Saturday, 31 July 2010

Digital Christ Crop Circle

The other day there was a crop circle of a CD and it was found at Stanton, St Bernard. Nr All Cannings, Wiltshire, England. [1]It was so simple that we did not feature it here on this blog. However, it is clear that it also has a connection with these two crop circles discovered very close to the M4 motorway, this arrives just prior to the  astrological cardinal grand cross and Luxor gateway opening on the 7th of August.

M and the number 4 is also symbolic and I was pondering on the four year today while driving, prior to knowing about these crop circles,  2011 is a four year. Four is also symbolic of the four directions of North, South, East and West, that are also symbolic of the healers, prophets, teachers and peacemakers.

M is also 30 in gematria and 30 is the gematria value of LAMED in Hebrew, in the ancient pictographs it is the shepherds staff that defends the gentle lambs from predators.

While I am writing this I was given the word 'Celeste' and this word has also given in the past published on this blog.

The two crop circles; one on the South of the M4 and one on the North side. The South is the direction of the Prophet and the North is the direction of the Healer. Some say the crop circles have been there for a few days. However, the day they were reported was the 'Day of Tangible Presence', the 30th July. The day is also 373 energy and that is a celestial number.

Wickham Green is the same English gematria value as "We Shall Begin', 'Israelites', 'Progress', 'God the Father', 'Sixth Seal', 'Divination', 'Glass Ceiling' (that also came up the other day, when I saw energy in my hallway ascending above the door and going through the ceiling, the energy was dark green ), 'Obama falsehood', 'A heart so deep', 'Faith and Love', 'Live and Learn' , 'Gemstones', 'Field of Dreams', 'No more drama', 'Old Souls' [2].

In my humble view the first crop circle featured is digital and we wrote about the digital cosmos on this blog the other day. [3] This is the image from the South Side of the M4.

Now look at the two images together. 

What do you see? An image of the Christ. He will not lead you astray. 

He asked you to stay true to him until the end. These crop circles were located at HUNGERFORD and as we know the world hungers. The image of the Christ was in the North of the M4, and the North is the direction of healing. Please look at all of the images from Crop Circle Connector and make your own mind up. Feel your hearts and your soul, listen to him and his message to you, he loves you all and holds you all in his heart of love. [5]



Friday, 30 July 2010

Mickey Mouse and the Mousetrap

If you have been following this blog you may remember the CHET vision (March 2009) of the Mouse that was creating disease and the Elephant of God came and trod on it to eliminate the disease. There was also another vision of Mickey Mouse, in Florida, and all was featured on this blog at the time. 

We warned Mickey Mouse of Florida, that he was infringing the law and transgressing the spiritual law. However, he refused to listen and do the will of God, he also continued to take the mickey and we warned him about mocking God.  [1]

It was in May 2010, that I was compelled to investigate making cheese, a colleague and I in Australia shared information on the homemade cheese that she made. It looked like such fun to make cheese. In our Sonnet to God this morning on the new cycle we wrote the following: 

"Time to make cheese and get rid of the fleas that appease those that stand against you. Do you plan to use the cheese to catch the mice that create disease?" 

So now I am smiling, because I have just seen a recent report and it sounds like Mickey Mouse as eaten the cheese. You know what happens when the mouse eats the cheese, oh dear, a mousetrap. I am sure that you will find it as amusing as I do. 

God really does have a sense of humor! 

Just wait until he sends the Elephant. 



For weeks now an appointment as been coming up on my computer for LUXOR 7th of August 2010. Maat is the truth and justice of the spiritual law in Egyptian reality.  From my own experience I know that she comes and weighs your heart on the scales after you have broken your wheel of karma. It is not something that you can evoke or invoke because it happens naturally when your soul is at that state of being. 

She is also symbolic of divine wisdom and is often depicted with a feather, sceptre and sacred golden ankh, the Key of Life. There are many temples in her honour in Egypt and I did spend time in more than one during my visits there. (The temple pictured above is not in Luxor). 

