Wednesday, 22 December 2010


I was listening to a video posted by a blessed one and Abba said 'DATE OF TRANCE'. 

Being in a trance state of being can relate to altered states of consciousness. In the past Christian Spiritualists did not allow many trance mediums to work on the platform in the Church. The reason was never made clear to me. However, I did once experience a wonderful trance medium called URSULA ROBERTS at Belgrave Square in London. Another trance medium, called GRACE was also very close to me in the early days.

Trance is mentioned in the bible. It is mentioned in the book of Acts. Its mentioned in chapters 10, 11 and 22.

In chapter 10, the Apostle Peter is waiting for a meal to be prepared and he falls into a trance. He then sees heaven open a large white sheet and he is given a message. The vision and message is then repeated again in chapter 11.

Chapter 22, speaks of Paul speaking in Aramaic. It mentions his visit to Damascus and he is told to wash his sins away. Now this verse is clearly showing the Christians that the Christ did not take away the sins of the people if he was telling Paul to wash them away. Again he falls into a trance.

Now many think that going to Damascus is a going to a physical place. However, in my divine experience going to Damascus is a spiritual journey in an altered state of trance, not a physical one of actually going to Syria.

It was after my first mission to Israel in 2006 that the Christ came and said 'You shall go to Damascus'. I thought no more of it, then later that day he came back and we had the most amazing time together. That was the day that he gave me the new name LOTUS FEET and told me that my little feet now sit upon the feet of God.

One can understand the 'DATE OF TRANCE' as one when you take the spiritual journey to Damascus in an altered state of consciousness. The word Damascus in Aramaic means 'A WELL WATERED PLACE' although it is known today as 'CITY OF JASMINE'.

The bible also tells you that the TREES OF THE LORD are WELL WATERED.

Isaiah 58 mentions it again and this chapter is all about ascension and what is required of the people to attain it. In mystical Judaism, it is known as the ascent of the Tree of Life.

It speaks of the sun-scorched land and how the LORD will give strength to the frame. A well-watered garden, a spring whose waters never fail. How we will rebuild the ancient ruins and rebuild the old foundations. How we will repair and restore for God is a great preserver of all that is good. Isaiah speaks of the FEET and how we will RIDE in triumph.

We did return to the land of Jacob, Israel in 2007, to embed the everlasting covenant for the children of the world as instructed. Being in the sunshine always strengthens my frame because the sun is good for the bones due to the vitamin D it contains. It was a time of rest as well, I did not know until after my return from Israel that the bible also spoke of my time of rest.

While I was in Israel in September 2007 during the eclipse,  I was given the opportunity to ask Abba about the different names that I had been given. He did explain to me the difference between ELIAKIM and LOTUS FEET. He also said 'DID I NOT CALL YOU ELI?' and I responded 'Yes, you did'. 

I absolutely blossom in the heat of the sunshine, that is why it is essential that I live out my last days in a warm country. Abba as chosen the country where he wishes for me to be, now we just await for others to align with the divine plan so that New Jerusalem, his City of Enlightenment can be built in accordance with his intelligent design.

Duty does indeed call.

However, if anything else happens today, we will update this post.

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