of May, 2011 and it was found on 'Hackpen Hill'. Pen can be viewed in different ways, and hack could also be to do with hackers. 

People that ride horses also go for a hack and people live in 'pens' in the menagerie. Like living in stalls of division. I am feeling Suez Canal, the other side of the eclipse. JOSEPH unites Israel and Egypt because Joseph saved the Egyptian people from starvation. God also raised Egypt up this year as a testimony for JOSEPH. His Prophet Teacher of Righteousness. 

Hackpen Hill is also Nr Wroughton. 30th of May was the 'Day of Independence' and that links into 
September 2007, Independence Park and the covenant for the children. In gematria 30 is also LAMED, the shepherds staff that defends the gentle and tender hearted from predators. In numerology it is 'Meditation' and we gave our meditation CD's to some of the people that we met in Israel on both missions.

UPDATE: I also see the shofar in the crop circle on the left and the pieces of Israel. The shofar was sounded for me when I was taken to  Elijah's Cave (2007) by a humble Jewish stall holder. God chose the truly humble hearted again to receive the blessing. His wife asked when I would return to Israel and my host told her that we had other work to do in the USA.

This is the second crop circle at Wroughton this season. [1]

I always find the energy of solar eclipses very powerful, its going to be a powerful month with three eclipses in close succession between now and the 1st of July.

After I finished writing about the crop circle, Abba said 'DWARF' and that reminds
me of an old story to do with Trinity/Michael and their war.

As well as the film. Snow White and the seven dwarfs.
Seven dwarfs, seven planets.
This is a good song about Pluto for this timeline.

Lots of healing for humanity to do. Abba said 'We will you keep you 

Now look what as turned up.

Ancient Egyptian Papyrus, 1850 BC. 

13th Dynasty.

The papyrus is about geometry. 

Its 18 feet in length. 5.5. 

18 is the number of materialism destroying spirituality, that appeared a lot 
in the crop circles in 2010. 

555 is do with India, May 2012. 

The papyrus is also trying to work out the mathematics of AHA. [2]

Abba said EARTHQUAKE. 

So checked out the EU website. Check it out the last 48 hours. 

The med is going down. [3]

30 earthquakes in the last 24 hours. 

Indonesia is quaking and Japan hasn't stopped. 


While resting I had a dream and I was in Australia, I had been there about a year. 
It was a long story and driver was with me taking me to a different place to stay. 
However, he was interested in me and I was not interested in him as far as
intimacy was concerned. Then a mass of dolphins arrived to see me 
and I was blessed when the young dolphins jumped out of sea to be with me. 

So I touched and blessed the baby dolphins. One had a small head, the 
other was a very strange shape. It had a head like an angel fish and a tail 
that was pig shaped. I was enjoying the dream and then there was a bang 
on the door and the dream ended. In hindsight, the oceans are having a 
detrimental impact on the sea creatures and it is creating deformity. 
The dolphins were pleased that I came so that they could communicate 
with me and tell me what's happening. 

Then I had another dream and I cannot remember it. All that I can 
remember as I came out of sleep state is a place name called 
CONNAUGHT and these words:

" If I hadn't been to America, I would never have believed it'. 
Now their dancing in the streets for Kokesh. 
When will they get it?. 
Kokesh did not do the will of God'. 

There is a place in New York called 
Connaught Tower Condominiums.
Check out the name Connaught, the name originated 
in Ireland and it is to do with an Irish dynasty. [4]

As the Son of God said 'The USA is the house 
that Jack built'. 

Do you remember the other day I could smell 
burning? This was uploaded on the 31st 
of May, 2011 and it is do with the USA. [5]
Prophet Obadiah predicted that the land 
of ESAU will become stubble. 

The prophecies predicted that only Joseph 
can help them. Why is that? Joseph
delivers the word of God. 

FOR FINAL TIME. 1.6.2011.

At the beginning of the video he mentions the word 'HACK'
that relates to the location of crop circle featured on this post.

Police shoot attorney, police brutality and police laugh.
Attorney now dauntless and going to sue the police.
So its back in the media.

People are asking where is the mother ship and why hasn't it been built yet?

There is nothing that we can do until the Sons of Light align their will
with the will of God. Then his city of enlightenment will be built
in the place of his choosing. Then it will be end of.

The biblical prophecies state, anyone that does not pass on these messages
from God, will be held personally accountable. If and when people are
harmed due to them not being informed.

Abba said 'Those that laugh at this reality, will have their smiles wiped
right off their faces'. 

This as just arrived.

Mysterious red markings discovered at GIZA pyramid. [6]
found by a robot. Also signs of a beautiful polished door.

Remember we wrote about the HACKER earlier today?