This gateway opening will help many more people to come forth and speak the truth. It will release those that live in the captivity of fear of doing so, due to past life experiences of being killed for speaking the truth. People will come to understand that this 21st century was born in the love of Joseph-Sophia and the light of God in the Galilee of the Gentiles. 

This is a different time and a different age. It is time to stand up and be counted. This gateway opening will release many more people from their old belief systems so that they can know truth, justice and the spiritual law.

The date of the opening is the 7th of August 2010. 7 is the number of the spiritual teacher, 8 is the symbol of infinity and the year is the year of innovative creative solutions and its all part of the divine plan of God.

The 7th of August is also the 'Day of Double Agent' and God said 'Obama is a double agent'. So there is bound to be a lot more truth revealed about the one who God called the "Pharoah" when he gave the visions that Obama would attack Pakistan at Chinese New Year 2009.

This gateway opening comes in the astrological week of 'Balanced Strength' and Maat is definitely about balance and harmony created by speaking the truth.

It is also at the same time as the planets are creating the Cardinal Grand Cross and the last time I experienced the Grand Cross was in Australia, in August 1999. That was the year that the Christ appeared before me for the very first time and delivered his message to me. So this is also an eleven year cycle that began to end on 11.11.11 in 2009.

The 7th of August is also 783 energy and in Hebrew gematria that is 'until he approached', and 'flesh of nakedness.’ [2]. Nakedness is also to do with purity, remember babies are born nude. No surprise then that the naturalists are holding a 'Moth' gathering at dusk in the Chalk Quarry at Beggar's Knoll where the recent crop circle was.

A friend told me yesterday that the blue moth was gone in the morning, so it just came to deliver his message and rest in the healing energies of the same colour material. 

Until people approach and touch the flesh of the purity of the holy ones they do not know truth. As the Christ once said to me many years ago 'Let them drink from the bosom of your wisdom'. 

This gateway opening will help many more to stand in integrity in the light of God.

In a bizarre way truth became a burden to carry, truth became to heavy to carry, truth became a disadvantage in Egypt, truth took them into captivity and slavery. Many see divine truth as chains around their feet because they have not freed themselves from their own belief systems. This also goes back to the time of Atlantis, Sirius and Elmuria.

On a deep soul level many are holding on to where did the ‘LIBRARY’ of truth take us,  truth was the evidence of their own demise and this is why humanity sit in fear instead of dauntlessness. It was after God removed his light from those that were confined, restricted and unwilling to do the will of God that she was liberated to ascend again.

The other day a friend kept asking me to read certain books, I kept telling her I have no requirement for books and if God wishes for me to read something he will ask me too, or guide me to do so. I live by the evidence of my divine experiences in the sacred union with God, and I hope that you all have a wonderful experience on the 7th of August 2010.

I do feel there will be a divine press release and whether God chooses this vessel to release it or whether he chooses to speak to you all directly is for him to decide.  

I did contact an honored elder and sound healer, Mikhail Baker and asked him if he had anything to share about this date from a Mayan calendar perspective. This was Mikhail's response:

"This day is 8 Ben in the sacred calendar. 

8   Male authority.  Octave. Completion of energies from material world. Alchemical / shamanic work. AJ  = Ben.

Shelter and the family. Victory of life upon death, and the victory upon all kinds of evilness.  Symbol for resurrection.  It is the day of renewal, purification, rebirth, The day when the sacred corn and when animals were domesticated. It represents the spine, the internal fire. It is the spine and the link between Earth and Sky. Integrity, honesty and rightness.

The seven virtues (fire, water, air, land, heart of the Sky, heart of the Earth and the centre) of the divine power the sacred words, the love towards Humanity, unexpected dreams.

Thus this is a day to manifest divine power for good through our intentions placed in the Collective of Humanity. A day to focus through inner work for a positive resolution of all those challenges both for us individually as well as collectively that so far appear unresolved, inconclusive and unfinished. or causing fear, anxiety. Most importantly to express love toward a positive conclusion."

