Monday, 28 February 2011


In the previous post regarding the dream of the Poodle and the Alsation we mentioned that Abba spoke to me afterwards and he said 'THEIR CRUSHING NUMBERS'. 

In the prophecy of Jeremiah chapter 14, it mentions the crushing and this is the criteria of the prophecy: 

1. Crying night and day without ceasing. In 2010, we told the people that we cannot grieve for you anymore. 

2. The Virgin Daughter has suffered a grievous wound. A crushing blow. 

3. In the country people slain by the sword. In the city people ravages of famine e.g. poverty. 

4. Both Prophet and Priest have gone to a land they know not. We have been to many lands that we have not known. 

5. Judah rejected, Zion despised. In a different prophecy it states that God loves ZION, more than Israel and that ZION receives a new name. Judah means 'Thanks, Gratitude and Praise'. 

6. Affliction so they are not healed. 

7. Hope of peace but no good came. A time of healing but there was only terror. 

8. The people acknowledge their wickedness and the guilt of their ancestors. 

9. For the sake of the name of God, the people ask God not to dishonor his throne. They ask him to honor the covenant with them and not to break it. 

10. For their hope is in the LORD our God. 

In Psalm 110:6, it states that he will judge the nations, heaping up the dead and crushing the rulers of the whole earth. As Christ predicted. 'The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth'. 

In Daniel chapter 7, it mentions the Leopard that also appears in Revelation chapter 13. The LEO the LEOPARD from Africa and he was given authority to rule. No surprise then that Obama is taking a leading role in what's happening in the Middle East. 

Then there is a mention of the fourth beast. 

"Terrifying and frightening and very powerful. It had large iron teeth; it crushed and devoured its victims and trampled underfoot whatever was left. It was different from all the former beasts, and it had ten horns.“While I was thinking about the horns, there before me was another horn, a little one, which came up among them; and three of the first horns were uprooted before it. This horn had eyes like the eyes of a human being and a mouth that spoke boastfully."

Does that sound like Gadaffi to you? Father and Son that launched poison gas against their own people? His son said we have three plans, A, to live and die in Libya, B, to live and die in Libya, plan C, to live and die in Libya. 


The  next part of the prophecy is about the Ancient of Days, his clothing as White as Snow, with hair as white as wool. His throne was set on fire and his wheels were all ablaze. 

White as Snow, he brought the snow. His hair white as wool to keep us warm. His throne was set on fire. 5 million trees burned in Israel in November 2010, on the Mountain of the Prophet and Our Lady of Carmel. 

All of the beasts are stripped of their authority, but some are allowed to live for a certain amount of time. The prophecy then predicts one like the Son of Man who was led into his presence. I was led into the presence of the Ancient of Days in 2004,  he is a mighty inter-galatic being. Like the Operations Director of the cosmos. He rebuked me, not to lay my soul at the feet of anyone. That my soul belongs to me and to God. 

On a different day he told me 'Do not try to squeeze your foot into a shoe that is to small, wait until the shoe fits you perfectly.' At that time, I had no idea where this spiritual journey was going to lead. However, due to the extent of the past divine experiences and proof that had been provided, I trusted beyond measure. 

The other day, I came across an old message in my Egyptian travel log, its dated, 28th of June, 2001. I was given a message while walking in a place called FRIDAY WOODS, not far from where I live. The message  'Crowned in glory is the end of the story'. In 2009, I came across a man on a forum that is writing a book, and he said 'At the end of the book you are completely vindicated'. 

Crushing numbers can also have a different meaning, and that is to do with finances as well as people. People are not a single number and no matter how the elemental forces attempt to crush the people, the will of God, the heavenly Father will have the last word. A person cannot be crushed without detriment, because every flower as a part to play in the divine plan of the eco-system of the planet. In biblical times, it was those that did not honor the creation of God and Mother Earth that were called wicked. 

In Psalm 68: 2, it asks God to blow them away like smoke. Psalm 78: 26, He let loose the East wind (Teacher) and by his power  made the south (prophet) wind blow. "The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; (Healer) round and round it goes, ever returning on its course."Ecc 1:6 "And when the south wind blows, you say, ‘It’s going to be hot,’ and it is."12:55

No surprise then, that on the 23rd of February, we made a post called 'LOTUS TURNS UP THE HEAT'. 

Heavenly Father, with all my heart please put a stop to the massacres in the Middle East. Let your Son's prophecy be true, that together we put an end to the destruction. That we bring forth the shortening of the last days of the end times, for the sake of the spiritually elect. 

All children of the Middle East, we hold you in our heart. 

