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Abba said 'It is time for the bake'. 

So lets see if the bible mentions the bake.

In Genesis they make bricks and bake them. Sarah also bakes some bread. The Pharaoh was angry with the chief baker. Exodus, they baked unleavened bread. The baking was done the day before Shabat. In Leviticus what is baked in the oven belongs to the Priest and the Sons of Aaron. Aaron means TEACHING. There is also the mention of a WAVE offering of the first fruits of the LORD. As I am writing this I can smell something cooking and it has a sweet smell. 

In the book of Samuel the FEMININE become the cooks and bakers. In the second book of Kings, loaves of barley bread is baked from the first ripe grain to feed 100. Barley was mentioned by Abba before please see the post on Barley, barley is good for the Kidneys and the kidneys are about the life force. I have been cooking stews with pearl barley since Abba requested it and I must admit I really like it.

Prophet Ezekiel speaks of the sacred rooms facing North and North is the direction of healing. Christ also spoke of the different rooms in our Father's mansion. Food also as healing properties and it is important that people come to know about the healing that comes from food.  This is where the Priest bakes the grain offering, to avoid bringing the people into the outer court before they are ready to do so.

The book of Daniel chapter 2, speaks of iron mixed with clay. "And just as you saw the iron mixed with baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay." 


We discussed people being like clay in the FATAL LAW OF ATTRACTION article, when they have not healed their emotions, they collapse easily. However, if that clay is mixed with iron then it produces the reverse effect and makes them angry and violent. Anger is the biggest predictor of heart disease and there are a lot of angry people on forums, especially Americans. Those that fire grids and do global meditations focussed at a single point in time, really have no idea the impact that they have on the people who have not healed themselves. 

You can understand the words of that passage from Daniel 2 relating to people not being united because they are not unified within. Its also about mixing two different commodities together and one can also view that as mixed race e.g. Obama. People are not a commodity without love they become so.


Prophet Hosea chapter 7, "They are all adulterers, burning like an oven whose fire the baker need not stir from the kneading of the dough till it rises." There is a nice play on words there with 'kneading' and 'needing' and adulterers do come from a root cause of needs that have not been met. Usually, stemming from childhood. It relates to the sacral level of consciousness of  'I WANT TO BE HAPPY', so they seek it outside of the self, instead of seeking within. These people often think the grass is greener with someone else. 

Adultery is also to do with a lack of honor and integrity, because a truly honorable person would leave a relationship if they were not happy, before starting a new one. Hence, why people can get very upset when a relationship breaks up. It is not only emotional, it is energetic and of course all emotions are energetic as well.

Love without integrity, is like an ocean without fish, a library without books, a store without food and a shell of love without a pearl of wisdom.

When people commit adultery they adulterate their own souls on an energetic level.  The best way to solve it is to heal the self. Sexual energies stay with a person for a maximum of six months. Neither the bible or the spiritual law states that a person must stay in a relationship that is not meeting their requirements. In other words its OK to divorce, most people don't for the reasons outside of themselves and inside. Often people let money and financial assets get in the way and this is when people tend to betray their own souls.


I was chatting to a Native American earlier this morning about the honor of the nations. How that honor was eroded when the nations invaded other nations to build empires. When nations lose their honor, their people then lose their integrity. You can understand it as a karmic repercussion of deeds, it is part of cause and effect, the fatal law of attraction. The deeds of the parents also impact on the next 3-4 generations, and it is often the case that children that have lived with adultery also become adulterers.

Children that live with honor also learn to honor others, they keep their agreements and their word is their bond. Their loyalty is beyond measure and when that trustful loyalty is directed towards God, there is nothing they cannot achieve because they are FAITHFUL, and nothing can take them astray or off course.


Hosea 7 is an interesting chapter so let us look at the criteria of the prophecy.

1.   It speaks of the time when God will heal Israel. Reiki healing and other healing modalities started to
arrive in Israel during the 80's and it has had an incredible impact. So there is our timeline criteria.

2.   Ephraim (Christianity) is exposed and Samaria is revealed. Samaria in Aramaic means 'WATCH MOUNTAIN' (Strongs 8115) and Samaria is in the NORTH = HEALING. Watch the Mountain in the North because all is going to be revealed.

3.   Their hearts are like an oven, they approach with intrigue.

4.   Their passion smoulders all night. No coincidence then that the film 'PASSION OF CHRIST' the covenant of death that as been annulled (Prophet Isaiah, 28), was a box office hit in this last decade. Another timeline criteria. Many years ago Christ said 'When the crucifix is removed from earth so will the pain and suffering be removed from earth'. People have been worshipping death, pain and suffering. When I was in Australia in 1998-1999, I discussed this with some Greeks and they instantly removed all of the crucifix's from their home. Of course, the cross itself is fine and is an ancient universal symbol.

5.   They devour their rulers, all their kings fall, but none of them call on me. That links in with Abba saying that they will fall like a pack of cards.

6.   Ephraim (Christianity) mixes with the nations. Foreigners sap their strength. How do they mix with the nations in the last days of the end times? On internet forums. In the passage from Daniel discussed above it also mentions the mix of iron and clay. Hosea also talks about the MIXES with the NATIONS, this is about multi-culturalism that saps their strength. As it been done on purpose by political leaders to disempower the nations? Yes, because it weakens the bloodlines and this then makes people more vulnerable to diseases that are not part of their karmic inheritance. The deeds of the parents then impact on the next 3-4 generations genetically.

7.   Israel's arrogance testifies against Ephraim but they still do not return to the LORD God or search for him.

8.   Ephraim is like a dove, easily deceived and senseless. The Christians have strayed from him, destruction comes because they rebelled against him. That also links with the prophecy of Obadiah and Isaiah 28 in respect of the USA. The dove is also symbolic of the peacemakers and they were deceived by Obama internationally. Nobel Peace Prize indeed, when 4 days into his presidency he gave the order to attack Pakistan and as increased the number of troops in Afganistan.

Being senseless means that they are not using their common sense and tuning into that which is real due to their desire for peace. The Christ and Buddha knew that desire was the cause of pain and suffering.

9.   God cannot redeem them because they speak falsely against him.

10. They do not cry out to me with their hearts, instead they wail out on their beds.

11. They slash themselves eg. self-harm and self-destruction due to thoughts, words and deeds.

12. I trained them and strengthened their arms but they plot evil against God, most good Christians
would say that criteria fits Liberal America perfectly. The educated that plot against God.

13. They do not turn to the Most High, they are a faulty bow.

14. Their (gang, political, religious and otherwise) leaders fall by the sword (of truth) because they have been insolent to God and the holy one he sent to help them. As I write this pink energy is being put on my left hand. I would like to say to you the organization of CODE PINK are an example of what this prophecy is all about.

May the good will of God be done for his glory.

Do it all for love and justice will be done.

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