Interesting that is the Day of Ben in Mayan philosophy. Ben in Hebrew is 'Son'. As Abba said to me in September 2007, 'BEN AMI' and a blessed Israeli translated it as 'Son of my People". 

Truth beyond measure and may God's divine justice be done. 

1. Picture of Ma'at courtesy of

Light of God

In hindsight profound things are happening in this reality. When God withdrew this light from a healing centre it began to wither and die.

When God withdrew this light from mind, body, spirit exhibitions they finished altogether. When people stood against his light and refused to work with it, they lost their relationships, business and homes. There have been so many examples and too many to mention.

When man gave financial abundance to this light the 'Gateway of Prosperity' opened up and it became the headline of a local newspaper. When man touched this naked flesh of purity and transparency he was strengthened and truth was revealed. He said he heard God speaking to him through me. Now God is opening another gateway in Luxor, Egypt on the 7th of August. It is the 'Maat Gateway of Truth'.

The bible speaks of the measure that you give is the measure that you will receive, it is the nature of the spiritual law. When people give to the light of selflessness, God gives them light in return. When the people help his holy ones then God helps the people in return. God is honoring the givers and showing humanity the way to do the will of God.

The rewards that the selfless givers receive are also his great gift to humanity.

So no coincidence then that this is the verse of the day on biblegateway:

"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”- Matthew 5:14,16"

Malachi chapter three also speaks of how he will throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out his blessings. The chapter also speaks about the scroll of remembrance that was written by a blessed one in Israel. She gave me her gift after the gathering on his holy hill on the 13th of May 2006. I will try to find it for you and share the words given in honor of Joseph-Sophia, the day of the engagement with the unfettered flame of the light of God.

Today, is the 'Day of Tangible Presence" 

Blessings in abundance

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Digital Cosmos

I spent over an hour writing up the information on the cardinal grand cross on the 7th of August and the gateway opening. However, the blogger system appears to be overloaded as such what had been written was not uploaded. I also accept that humanity is not yet ready to seriously hear the truth about their own realities and how it is being impacted upon by this reality. I also accept and embrace God's will.

However, I do feel that a divine press release is coming, whether you receive that via this vessel or whether you will receive it direct from God is for him to decide what is is appropriate, may his will be done to raise humanity up.  As we mentioned previously he said 'The die is cast". 

We do live in a digital mathematical cosmos that does have many numerical correspondences and some of this is explained in the bible and how it relates to the spiritual law. In the past humanity were told by the Christ that the 'Kingdom of God is within YOU' and most Christians haven't caught up with that let alone the rest of humanity. However, things are moving very fast in this digital age of the 21st century that was born in the love of wisdom in the Galilee of the Gentiles.

21 is also the world card in the major arcane and many spiritual people are aware that it is a female that sits on the world axis. It never ceases to amaze me what happens when the finger of God's right hand presses the button after his word is typed. How quickly it impacts upon the world, the rest of the cosmos and consciousness without people even realizing it.

How amazing then that the vessels that he chooses become a bio-electro magnetic device to change the world so that his will is done. The law of attraction seen at its best for those that value the sheer power of the transformation that humanity is encountering.

Recently, he called me 'MACRO BE' and as we know a macro is a short cut. Helping humanity to make the short cuts; due to the evidence of experience of healing the root causes of the core issues. Whether they be in individuals, groups, organizations or nations.

There is no time left for humanity to take the rambling road full of dead ends.  In other words this time is being shortened for the sake of the elect, as he said there is a new fuse being put into the plug.

Its time for humanity to know that 'The cosmos is within you" it is the macrocosm and the microcosm. However, if man does not seek within himself then he does not come to know the cosmos and as such cannot truly understand the whole physics of the cosmos and how and why it works the way that it does. Everything that happens in the cosmos is in line and harmonic concordance with the spiritual law.

Its time for humanity to understand the digits, the numbers, the gematria and how it impacts on you and universal consciousness. In the beginning was the WORD is the most profound statement ever written. Every letter and word as a mathematical correspondence that impacts on the vibrational frequencies of the cosmos and as God said 'It is not a one-way street". 

