Monday, 6 December 2010

Morgellons Disease

Last year I met a man who had morgellon disease. I asked for help for the causes and I was told that CATS carry disease energetically. Double checking my original email, I was given the words 'NITS' and 'MORPHED'. My feeling at the time was that due to chemicals the nits have morphed into something else. In other words there as been a change in the way some disease shape shifts. When did humanity start using chemicals on the heads of children and pets to get rid of lice? What are in those chemicals?

I then contacted Dr Hulda Clark to see if she had come across any parasites or pathogens connected to cats. She said she hadn't come across it so far in her research.  I will try to find her full response to us and post it on this thread.

Ok this was the first part of her response "apparently from the latest news Morgellon has nothing to do with parasites or anything alive, it rather has to do with toxins from what they spray on food and in the air.". What do people put on the heads of children and their pets when they are getting rid of lice? Toxins. 

How do the lice move? From head to head of the children, usually in the warmth of the classroom. Remember Abba said 'NO SCHOOL, SCHOOLS OUT'. Children and adults also put their heads close to their pets and that puts them in the range of the toxins used on pets. We also made a post on one of our blogs of how the introduction of the cats to the indigenous peoples, had resulted in a fatal impact as far as disease is concerned. The disease had been proven to have been due to the cats. So if you have morgellons the first thing that you should do is get rid of the cats. They were never meant to live in peoples homes. 

What are the symptoms of this disease?

"Skin symptoms include crawling, biting, and stinging sensations; finding fibers on or under the skin; and persistent skin lesions (e.g., rashes or sores.). 

What crawls and bites? Nits. What gives a stinging sensation? The chemicals that people use to get rid of them. Do animals have rashes and sores? Yes. Where are they found? In and under the hair. What other chemicals sting the head? Hair dyes. 

This video explains that people with Morgellon disease have an extra chromozone, the 47th and the 47th makes them more susceptible to the disease. It also talks about the human genome project and how the scientists are changing our natural creation to suit themselves. Did you give them a power of attorney to do it? I didn't. Every time the scientists play with what is natural and God given, it co-creates horrendous outcomes that impact on future generations.

Farm workers are also very susceptible to the diseases that animals carry energetically as well.

In Hebrew gematria 47 is the 15th prime number. Luke 15:15 talks about the farm animals and it is about the parable of the son who was lost and then found. The word LOST is also to do with soul fragmentation and indicates that soul retrieval healing work would be good for people with this disease. Soul fragmentation is also to do with trauma and as we know animals are traumatized also due to the production line.

If a person suffers some soul loss they do not have all of their energy to do the healing work necessary. Clinical psychology have climbed on the back of the healers and given soul loss a new label DID.

I also informed Dr Clark that I would be interested to look at some case studies connected to the people and their childhoods connected to this disease, to see if there is a further link between them on an emotional level that has impacted on their immune systems. We have to look at all disease multi-dimensionally and holistically. 

No surprise then that this is the 15th post in December and 550th post this year. That gives 555 India, 5th of May 2012. One might ask what does this have to do with India?

If I remember correctly, it was last year that Abba gave humanity the final warning not to eat meat with hooves. Is that because of what they are being injected with? Is what they are injecting into animals finding its way into some humans? I am not a scientist, I can share with you what I know, then it is up to scientists to do some very serious investigations.

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