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OLIVER TWIST - A story within a story

Oliver Twist is being brought to the fore and when I was a child I was fascinated by the works and home of Charles Dickens. The house where he lived in London wasn't very far from where we lived, and I walked past it many times. There are many houses in the West End (West Central) of London where famous people lived, they each have a plaque outside that looks like wedgewood, oval shaped.

This period of the MEANTIME is like a remake of the Victoria era, that Dickens was so fond of writing about. A time when people are innocent of unlawful activities that are going on because they have their heads in the sand. A time when the rich got richer and the poor got poorer, kept in the work house due to the industrial revolution. This time it was the technological revolution, that reduced the number of jobs and pushed many jobs abroad.

Oliver Twist, the story about the poor children that are forced into child labour by criminals. Fagin can be viewed as the politicians, the corporations and financial institutions that are getting the children into debt as soon as they're old enough to sign on the dotted line. Youngsters underpaid by retail, leisure and manufacturing industries in the third world, while the fat cats take the cream.

The Artful Dodger, that leads the children into the lair of the criminals, can be viewed as those that are being used by the less good to take the children into captivity of the never ending cycles. His archetype can be viewed as the ones that work for the politicians, corporations, financial institutions, academics and educators, because they are dodging their responsibility to the children of the world, by serving only themselves. Ah the Artful Dodger that was the pick pocket and a story of intrigue, now that does remind me of someone; who dodged every single question that they were asked to address.

Dickens certainly had a good purpose for naming the innocent OLIVER TWIST, the innocent child that asks for more because he was underfed and under nourished. With the state of food chain as it is, children today are often well fed but undernourished at the same time, due to the lack of natural nutrients in the soil and the pollution of our rivers and oceans.

On another level, Dickens was telling you that the children are underfed and undernourished spiritually, because they are being starved of divine love in manifestation on the earth plane.

There was one man that wished to take OLIVER's inheritance and his name was MONK. How clever Charles Dickens was, a story within a story, hidden messages for all of you. Does it remind you of religion and its members that have denied you your spiritual inheritance and in so doing, the resolution of injustice in the world?

Does it remind you of the so-called Christians that plan to take the inheritance that Michael left for God's work to be done? Does it remind you that Michael M Mauldin was underfed and undernourished by the so-called Christians that could have afforded to feed him abundantly?

However, ultimately the good prevails because the essentially passive main character remains pure hearted and as innocent as a child. The prophecy given by Charles Dickens is that eventually the pure of heart receive their reward, and are allowed to live in peace in the country. Did he know in his heart that I would be moved away from London to live in the country? Peace is also symbolic of New Jerusalem, did he know that I would be the one to be given the place name where New Jerusalem will be built?

The story includes LONDON BRIDGE that enables the two different worlds to meet. The symbolism used in this story by Charles Dickens is incredible. On the bridge, Nancy was given the opportunity to live a better life but she rejected the opportunity offered to her. Does it remind you of humanity rejecting what is being offered to them here and now? The bridge that God as given to humanity to cross the new frontiers? The bridge of peace that leads to a new reality?

As Abba said 'She is a bridge that you can walk across into a new reality'. 

Is Nancy symbolic of the martyr that does not pass the initiation with flying colours and as such she dies for the cause of saving the child? Was Nancy symbolic of Princess Diana who chose to dedicate her life to the children that had been harmed by humanity?

Or is she like Quan Yin, the Bodhisattava of Compassion and Mercy who hears the cries of world, decides to turn back from Nirvana to be with her people to lead them to the bridge of peace and prosperity?

The death of Nancy can also be viewed as a metaphor of one that was born again a Saint when she laid down her own life for the good of humanity, in other words, she did the will of God.  There is a lot of Christian symbolism in this story of Oliver Twist. Did Dickens know that the pure hearted child that God would send would be born into a poor family in London, from the root of Jesse that is wealth?  Did he know her Father would teach his little child all about the workhouse, child labour and social injustice of the Victorian era?

Did he know that she and her brother would play in Coram fields around the corner from Dickens home as a child? The place where orphans had been left by their parents in the Victorian era, because they could not afford to feed them. Children will usually do anything to please their parents, so then we must ask, where are parents leading their children?

Did Dickens know that she would give up her own life so that others could have life, did he know that she would die due to the acts of Nazi Germany and come back again? Did he know Princess Diana would give her life willingly for the children before the prophet of God was revealed? Is Princess Diana symbolic of Nancy? It is clear that Dickens knew and understood the prophecies of Nostradamus that predicted that the King would lose the soul twice, once in divorce and then in death.

Did he know that the prophet's mission with the children is mentioned in the Malachi biblical prophecies? Was Dickens giving people a very powerful message about the one that would come so that the children could gain their spiritual inheritance and independence?

Was Dickens telling you that ultimately, we will win?

I feel so.

The name OLIVER is Latin and it means an OLIVE TREE. The second name TWIST, Charles Dickens was telling humanity that there is a twist in the story and things are not as they seem or appear to be. In other words there is a lot more than you can see on the surface.

To twist something means to wind something, two or more threads that produce a single strand. What is twisted in this way? The mystics rope and there was a mystics rope crop circle last year.

He was also telling you that there was a twist in his story and only the mystics would see it, in other words there is more than one story in the story. People have often said to me that it is amazing how creatively we write, intertwining so many different aspects together, so many different messages. My beloved friend Michael called it surreal. Nostradamus also made predictions about how we would write and what we would write about.

Prophet Ezekiel also predicted "Say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel his fellows, and will put them with him, even with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they shall be one in mine hand." Ezekiel 37:19

This prophecy indicates that the Jewish and Christian children will become one, what is the stick of Joseph? The one branch, the prophet that God promised to Moses, a descendent of Joseph, the one promised to the children of the world.

What is also interesting is that one of my uncles who was a professional wrestler, appeared as a film extra in the original Oliver film, uncle Georgie can be seen on screen in the final scene. His son was also named after him. Who lived in Georgia, Atlanta? Michael M Mauldin who is mentioned in the book of Daniel. The only one that stood by my side in the public domains against the Prince of Persia, the prophecy was correct, the Prince of Greece did come afterwards.

God works in mysterious ways....

May his good will be done for the children and justice reign supreme.


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