The digital age in the digital cosmos that is a key to the secrets that man wishes to know about God's creation. When the finger hits the key of the piano it makes a sound, sound is vibration, it is energy and it also manifests colour. When the fingers play many keys with the right composition, we then have an incredible symphony being written in harmonic concordance with the divine plan to save man from himself.

There are many classics but there are some rare ones of true beauty that exist for all time because they are truly divine. Integrity, authenticity, originality and the genius is within you all, it is up to you to find it  because you are unique spiritual beings having a human experience to help humanity to ascend into a new state of being divine.

This is the time that everything is changing in the cosmos and I really mean everything. It is a new tree of life that is healthy for humanity, the Christ was right, the angels are the harvesters because they have taught their souls to fly beyond earthly reality.

They are the meek that had no interest in materialism that has been destroying spirituality, humanity and the planet. They had the humility and the courage to seek within, to heal the self and in so doing they have helped to heal group consciousness in the nations where they live.

Their rewards are a great gift to humanity, it is the great work of humanity and it beyond most people's comprehension at this point in time, because most have not experienced being beyond existence of their own being like we have.

The other interesting factor is that this female vessel as no earth signs in their astrological chart, apart from the North Node. The North Node is to do with the soul journey e.g what they have to accomplish on earth. The North is also the direction of healing and as God said 'Healing is the get out of jail card. Healing is the path of salvation and love is the way". 

So you can understand your North Nodes as the healing journey that you are on. For those that wish to know more, I recommend a book by Jan Spiller called 'Astrology of the Soul'. The date of your birth predicts your soul's journey of healing on planet earth. No surprise then that the ancient Tibetans predicted that planet earth would become the planet of healing for the rest of the cosmos.

Divine justice will be done for it is will of God for it to be so.


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Flames from Venus

The people are asking what happened to Venus?

God's unfettered flame of love is certainly having an impact.

The 28th of July is the 'Day of the Winner'. 

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Israel Crop Circle

Reported on the 27th of July 2010 and that is the 'Day of Decision'. There were two crop circles reported today, this one at Windmill Hill and another at Chalk Pit. The date is 973 energy and Abba said 'It is 973 that really counts'. This is a six pointed star flower pattern and it is surely to do with Israel.

Around the centre of the sphere you will see six boats coming from different directions. In side the boats are six half moon shapes and that is symbolic of Islam. In between the boats are another three half moon shapes. The boat shapes also look like missiles.

1+6+6 = 13 + 3 x 6 = 18, 13+18 = 31 = The number of isolation.

Around the boats you have six nations that are funding it. In between the nations you have another five smaller ones and five is the number of  manifestation, 5 x 6 = 30 +6 = 36.

31+36 = '67' It was in '67' that the six day war took place. As the location was at Windmill Hill, it is clear that this crop circle is telling us the way the wind is blowing.

Photography copyright of John Montgomery, courtesy of Crop Circle Connector [1]

The other crop circle discovered on the same day was at Chalk Pit, Nr Westbury and it speaks to me of ripples and the vibration of water. The crop circle itself is heading straight for the pit. There are six rings either side and links in with the Windmill Crop Circle. Six + six = 12 is the number of the Victim. I see the lines of the crop above the underlay pushing from the inside and pulling from the outside. Its a very strong Islamic current thats on top. However, this crop circle would indicate that they're all going in the pit together. Its between two eclipses and the next eclipse is on the 21st of December 2010. 

Photography copyright of Charles Bolden. 

There is ten sections to the overlay and ten is the number of new cycle of time. 12+10 =22 and 22 is a master number of the divine feminine. There is also 4 pyramid shapes, 4+22 =26. 26 is the Hebrew gematria value of the name of God. As we warned everyone this is the final countdown.

