Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Abba said CAINITES

On the night of 28th of December 2010 Abba spoke of the CAINITES.

I have not had time to look at them in-depth but this just about sums it up.

Who were the Cainites?

Marilynn Hughes shares the following with us.

"In their views, Cain, Esau and Judas represented the stronger powers – in some ways they were perceived as being selfishly wise. This ‘getting what they wanted’ was deemed as similar to containing the ‘highest knowledge."

"It was Cain who slew his brother Abel, both sons of Adam and Eve in the biblical book of Genesis. Esau was the protagonist in the biblical story of two sons – Jacob and Esau – both trying to win the favor of their aged father and his kingdom."

As we know Israel is the land of Jacob and Esau is the land of the USA, neither of them are in favor with our heavenly Father. In the analogy of the Cainites both fit the bill. Hence, the bills that are being introduced by the corporations and the people that work in and buy shares in them. The Arabs are not excluded from this analogy. 


Then when I went to bed I was given a lucid dream, during the dream I was writing the dream on this blog. During the dream I was given the number 20 and 20 is the number of judgement. The image portrays the Father, the Mother and the Child. I was then taken to the mission to Greece in March 2010, shown the biblical plague of frogs that was warning them following our visit there. 

Then I saw the violence, fires and unhappiness. The feeling that I had in the dream was that Greece had broken the covenant in the same way that Israel have. God brought the Prince of Greece into my life and he made a promise to help the one sent by God, for all the help that God had given to him, bringing him back to life. 

When the Prince of Greece broke his promise, the covenant was also broken with Greece. The Prince of Greece was born in New York to Greek parents. He lived in Greece for 40 years. However, the American education system had made a ,major impact on him. To the extent that after living in Greece for 40 years he felt he was more American than Greek. That is what education and culture can do to people. It makes them into Cainites. 

Now ponder upon who was the Judas that stood against this reality of the sanctuary of God?

The fact that ESAU (USA) is mentioned in the information about the Cainites means they have also broken the covenant with God, because God sent ELIAKIM to help the USA as well in 2008. when the church in Philadelphia burned to the ground. 

God kept his promise to the people, but the people did not keep their promise to him. 

Why is that? The story of the Cainites tells you why, 'getting what they wanted' that is all that they are interested in. 

The holy ones down the ages have had to suffer due to the deeds of men,  now humanity must pay the cost. 

As the bible predicts this is the time when you will see who serves God and who does not. 

May the good will of God be done....

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