Monday, 6 December 2010

Damselfly Glider

This morning I saw a DAMSELFLY AND THEN A GLIDER. The last time I was given a vision of the damselfly was on the 3rd of July 2010. [1]

Its also a link with Kevin Costner, the America's,  Mission of Mercy and rescuing the children. A glider is a single seated aircraft, in other words I cannot take any passengers with me at this point in time, because this reality is beyond their current comprehension.

Also I cannot afford to carry anyone that has not caught up, because they just hold me back from what I have to do and where I have to go to. Nothing could stop Costner in the film Dragonfly, due to the nature of the divine guidance that he received, and nothing will stop the divine plan.

The glider is a free flight that requires no engine to fly, they were also used in WW2 because they arrive silently before they drop the bombshell. The last time we received free flights was when we flew to Florence for the harmonic concordance and the first engagement with God. November 2003, when the spiritually elect were gathered from end of heaven to the other by the angels, for the cosmic event enjoyed internationally.

We certainly did arrive on the planet silently until the LORD instructed that it was time to tell people who I am, and that is like a cluster bomb to those that do not wish to hear it. It triggers those that have rebelled against God big time, because we are proof that he exists. All I can say to those people now, is put the children and their future before yourselves, a noble cause greater than the self.




Interesting that there was a monk, the EILMER OF MALMESBURY (1080-1143), he was an historian that flew off of his roof in a glider sometime between 1000-1010AD.  A thousand years ago, he crashed and broke his legs. The crash was blamed on the lack of a tail. Its written that he delivered some prophecy about France and also wrote about astrology, so he was definitely into the healing arts.

I do have a friend who I hold safely in my heart and he is an historian. I used to call him Professor Higgins. There have also been a lot of crop circles in Malmesbury, England and you might like to review them and their messages that we gave you. Please feel free to share here if your review brings up anything interesting.

The monk of Malmesbury was good friends with a poet from Spain. Abbas Ibn Firnas was his name,  he attempted to fly in that life and he received heavy back injuries. This is a past life connection and it is to do with healing the back and legs of these two people. They are both experienced healers and it is clear that God wishes to show them something new.

Spain also gives us a timing link to next April, 444 and PERFECT LOVE, humanity are going to be baking in the oven until then. As we know, the oven gets very hot indeed. It is not good for the cook to watch the oven, when there is plenty of other projects to get on with. When the bread as risen we can take it out of the oven.

Gliding also links in with the message from Abba about it being time for the bake. All is in harmonic concordance with the divine plan. [2] My advice don't fly in anything with an engine until the 4th of April. Its better to be safe than sorry.

Do it all for love and justice will be done.

Glory be to God


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