Crop Circle Connector have updated the place name of the second crop circle featured on this blog. It has now been revealed that the location of the crop near the chalk pit is Beggar's Knoll,  Newtown. Garden's in Wiltshire only open to the general public on certain days of the year. Beggar's Knoll was only open on the 24/25 July in 2010. [3]

August Saturday 7th 
Dusk: Westbury Naturalists Society, moth evening. To be held in the Chalk Quarry at Beggar’s Knoll. Rendezvous at dusk. Just send your details to: 31 Market Place, Melksham, SN12 6ES – or email

7th of August there is another gateway opening in Luxor, Egypt. I will make a different post with that information. 


Fuse, Plug and Centrifuge

Abba said 'The fuse will be put into the plug" as we know once the plug receives the fuse then the plug can be put into the socket and the appliance can receive the electricity. Then you can cook the food if you are using electricity. The only time that Abba as mentioned the fuse in the past was to do with the Jewish people when he said 'The Jews are blowing a fuse'. As we know when people blow a fuse they require a new one

Today, he said 'Centrifuge'. The centrifuge is an engineering term and an interesting piece of apparatus. It consists of a compartment that is spun around a central axis.

A centrifuge separates the materials of specific gravities or separates colloidial particles suspended in a liquid. Liquids can also be to do with emotions. However, remember that 70-80% of the human body is made of water and there are a lot of books, research papers and videos on water consciousness and how water holds memory.

People can remove memory from water by healing it and blessing it. Water consciousness is also helped by positive thoughts. One can also put positive affirmations into the water of your own being by drinking it, and by putting blessed and healed waters into rivers, oceans and seas.

The acceleration process otherwise known as the ascension process in spirituality; varies dependent on the energy of the soul and its vibration due to the weight that individuals carry.  This is otherwise known as dross in a biblical sense. When you cut off the dross from the soul you are just left with the purified meat of that which is essential, then it can rise to merge with the Spirit in my experience.

The centrifuge tests and humanity is rotating in the centrifuge of the cosmos due to the spiritual law. In the process all that is not healthy for humanity is being dispersed.

May the will of God be done


Two White Butterfly's

After we posted the blessing crop circle interpretation two lovely white butterfly's were dancing together outside my window. They stayed their dancing until they caught my eye, then they flew off.

White is the colour of purity and simplicity. Two is the number of the lovers and harmony when they dance together allowing the winds to flow between them. Butterfly's are also symbolic of transformation and the dance of joy.

Ted Andrews wrote that Butterfly's remind us to make changes when the opportunities present themselves. Transformation is inevitable, but butterfly will teach you that change and growth does not have to be traumatic. It teaches that it can be as gentle, sweet and joyful as you wish.

It was in the late 90's that Butterfly came into my life in a big way. One day one came into a large exhibition hall and stayed on our table on the exhibition stand. I remember it so well butterfly was sitting on my left and the left is earthly reality. He was still there the next day and stayed in the exhibition all night. That was just before we were leaving England for Australia. So our earthly reality did indeed change after the butterfly came.

These two white butterfly's today were on my right outside the window. The window can also be understood as the eye because it is symbolic of the window of the soul. Right is also to do with spiritual reality and it is time to dance a new dance with the spiritual community because many are ready now for the next level of progression and evolution of consciousness.

Those that are pure and clean due to healing the self will dance together now.

The timing is perfectly arranged for the next phase of the transformation of humanity. This was also indicated by the White Horse crop circle. Those that are pure will lead humanity through the transformation of their souls.

Butterfly Lovers

This is also a love video for Butterfly Lovers

The lovely light blue healing hues of Quan Yin in that video are beautiful,  just now a friend sent this lovely picture that she took of the Blue Moth last week. You can see how it gravitated to a piece of material that was the same colour as its own. God was called the dyer for good purpose due to colour  healing. Maybe now you can understand why Joseph was given the coat of many colours. Joseph had a pure heart as such he was the one to receive it.

No coincidence then that colour healing was developed again and taught in England, the land of Joseph. There were two colour healing schools established one by Rudolf Steiner and the other by Theo Gimble. The Galilee of the Gentiles predicted by Prophet Isaiah, the place where the one that God would send would be found.