Check this out, this man is dying and people he was involved
with hacked, and have taken his website.

This is our response to them.

  • "Love without integrity is like an ocean without fish. A house without windows, a library without books and a shell of love without a pearl of wisdom". Please heal dear one and live long life. "The depth of your forgiveness determines the depth of your love" from Sacred Words. Love beyond measure, give this man his website back or face the consequences. The LORD is watching all of you.


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Yesterday, we wrote about the hour glass and it worthy to dedicate a post to it prior to the 'Down the Nose' partial solar eclipse on the 1st of June, 2011. THE HOUR GLASS indicates an hour and that can indicate a year. Peacemakers and the spiritual either sat on the fence too long, or backed the side that stood against Israel. As we told them in the past, if you stand against Israel. you stand against the LORD himself.  Also if you stand against ELIAKIM the one he sent to you all, the LORD is not pleased with you. No surprise then that Lady Temperance is pictured holding the hour glass, because it was known that she would know when the last hour was coming to be.

How is it that so many Christian artists knew that the one that God would send would come in female form, and so many biblical scholars missed it completely? How appropriate then that this painting is called 'Allegory of Good Government' when ELIAKIM is the governor in the scriptures. 

The Hebrew word SAR translated as Prince also means governor. You will see that she has the crown on her head just like the crown that was predicted to be given to her in the books of the bible.

Lorenzetti's 'Allegory of Good Government," 1338

Those that do not stand against us are indeed with us. Remember this that the hourglass is a symbol of the feminine figure. The hour glass is a common measurement of 36, 24, 36. Interesting numbers there as 24 as come up in the crop circles this year, and 36 is to do with righteous souls. 36+24+36 = 96. In the year '96' she was appearing in the Galilee of the Gentiles, helping the spiritual companions, that had been chosen for her. 

At that time she was told that she had been chosen for her integrity. Although then she had not been told what she had been chosen for,. Yes those that are wondering, her bust size is 36, and I have been told that it is a good cupful. In fact, it overflows with righteousness to refreshen humanity and feed the children. The manna that she was given is the divine love that feeds the soul. The bread from heaven and the red wine of the prophet that is symbolic of life. In the picture above, the hour glass is made of two cups, one for water and one for wine. It is also UPRIGHT, the North is the sacred direction of the healer and the South is the sacred direction of the prophet. The picture then tells the people that she is the Empress. 

It is also the shape of the symbol of infinity. You may remember in the past, that Abba said he was turning the times, so the peacemakers don't even have a year to make their shift. He is shaking the Olive tree and there will not be many olives left by the time he is finished with them. As we said to people on a forum the other day, its OK, eat almonds instead. The Almond Tree is here.

You may remember that there was a recent earthquake in the Solomon Islands, on the link to do with the hour glass motif, it was found on a carved stone there. So again, that is a powerful message for Solomon and he knows who he is. The scripture told you that the Queen of the South would come and that she as more wisdom than Solomon. It also told you that wisdom will be proven right by her actions. 

This is from the post that we wrote yesterday.

The LORD is not happy with the peacemakers, the hour glass is being turned over, they don't have much time left now to sort themselves out. They have to stop sitting on the fence.  They've had 100 years to prove their theories, in fact, they have had 2,000 years to prove their theories. The olive tree will be shaken until there is very few olives left, because grace is under pressure. 

After the partial solar eclipse on the 1st of June and the River Nile Delta gateway opening on the 4th of June, the academics, scientists and their theories and 'beliefs' are going to get a good threshing. I was just looked at a video of a physicist that was talking about the book of Genesis. He says in Hebrew the Sun and the Moon mean 'Lamp of Light and Lamp of Lesser Light'. How can that be when the moon as no light of its own? 

Academics have wasted so much time and money on theories that are unproven, they cannot back up their theories with evidence. Nor do the Christian physicists remember that in this timeline that the old heaven and earth is passing away, and everything will be made anew. They can't fit the cosmos into old models and nor should they attempt to. Its a crime against humanity that so many brains are concentrating on theories, instead of life experience. Genesis warned the people not to eat from the Tree of knowledge or you shall surely die. What did the academic scientists create? Nuclear reactors. 

The means to destroy themselves by their own hand, because they did not understand the golden mean of the spiritual law of creation. Creation evolves and evolution creates. The engineers created dams that stop the river from flowing, and in so doing, they stop the natural eco-systems from operating naturally. As such, the eco-system is breaking down due to the lack of simple common sense that academics appear to lack. In my experience, most academics don't like simple and simplicity, that natural creation provides. 

