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Fellowship Offering to God

Following on from the Prophet Malachi prophecy post. 

In the last sentence of Malachi 1, it states. “Cursed is the cheat who has an acceptable male in his flock and vows to give it, but then sacrifices a blemished animal to the Lord. For I am a great king,” says the LORD Almighty". In this prophecy, it predicted the curse of the cheat who is male. One can understand it as the male that came from the desert in the middle east, because the desert jackals mentioned in the prophecy are still sacrificing animals to this day for a religious rite. 

Let us look further at the criteria of one that is blemished biblically and how it relates to the offering to God. 

First we have the offering to God

1. Fellowship offering to the LORD. Lev 22:21 Its also called a peace offering in other translations. There are two ways of looking at that. After one as made peace with the self, then you have a peaceful person to offer to God. When you make peace with the self through healing the self, you also make peace with God. In effect, a person that is blemished is a person that has not found the peace within on a self-sustainable basis. 

Why is a peaceful vessel essential for God's will? Violence vexes the Spirit of God and disempowers the soul. 

2. Free will offering, in other words it is your free will to surrender your free will and life to do the will of God. Lev 22:21

3. It must be without defect or blemish to be acceptable to the LORD. Lev 22:21 In the malachi quote it mentions 'Cursed is the Cheat'. In other words no cheating and if a person as not made peace with themselves,  in this context the man is cheating. So for instance when the life of Salman Rushdie was receiving threats that he would be killed that constitutes a curse that creates a cheat. The same with the Danish cartoon fiasco and the murder of the Dutch film director. Anyone that expresses their anger and rage in such a way, as clearly not made peace with the self, as such they are not acceptable to God for his will to be done.  

Also remember that the Apostle James said "If you cannot keep a tight rein on your tongue then your religion is worthless".  In other words, if you have no self-discipline then you cannot be a vessel for God. Hence, why the teachings on communication and how one communicates is so very important. Especially now, in these last days of the end times, its imperative that people stay calm, cool and collected so that you do not lose your heads. 

Only when the reasoning from the head is in harmony and alignment with the heart of intelligence can real progress be made. However, once one as surrendered to the will of God, your life changes completely, because you have given your life, your heart,  body and soul to him. 

Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary state, free from the faults of blindness, free from mutilation, eg circumcision and mutilated limbs. 

4. Never been under a yoke. Num 19:2 

You must not be in a condition of bondage, subjugated or part of any religious structure. You must not be under anyone else's control. In other words, you must be a free spirit to meet with God. You must not be enslaved by anyone. You must not be bonded or tied to a single reality, in other words no attachment to belief systems. So for instance if a person was praying the rosary everyday they are yoked to a single reality, same with Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus that are involved in orthodoxy or a religious routine. 

It also applies to spiritual people that are attached to ISIS and any other belief system that restricts their growth. The cosmos is hug,e why stay in attachment to one belief system from one planet? 

5. Without stain or wrinkle, holy and blameless. Eph 5:27 In other words healed, whole and young enough to do the work for God. 

6. Free from accusation. Col 1:22 In other words when you surrender your human will and life to God for his will to be done, your state of being unconditional love must be in zero judgement. 

7.  In Jude it states that people who are blemished come to the 'LOVE FEAST' eat without qualm and only feed themselves instead of sharing with others. The scripture continues that they are clouds without rain, blown along by the wind, autumn trees without fruit and uprooted.  The clouds also relate to spiritual people, see previous post on the full explanation about the clouds. So for instance people that come to this blog, take what they require without sharing the information or links with others. This section in Jude is about integrity and honor and that links back to what is written in Malachi 1. It also relates to people that receive divine guidance but do not share it or tell the people where that message as come from. 

Please bear in mind that this is a biblical perspective but from experience I know it to be true.  Know this that there is a big difference between receiving divine guidance to help you with your spiritual journey and laying down your own life to do the will of God as instructed to help humanity. 

These words are true 'Many are called but few are chosen'. First you are called,  then if you pass the tests of dedication and devotion to the causes that you are given without attachment to them. Then you are ready for the next level of the work that our heavenly Father instructs you to do. 

In this life, the first mission that I was given with the children lasted five years, before I was told to draw a line under it and move on. The following year the mission with the Middle East began and a different mission with the children. 

Does the last paragraph of Malachi 1, indicate that the Prophet of Islam was called ? Yes. Does it indicate that he was chosen? No, because the prophecy states that the man from the desert was cursed as a cheat. 

Hence why the book of Revelation tells you about the woman that as the moon under her feet, don't you just love the poetry of God and how he manifests it. 

As Abba said a few weeks ago, 'YOU ARE GIVING THEM A FRAME OF REFERENCE'. 

After the above post was made, Abba said "ZECHARIAH' so we will review the work of Prophet Zechariah next and how it might relate to Malachi 1. 


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