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Following on from the ‘DATE OF TRANCE’ post the Christ did come today. He began with the following words.

‘They are trying to fill the whole that you leave behind you. They cannot replace you, that is why they must make the most of you while you are here’. ‘Remember, I told you that if I had the support of the people I could have achieved so much more. It is the same with you.”.

Then I was given a vision of bats flying and they were going crazy, in the previous vision of the bats they were Muslims.

The next vision looked like a nebula, eye of God,  it turned into a solar eclipse and in the centre there was a baby, like it was in the womb of the eclipse itself. The next solar eclipse is the 4th of January 2010. He also said in the past 'Christianity was never born, it is still in the womb'. 

Then I asked Christ when will we build New Jerusalem and he responded “They know that the beam of the ship is broken, and that they must restore the beam if they are to make it to the land where they will be safe’.

I then saw a vision of three flying pigs. Then one pig on its  own, it reminded me of Animal Farm, Then he said ‘They were given a fuse to put into the plug, but they refused the fuse that could’ve given them free energy. Only when they put the new fuse of the prophet in, will they be given what they wish for. They must do the will of God’.

Then I saw an alien looking straight at me, his head was large and white, he had piercing eyes,  to the right of the alien an Arab arrived, they were together and he had his back to the alien. He looked like the King of Saudi. 

Then Christ said ‘You have to see the funny side of it. The snow of the prophet comes again, it makes their burkas and robes cold and wet. They were not made for a cold climate, it is telling them to go home’. Remember Abba told them that if they did not join the human race then they would get left out in the cold. Now the prophet of God is here and they do not like it, that is why they told you that they do not like you’. ‘We have upset the apple cart because they put the cart before the horse’.

After that I saw the Leonardo Di Vinci illustration featured in our Son of Man video. Then I saw a rhinoceros and they have thick skin. 

The keynote of rhinoceros is ancient wisdom and its cycle is one year. Interesting that there are legends about the rhino stamping out the fire in Malaysia, India and Burma. The animal could come when a fire is lit and stamp it out. [1] Traditionally, they live until they are 60+ years old and they are on the endangered species list. Does it remind you of ISRAEL and the fire on Mount Carmel?

It seems that there was a comedy film released in 1974 called RHINOCEROS as well. Gene Wilder, an office clerk watches the people from a distance going through bizarre transformations. Stanley, (Wilder) suddenly finds himself outnumbered by people that have turned into Rhinos. As we say, 'It could only happen in America'. Its worth reading the film review to understand more.

The year 1974 is relevant,  that was the year before the last days of the end times began, when Christians in Southern Lebanon were decimated by Arafat and his followers. 

After that I saw his wonderful face and he looked like he does on the Coptic icons. He was relaxed and candid.

Then I saw a vision of a mountain and on top of the mountain was a black box shape and the box turned into a beautiful pink Lotus Flower that was opening.

Afterwards,  he gave me a message from Abba, he said ‘Abba said, ‘DO THEY HAVE TO BE TOLD TWICE TO GO HOME?’ he spoke in an indignant manner. 

Then I saw a vision of an armadillo. The Keynote of armadillo is ‘Personal Protection, Discrimination and Empathy. Its cycle of power is one year. Armadillo is Spanish for ‘Little armoured one’. Author, Ted Andrews wrote about their connection to the European Knights, Mexico and Peru.  That the best offence is a strong defence and that they indicate past life connections to the Knights. Armadillo’s are preyed upon by big cats and coyotes and as we have shared with you in the past, the coyote always goes for the throat of the blessed lamb.

Did you know there are some called 'Pink Fairy Armadillos?'. 

They have a positive relationship with the Aztecs, the Aztecs called the Armadillo, ‘Rabbit Turtle’ and next year is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. It also speaks of a past life connection with the Aztecs and that links in with the WORLD TURTLE visions received previously published on this blog. 

It also informs people to follow their sense of smell and to trust their natural intuition. It also speaks of a new birth that is coming in the next 8-9 months, it states that when the opportunity comes, to accept it. That links in with the baby seen in the solar eclipse.

It can walk on land and is also a good swimmer, it moves through the different dimensions with ease and teaches others to do the same. Empathic individuals are very sensitive to planetary energies and those of the people that they come in contact with. When the Armadillo is in danger it rolls up into a ball and rolls away, a solitary animal like a mystic. When you look at the shell of the armadillo it looks just like the KNIGHTS in their armour that defended Jerusalem. 

Both the Rhino and the Armadillo are animals from ancient times, long before recorded history, they are pre-historic. 

After receiving the vision of the Armadillo, I said, “I hope that I can remember all of this’.

I keep being reminded of the other visions that I was given.

There was a vision of our TEMPLE DOG, Bertie and another vision after that.

He then said "Let them cry on until they have had enough'. 

Then the visions and the messages stopped.

The 22nd of December is the 'DAY OF CONTINUITY'. 

UPDATE 24th December 2010.

Do you remember I saw a nebula with a baby in it?

Check out this video on Earth Day 2011.

Indeed, it can happen overnight, in a twinkling of an eye.

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Eliakim said...

On this day there is also news of this.

Ancient humans, dubbed 'Denisovans', interbred with us.

A study in Nature journal shows that Denisovans co-existed with Neanderthals and interbred with our species - perhaps around 50,000 years ago.

An international group of researchers sequenced a complete genome from one of the ancient hominins (human-like creatures), based on nuclear DNA extracted from a finger bone.