Thursday, 16 December 2010


Last night while bathing I was shown some visions.

I saw a huge giant white jellyfish coming down in front of me like a parachute.

What comes from jellyfish? POISON that stings and can kill.

In the next vision I saw a plane and then many planes and they were doing acrobats.

Then I asked where Abba? Where is this jellyfish coming from? He replied 'ANKARA'. 

Today, I took a look to see where Ankara is and it is the capital of Turkey.

If I remember correctly there was also a jellyfish crop circle last year. Yes, it was in England, June 2009.

In 2007, there was  "an unprecedented event on November 21, 2007, an enormous 10-square-mile (26 km2) swarm of billions of these (Pelagia)  jellyfish wiped out a 100,000-fish salmon farm in Northern Ireland, causing around £1 million in damages.[1

Have no doubt in your hearts, that was another biblical sign = 



Notice the crescent moons in that crop circle that arrived in 2009.
They could also be symbolic of seven eclipse since June 2009.
You can also see the waves in its head and then the four rings
that are overlapping. We interpret most crop circles, but I can't
find any information that we provided on this one for some reason.
If you know that I did an interpretation at that time, please let me know.

So we have jelly fish symbolic of the sea and planes from the skies. This feels like a warning for Christians. The Ocean is also to do with emotions and the skies the mind. Poisoned minds activate the planes to do their acrobats under the instructions of their flight commander. 

Acrobats is also to do with computers and if you remember, it was people from Turkey that were hacking into computer systems during the press and internet coverage of the flotilla disaster. Even though it was Turkey that originally launched the film footage, not Israel. 

Ankara is also the home of two breeds, Angora Cats and Angora Rabbits. Next year is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. The Chinese Year of the Rabbit begins in SHEVAT and next year it begins on the 3rd of February until the 22nd of January 2012. It is the year of the METAL RABBIT. Its equivalent Western sign is Pisces, again emotional sign and its also the sign of the fishes. Metal also links in with planes and computers. 

The book of Revelation tells Turkey to repent and return to God. This is post 33 in December, and 33 relates to Greece. The 15th of December was the 'DAY OF EXPANSION'. 

Is there anything going on in TURKEY? Just checked the news and students are rebelling and they have been throwing eggs at members of the Islamic-rooted party, there were also stone throwing clashes with Ankara police yesterday at the university. [2] Interesting isn't it, students in the West defend Islam and students in Islamic countries stand against Islam because they know, they have had to live under the Islamic regimes and have experienced their freedom being denied by religious theocracy. 

Did you know that an Archbishop was beheaded in Austria and Christian priests have been murdered in Turkey by Turkish Muslims? 

Austrian MP Ewald Stadler adresses Turkish Ambassador


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