In the unlikely event of a monument to Gordon Brown ever being erected at Westminster, the inscription is as likely to read, "He kept us out of the euro" as, "He saved the UK banking system".
The year in which Brown was ushered off the stage was also the year the eurozone, comprising the 16 countries using the European single currency, came close to collapsing under the weight of its own contradictions. First Greece in May then, as the year progressed, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Spain (collectively known as the PIIGS) found that the banking and sovereign debt crises were morphing into an even less tractable problem with the euro itself.
In 2010, the PIIGS brought the euro chickens home to roost. The affected countries had divergent routes to crisis, but in all cases pan-European politics had trumped economic logic. The result created fear and violence in the capitals of Europe." [1]
The only reason that Gordon Brown kept us out of the EURO is that he had no support from the British people to enter it, it is certainly no claim of his intelligence or good housekeeping when he sold the family gold and gave away billions. 

Corvette sails into Greek waters
A Turkish navy ship reached close to the shores of Evia yesterday after setting sail from a base in Izmir on Tuesday and sailing through Greek waters for no apparent reason, military sources said yesterday. The Bodrum, a B-class corvette, was shadowed by two Hellenic Navy vessels after entering Greek waters at 3 a.m. yesterday but it was decided that there was nothing menacing about its behavior. Turkish ships have entered Greek waters unannounced several times this year.[2]

Also Greece are claiming they are going to expel 140,000 jobless immigrants. Maybe the Turkish ship would like to take them home. The article states that 70% of illegal immigrants in Greece are from Albania. [3] Also 70% of Albanians are Muslims. Their national symbol is the golden eagle but their flag looks more like bats. [4]The vision of the bats going crazy was also given in the Christ Visions received on the 22nd of December.

All this as we approach what some astrologers are calling the EROS solar eclipse. No coincidence that today is the 26th and 26 is the gematria value of the name of God. The 26th of December is also the 'Day of Challenge' and it was on this day in 2004 that the Asian disaster happened in one of the most violent Muslim areas. Another sign of the last days of the end times that was predicted by the Christ in the bible. It was a few weeks prior to the Asian disaster when Abba shouted 'HUMANITY NEEDS YOU NOW' an article was sent at that time calling everyone to follow the instructions that had been given. Unfortunately, most ignored the warning and request just like God knew that they would and so it goes on and on. As the Son of God said on the 22nd, 'LET THEM CRY ON UNTIL THEY HAVE HAD ENOUGH'. 

This also posted at 73 and 73 is also an important number in Hebrew gematria, its a few years ago now that Abba said '9.73 is what really counts'.  The number 73 also links in with the Nostradamus prophecies regarding the prophet that he predicted would come.

73 is the hebrew gematria value of WISDOM = SOPHIA. 

Embryo that was seen in the solar eclipse. Galilee, Mount ZION and 'to trust'. 

Biblewheel also share the following with us from the Greek.  [5]

730 =


Can humanity catch the Rainbow of Hope that God bestowed
as his gift?