Sunday, 12 December 2010

Elemental Spiritual Forces

Time to mention the 'Elemental Spiritual Forces' that appear in the New Testament. The first mention is Galatians. "When we were underage, we were in slavery under the elemental spiritual forces of this world." Galatians 4:3 If you read Galatians 4, it does not tell you what age is underage, it just tells you that you own the estate (of your being) and that you are subject to guardians and trustees until a set time comes chosen by God.

Then in Colossians 2:8, "See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ."

In this chapter Christ forgives us and cancels the charge of our legal indebtedness and this is to do with karma. However, remember according to this text, it is only when the Father decides and not when people choose it. So to all those Christians that think they have been forgiven, just because they had water sprinkled on their head and go to Church, think again. Most Christians are still under the powers and authority of the earthly world and its realities.

In the text Abba decides when he sends his Son to disarm any powers and authorities over you, so that there is nobody in your life that lives in 3rd dimensional reality that can disempower you. Spiritual people are well aware that the more that they heal the self the more negative energies in your life fall away. These negatives energies are then replaced with energies that are more healthy for you and your current state of consciousness.

Some find friends falling away and even relationships breaking up because they do not serve you and your highest good. In my experience, this continues to happen the more spiritually evolved a person becomes. The more they grow and ascend the more aware they become of this reality and the reason for it.

You can also find yourself being taken away from your earthly parents as well, because they're only guardians of the soul that incarnates. As such, they are elemental spiritual forces, in the same way as your own children are.

There is a whole belief system about 'elementals' modern day, but in this post I am purely looking at the texts presented, and doing a comparison on what they're actually saying to explain it, based upon experience.

It then mentions those that worship Angels and those that live by religious rules. Continuing with the claim that they have lost connection with their heads.

So let us look at this one step at a time.

1. Angels can come in a spiritual sense in terms of guardian angels and Archangels. We have warned people in the past about getting stuck in one groove of consciousness. One has to stay fluid and in non-attachment to ascend further.

Secondly, in Hebraic mystical philosophy all people are angels. On the left you have angels of destruction and on the right the angels of Elohim who take the healing path home to God. As Christ said to me in 2006,  'Don't let the left arm know what the right arm is doing',  he was talking about people.

I agree that one should not worship angels or Archangels, in fact, I don't worship anything or anyone. Although I do give glory to God and write Sonnets to him, as my partner in our sacred union, being creators together.

2. I agree that you should not listen or follow people that live by the religious rules of men e.g. religionists, they fit into the criteria stipulated in the text. The text tells people not to submit to those that are living in the world of slavery e.g. captivity. That would include politicians and anyone else that has not transcended the purely earthly state of being. In spirituality, we call that living in the 3rd dimension, in Judaism and other cultures it was known as the underworld.

3. The fact that the writer of the text accuses others of having 'LOST' connection with their heads, signifies that the writer himself had not retrieved his lost fragments of himself, as such he had not redeemed himself and his soul. The word LOST is a clear sign of soul fragmentation as such he would fit into point 2. Science now proves that intelligence comes from the heart not the head. This is nothing new, the ancient Egyptians also knew that the heart was more important then the head and this is why they threw the brain away on death and kept the heart.

However, if the writer meant the mind that is a different matter altogether, because every cell in the body as a mind of its own.

The chapter then tells the people:  "Since you died with Christ to the elemental spiritual forces of this world, why, as though you still belonged to the world, do you submit to its rules: “Do not handle! Do not taste! Do not touch!”?  These rules, which have to do with things that are all destined to perish with use, are based on merely human commands and teachings."

So once again the text is talking about human commands and teachings of which this chapter in the bible clearly is. What do parents say to children? "Do not touch!"? What do some people say to their partners? 'Do not handle!".  If the writer of this text was here now, I would recommend inner child healing work for him and then soul retrieval. 

The chapter finishes with the writer stating 'They lack value in restraining sensual indulgence' in other words they lack the value of self-discipline. This is also confirmed at the beginning of the chapter where he is delighted at how disciplined his listeners are. As we have explained to people in the past, without self-discipline in place one does not go very far on the spiritual path home to God. 


If we then review the words 'underage' and add that to the writer's mention of 'restraining sensual indulgence' then underage is clearly to do with sexuality. In this context, a person only has earthly parents as guardians and trustees until they are able to take responsibility for their own estate. 

Now that brings up the question of what age are children ready for a sexual encounter or to learn about it? It is clear that is not for humans to decide,  because every young person is unique and develops at different times and ages. However, it does make one wonder if teenage pregnancies have increased since there as been sex education in schools? 

The fact that 'VALUES' are mentioned, it is clear that it is not meant to be until VALUES are well established and self-discipline is in place, because it is your estate that you are to look after and take care of. Or as Christ would put it 'You are sacred and God's temple".  In effect, until a person is old enough to stand on their own two feet, take good care of themselves, without their parents, they're still underage emotionally and spiritually. 

Underage, also as implications as far as allowing children to go on spiritual training courses before they are old enough to look after their own estate, mind, body and soul. Allowing children to be indoctrinated by the 'Jesus Camps', Faith schools and Mosques also apply, because they're 3rd dimensional elemental spiritual forces. 

This text as obviously been written by a man. We know that Mary Magdalene was close to the Christ, why do Christians not ask why the NT does not include a text from her? A text called the 'Gospel of Mary Magdalene" does exist and God made sure it was discovered in the 20th century. Does it not strike you as odd, that there is no gospel text from the mother of Christ? 

If you have any questions on the above or anything else to add please do. 



Anonymous said...

Clearly You are not a follower of Jesus Christ and
Clearly you do not believe that the Bible was inspired by God's Holy Spirit. Clearly you are the Antichrist that God's word speaks about. No other comment is needed.

Eliakim said...

The Son of God led his sister home to our heavenly Father, exactly as he predicted he would. He showed her the holy streams that led to him. Messiah Joseph came to be.

Blessings in abundance.