There as been an excellent article written by an American in respect of Israel -v- Obama. I recommend that everyone reads it. One can say a true statesman came to town, and it certainly was not Obama that most of the peacemakers, spiritual and American celebrities supported. [2]


The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard mentions 'last hour' in Matthew chapter 20 and 20 is the number of judgement. In, fact the parable mentions various hours. It mentions noon,, three o'clock and five o'clock as the sun sets. The evening came upon them. In the parable those that were hired last, only worked for ONE HOUR and the others complained about being paid less for working longer. 

However, the parable speaks of generosity of Spirit that she taught and he said 'The last will be first and the first will be last.". 

Then in the same chapter a woman as a request for her two sons and asks Jesus if they can sit on his left and right. Jesus tells her that it is not up to him to decide. “You will indeed drink from my cup, but to sit at my right or left is not for me to grant.These places belong to those for whom they have been prepared by my Father.” 

He then speaks of the Son of Man and that is a term of endearment for a prophet. As I am writing this I can smell 'BURNING' and yesterday we posted the video 'Unleashed Elijah' that features the fire. That fire of God burned down the Philadelphia Prince of Peace Church when we arrived in the USA in 2008, it also burned down 5 million trees on Mount Carmel, the mountain of the prophets and Our Lady of Carmel. 

The next time the last hour is mentioned in the bible is by John, 1 John 2 and it is about 'Love and Hatred for fellow believers'. As far as I am aware, the original word in Greek for hate meant 'less love' and so there is only love and loving a person less. However, there are many different words in Greek for LOVE that describe different types of love. The many words define between love of man and love in a godly sense. 

The people suffer because they do not know the difference of the different vibrations of love. Hence, why we shared the difference with the people that were brought into our realm. However, that was a decade before RIGHTEOUS LOVE had become, and that is the vibration of the heavenly Father. 

The chapter states that the darkness is passing and the true light is already shining. 

"Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness. Anyone who loves their brother and sister lives in the light, and there is nothing in them to make them stumble. But anyone who hates a brother or sister is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness. They do not know where they are going, because the darkness has blinded them" 

Many of the peacemakers stood against Israel because they could not see the light of the LORD, because they had not healed themselves, as such they were still in darkness. They did not see the signs that were going on all over the world. The biblical signs that the prophet of God was here, Joseph was here as promised to Moses. They did not share the messages from God to help the people to avoid the ecological disasters. They did not share the messages about Obama or the visions of warning. The bible states that they will be held responsible, because they have blood on their own hands if and when the people are harmed. 

Some of the peacemakers stood against the LORD's divine guide that he sent to help Israel, and in so doing they stood against God himself. 

Those that love Israel less, still sit in the darkness, and so do those that stood against the one that God sent to help them. I often asked them 'Have you walked the land of Israel as I have?, did you hold the children in your arms?.  

John reminds them that the 'The world and its DESIRES pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.' Those that supported Obama were coming from earthly desires. Those that supported aggression against Israel were also sitting in darkness, instead of the light of righteous divine love in manifestation on the earth plane. Demonstrated by zealous compassionate action to help the people to ascend out of their transgression of the will of God. 

Then there is a warning about denying the Son and the Father. The birth of the Sons of God is the key of the beloved, that the orthodox threw away, and the Sons of God are mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

It is your divine birth right to be 'Born Again of the Spirit' and anyone that denies that you can move from being to becoming a Son of God, is in darkness because it means that they have no divine experience to speak of. Christ himself told Nicodemus that he had been born again, in the same way I have been born again of the Spirit. It as nothing to do with Baptism, and only the Father decides when this comes to be. Hence, why the book of Revelation tells the people that the one that overcome, was put upon the throne of Christ. How can people argue with the scriptures when it is there in black and white? 

He tells her not to allow anyone to take her crown, and that she is the pillar in the temple of his God, that she receives the manna, a new name, the name of his God, the name of his new city of new Jerusalem. He also tells his followers that this person receives his new name as well. These prophecies were fulfilled. Why was it so important that the Queen of the South received this information? It was predicted to be so and in Micah 4, it tells you that she is given her kingship. You will also find her in Rev 12 and she appeared before Obama, as she was meant to do. She had to be ready for when he arrived on the scene. Hence, why she was sent to Babylon (USA) in 2008 to warn them. 

"They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us."

That is an interesting word 'belong' because Melchizedek once spoke about 'belong' in 2004, He said "You have laid your soul at our feet, now pick it up and put it back. Your soul belongs to you and to God. Do not lay your soul at the feet of anyone" and he told Israel, 'Do not let anyone put you asunder'. 

Melchizedek like the heavenly Father, does not suffer fools gladly. 

He is a hard taskmaster and the inter-galatic operations director of the cosmos. 

The High Priest of God, the King of Salem. 




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