Love beyond measure


Blessing Crop Circle

On the 26th of July 2010 a new crop circle arrived. As far as I am aware it was also a full moon in Aquarius. 26 is the Hebrew gematria value of the name of God and this crop circle looks like it has Hebrew writing script in it. My feeling is that this also links in with the Film Maker eclipse in December 2009. As we have shared with you in the past the script is written and the die is cast. The 26th of July is the 'Day of the Herald' and Prophet Habbakuk wrote about the Herald that would come at the appointed time in the last days. 

The date is also 873 energy. In Hebrew gematria 873 is the same value as 'Prophesy', ''Mourn', Sign', 'Instead'. In Greek it is 'World', 'Heal', 'Place', 'Go', 'Name'. 'Flame', 'Arise'. [1] The Flame is the unfettered flame of God's love otherwise called the flame of Joseph in the biblical texts. 

It is written that the location of the crop circle is EAST FIELD, and the direction of the EAST is the direction of the TEACHER. Field is also to do with consciousness. East Field is nr Alton Barnes and the White Horse Crop Circle that arrived on the 25th of June. 

In Hebrew gematria EAST FIELD is the same value as 'Light of Life' and Light of Life' can be found in the Isaiah prophecy about the 'Righteous and Suffering Servant'. In English gematria it is the same as 'BORN AGAIN'. 'Elephant', (see visions about the Elephant), and 'Grace of God'. [2]

This ariel photograph is the copyright of Oliver Morel and it is shared here courtesy of Crop Circle Connector. [3]

As you can see in the photograph there is the Vesica Pisces once again with the script within it. I also see the script above and below the sun. I see the horizons in both the upper and lower worlds and how they become one. I see the four shapes that signify the four corners of the world. I see the base ball and how important it is that we touch the line. As we know baseball is an American game and they have a lot to do to score and win with this reality, because we hold all of the ace cards. 

I see the ribbons on the gift to the world. I see the true North of Healing, the South of Prophecy, the West of Peace Making and the East of Teaching. I see the nine points that are being made. Nine is the number of divine love and completion. I see the stars that get the points that are being made. 

So let us look at the numbers. Let us begin at the beginning. Nine points plus the stars that unite as one. Gives us ten. Ten is the number of the Sephirot in Jewish mysticism. In other spiritual arts it is the number of new cycle of time. 

I see the almond eye that can also represent the third eye and I have called it the base ball in this interpretation. I see the base ball of the higher world connects with the lower world. At each end of it there are three sections and that is the Trinity of mind, soul and spirit. 3 x 2 = 6 and six is the number of feminine qualities and effectiveness. 

We now have 10+6 = 16, 16 is the number of leadership and the shattered citadel. It is very important now that the herald leads from the front because the old systems are breaking down. They must follow us not the other way around. 

I see the spheres either side and the five aspects of it. 5 x 2 = 10 again and the new cycle of time. 

16+10 gives us 26. The number of the date of the crop circle itself and the Hebrew gematria value of the name of God. I see the four fans to keep you cool so that you do not lose your heads and make sure that you hold on to common sense. 

26+4 = 30 and it is the Hebrew gematria value of the Hebrew letter Lamed, the original pictograph is a shepherds staff to defend the sheep from predators. That links back with the Habbakuk prophecy that the herald delivered with their interpretation of it at the appointed time. Then we have the two horizons and the number of harmony. We now have 32, the Royal Star of the LION. Then we have the two borders that hold the ancient script. 

32+2=34 Spiritual wisdom gained through experience. We then have two outer rings and two outer lines. 

34+4 = 38 and that is 'Grace under Pressure'. 

Some people have written that the crop circle is man made because it is imperfect in their view. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder when you can see the beauty of everything and God's perfect creation. Part of the role of the Messenger in the past was to help others to understand and remove thought forms of imperfection from their consciousness. When people trust that everything is perfect then life becomes so. You are spiritual beings having a human experience for your growth, development and evolution of human consciousness. 

We shall call this the blessing crop circle because God as blessed humanity with a great gift.

As he said 'Tell them HaShem sent you'. 

May the will of God be done. 


