Friday, 10 December 2010


After the visions of the bats with human faces and Abba saying 'BLACKBURN'. I feel we should pick up on the place name and look at this deeper. Blackburn is a large industrial town in Lancashire, England. Its close to the cities of Preston and Manchester, areas well known during the industrial revolution.

The English poet William Blake wrote "And did those feet in ancient time, that is now known as the hymn Jerusalem and he mentions the dark satanic mills of the North of England.Beneath this poem Blake inscribed an excerpt from the Bible: '"Would to God that all the Lords people were Prophets" Numbers XI. Ch 29. v.(Book of Numbers 11:29)".

Blake also wrote 'God  wants not man to humble himself'. Prisons are built with stones of Law, Brothels with bricks of religion. 

Blackburn as the third largest population of Muslims in England and Wales, and the highest in the United Kingdom outside of London. For 60 years it is as received vast amount of monies from the government and then later the European Development Fund.

The city is first mentioned in the DOMESDAY BOOK as Blachebone.It stands at the site where a Roman military road was built. Apparently, there was an inscribed stone found in 1654, commemorating the dedication of a temple to Serapis, some people are not aware that Serapis became a Christian. This is Queen Victoria in front of the Cathedral, I feel sure that she must be turning in her grave at what has been allowed to happen to Blackburn, the surrounding towns and cities in Northern England.

A Christian town since Roman times is now held in the majority of Muslim immigrants that have arrived since 1948. The commission has highlighted 'significant health problems' and increased 'levels of repeat victims of domestic violence' as causes for concern. Politically it is described as "a mix of deprived inner city wards dominated by Muslim voters. [1]

I can understand why our heavenly Father is bringing BLACKBURN to our attention. I can't imagine what it must be like to live there, like living in Pakistan.

One lady in the above video says she does not live for this life she
only lives for the hereafter. Goodness gracious me, she might as
well go home now. She also says that she has pride in wearing
the veil. Well the Christ taught the people to trample their garments
of pride under their feet. The biblical prophecies also tell those
that do not drink, to drink and be exposed because it is God's
will for shame to cover their glory.

The English gematria value of Blackburn is 504 and that is the
same as Har Megiddo.

There is also a Mount Blackburn in Alaska, USA and it is the 
second highest volcano. Check out the links, its linked to 

God help us all.



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