Sunday, 25 July 2010

White Horse Crop Circle

There have been two wonderful crop circles on the 25th July 2010 as well as the Athens gateway opening. The 25th of July is the 'Day of Exploits'.  Exploit = "An act or deed, especially a brilliant or heroic one."

2+5 = 7 and seven is the number of the spiritual teacher it is also a biblical karmic number of a seven year cycle. It was seven years ago in November 2003, that this current cycle began with the Harmonic Concordance, when spiritual people gathered all around the world to celebrate the auspicious event and engagement with God.  We can look back at those seven years and the events that unfolded with amazement. 

The 25th of July 2010 is also 773 energy and that is 137th prime number. 773 in Greek gematria is the same value as 'Righteousness', 'logo's/word', 'know', 'work', 'easy', 'show', 'measure'. See previous post on 773 Athens and the 'Revolution Crop Circle'. 

The location of the crop circle is the White Horse and the White Horse is the same English gematria value as 'The Son of Man', 'Mysticism', 'Lord of the Dance', 'Destination', 'Hidden in the Bible', 'Rising Sun', 'Life Together', 'Help is Coming'. [1]  I am sure that you are aware that the White Horse is mentioned in the book of Revelation. 

If you look at the direction that the crop circle is going in, it is heading directly for the White Horse. The crop design is like an arrow of communication that is heading straight for the horse on the holy hill. It represents a huge spiritual movement that is on the move, they know that the white horse as been waiting patiently for them. At the top of the crop circle you can see the third eye and the feathers. The feathers are symbolic of the Angels, they are flying with healing in their wings. 

Each side of the third eye there are six circles and six is the number of the feminine qualities. Its also the number of intuition and effectiveness. 12 spheres and the sphere in the third = 13. 13 is the number of change and he who understands 13 will be given power and dominion. This represents a huge eclipse, we just had the total solar eclipse on Easter Island, it was the Messiah Gateway opening,  the next total eclipse is lunar on the 21st of December. Just weeks after the eclipse held in 2003. 

The 21st of December 2010 will be another 333 Wisdom of Sophia gateway opening. The 21st century was birthed in love of wisdom. Wisdom that is so simple, yet profound, it touched their hearts. It moved them and united them on many different levels of consciousness. It helped them to understand many things they had not understood previously. The white horse of freedom and liberation stood before them and those that stood in integrity said 'WOW'. 

Prior to that you have another five eclipses that were important and five is the number of manifestation on the earth plane. So there have been five events that have brought forth direct proof and evidence to those spiritual people that are aware of them. There are also five rings and the five rings represent five engagements with God. 

13 +10 = 23. Spiritual wisdom gained through experience. 

Behind that is what looks like a pendulum (It also looks like the symbol for Neptune in a different photograph. Neptune is the planet that inspires the mystics and humanitarians) it has 3 points that signify the three year of 2010. Then it looks like a box behind the points and the message is that there is no going back now. 23 +5 = 28. 28 is the number of the Lamb. 

As you can see from the photograph it looks like they are on the run way with the White Horse in their view. The pilot is on board and the plane is flying with a panoramic view. Are they landing or taking off? Maybe they are landing so that they can take off again with her. 

Photographs copyright of Oliver Morel, Courtesy of Crop Circle Connector 

May the will of God be done 


Revolution Crop Circle

There have been two wonderful crop circles today. The 25th July 2010 is the 'Day of Exploits'.  2+5 = 7 and seven is the number of the spiritual teacher it is also a karmic number of a seven year cycle. The 25th of July 2010 is also 773 energy and that is 137th prime number. 773 in Greek gematria is the same value as 'Righteousness', 'logo's/word', 'know', 'work', 'easy', 'show', 'measure'. See previous post on 773.  

This crop circle was found at Roundway Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. The location is in the area of the great battle that also took place in the month of July, 1643. It is written that it was the first English civil war. The Royalist Lord's won a crushing victory over the parliamentarians. [1] 

The crop circle itself as a very native american/mayan feel to it and you can easily see the five crescent moons that can be symbolic of five months and five new moons. Five is also the number of manifestation on the earth plane. Five rules learning and vibrates to the planet Jupiter, the planet of expansion. So this is bound to have an impact on academia. 

In the centre there is ring and it is surrounded with five points. Within the five pyramid shapes there also are dots. 2+5+5 in the centre section and gives us 12. Then add the five crescent moons and we have 17, the number of the Star of Venus. 

We then have the die that is cast again, with the five sphere shapes surrounding it. 17+5 = 23. 23 is the Royal Star of the Lion. Within each of the spheres we have three dots and the graphic = 4. 4x 5 = 20. 20 is the number of judgement. 20 + 23 = 43. 43 as a life compound number is to do with disappointment producing revolution and anarchy. 

Photography copyright of John Montgomery, Courtesy of Crop Circle Connector [2]

Above the crop circle is a mound and straight ahead of it are trees in the shape of the L. 

The seven year cycle and the five crescent moons take us directly to the Harmonic Concordance in November 2003 when the spiritual community all around the world gathered together. It looks like this November will be the culmination of that cycle. 

Think about others

Well in the NGO crop circle the gematria of 'Think about others' came forth and as we know today is Sunday and the sun is shinning here. As we were writing the last post a neighbour came to call and asked us to drive him to a place where he would like to go.

So now we will leave you with this video about not only thinking about others but doing for others.

Adopt a Stranger Campaign. 

May the will of God be done

This is post 43 in July and it posted at exactly 4.34.

43 is the number of spiritual wisdom overcoming disappointments.

4+3 is also seven and seven is the number of the spiritual teacher.

Disappointment = "A cape of southwest Washington on the northern side of the mouth of the Columbia River. It was named in 1788 by a British sea captain who was searching for the fabled River of the West and was disappointed when he did not discover a wide river mouth."

OK folks, its time to remove disappointments from the cellular memory bank. 


NGO Crop Circle

We now have an ariel shot of the Wentworth Castle Crop Circle discovered on the 18th of July 2010. 18 is the number of materialism destroying spirituality. 18th of July was the 'Day of Conviction' and 973 energy. You will remember in the past that Abba said that it is 973 that really counts and there was another 973 crop circle.

The location of the crop circle is in front of what is called Wentworth Castle. My connection with the word WENT is a person who is a biblical scholar. Wentworth Castle is the same English gematria value as 'Quantum Physics', 'Subatomic particles', 'I trusted my heart', 'Watch the weather change', 'In my Father's House', 'Love your children', 'English Travellers', 'Think about others'. [1]

Wentworth Castle provides 26 different buildings and monuments and 26 is the hebrew gematria value of the name of God. It has been restored to its former glory and is located in 500 acres of historic parkland, the deer graze on this land and can be seen every day. [2]

When I viewed this beautiful location, I immediately felt that I would rather take children to this wonderful sanctuary of peace then take them to an American theme park.

England has such a rich history and wonderful legacy,  it stands for the children to see and feel the sheer splendor of it. Hence, why I was not happy when I discovered that Dr Barnardo's were selling off some of the great houses and estates that wealthy people had donated for the children to enjoy. Whole estates were sold off to property developers. People did not donate their estates for the children for the charity to destroy them. If the charity could not make use of the buildings given from the heart for the children, then they should've passed on the buildings to those that could and would maintain them as the original owner wished.

Their homes and lands were their gift to humanity and that gift should have been honored and not sold.

Photograph copyright of Lucy Smith. Courtesy of Crop Circle Connector. [3]

This crop circle as 17 spheres in the outer circle and 17 is the number of the Star. We then have the circle  in the middle and a very small one near the ring. 19 is the number of the Sun. When I viewed this ariel photograph today it felt like it was to do with the nations large and small, uniting around the world. The third sector as been coming up in recent days and it feels like it is to do with the NGO's. NGO's that surround the Star and the Sun, unity as one. There is a great understanding of what must be done.

Wentworth Castle is valued and so are the NGO's. NGO is also the same English gematria as 'Child', 'Feet' and 'Halo'.

Glory be to God

4. 973 Crop Circle