Be safe, be well, be happy and healed. 



Today, I was asked what is going to happen in the Middle East in October. Our response was that I have been given nothing specific for the month of October that I remember, bearing in mind the sheer amount of prophecies and information that moves through this vessel.

When I remind you of prophecies fulfilled on this blog, it is because I am being reminded of them and to re-share them with you again.

However, I will tell you that while resting today, I had a lucid dream.

There was a woman and she had two dogs.

The first dog was a white poodle and it was a puppy. The puppy was biting me so I disciplined it. Then another dog came out of nowhere, it was an ALSATION, this very large dog attacked my right arm viciously, so I called the woman to manage the dog and she did not respond.

So I closed the dream down immediately.

They will bite the hand that feeds them. They will bite the hand that loves them and can heal them.

Then when I was in full awake consciousness.

Abba spoke to me and he said 'THEIR CRUSHING NUMBERS'. 

The German Shepherd Dog is also called ALSATION and it originated in Germany in 1899. Its a working dog that herds and guards sheep. A young poodle also as fur like a lamb, white and curly.

What does Germany have in common with the Middle East? WW2, the war that never ended, it just went underground to rear its head again. During the revolution so far in the Middle East, we have seen the sign of the cross and the crescent moon. Did you see the Star of David?

The dog is bred to be a working dog and due to the sheer power of its strength, it is used by the police and military. The bite of this dog as a force of 238 pounds and no surprise that it is called AL SATION.

It is written that they are considered to be the 3rd most intelligent breed of dog, behind border collies and poodles. Interesting that they come third, when there is three Abrahamic religions, with one being concerned about those on its borders.

The Alsation as never been a dog that one should have near babies or children. The risk of danger, is far too great when there is small children around. The Old English Sheepdog is far more compatible for small children, that can be crushed easily like flowers.

The Alsation that I saw was very wolf like, and looked like the pictures of the American Alsation, originating from the USA. Bred to look like the extinct DIRE WOLF, so what have they been breeding in the USA?

Over the weekend we shared the prophecies from Matthew chapter 12 and it mentions the ferocious wolves. It was some years ago now when Christ said 'Wounded animals are dangerous indeed'.

It is going to take a lot of healing to heal the Middle East and as Abba said PEACE.

The will of God is peace for everyone. However, true peace only becomes self-sustainable due to healing the self.

Reality can be disturbing, to the enlightened mind it is not so.



Abba mentioned FATWA today, so he is asking me to address it.

So what is the latest situation with this?

Yesterday, it was in the news that the government of Bangladesh are talking about banning fatwa. Of course a countrywide uprising is threatened by the IOJ leader.

Sharia law and its courts do not have any authority either from God or in international law. Nor does the Sharia Courts comply with the spiritual law of the cosmos.

In this news item it mentions that the Islamic leader Amini, also ameer of IABC, reiterated his support for the provision of lashing and amputation in fatwa for theft. He called the chief justice 'non-Muslim' for his recent speech in which he praised a Hindu goddess.

Lashing does come under the term of reference for torture and the LORD God Almighty, does not condone torture in any circumstances. Amputation is also definitely against the law of God and the bible clearly states that people must not cut the flesh.

God asks for mercy, not sacrifice.

The spiritual law of God states that the measure that you give, will be the measure that you receive. It is the law of cause and effect, of reaping what you sow.

There is an international campaign currently running to ban both Sharia courts and their fatwa's and Abba supports the ban.


Visions, Peace, Kodesh

Visions received this morning while bathing. First I saw the head of Darth Vader, then a big gorilla standing in his way. The gorilla was just looking at him as if to say 'Don't you dare try to pass me'. He was sitting chewing a shoot like a panda. Gorilla like the whale can be symbolic of God, remember the power and size of King Kong.

Then I saw some small angels flying like fairies and they were carrying a very large golden scarab. The scarab Beetle is associated with the Egyptian god Khepri and it means 'He who as come into being' like the rising sun. Author, David Lawson also shares with us that the scarab can also be about 'Emergence and motivation'. Its a journey of glory, commitment, and spiritual purpose across the heavens.

After that came an image of the wisdom owl crop circle from August 2009, that was to do with the final countdown that ended in August 2010.


Image Jack Roderick Copyright 2009, Courtesy of Crop Circle Connector

Then a bat was flying around, followed by a large turtle and the turtle was face down, so all I could see was the shell etc.   Bat is about transition and initiation, and we're in the process of finishing the paperwork regarding the arrest/human rights that is to do with the 'Persecution' initiation that is mentioned in Matthew chapter 10.

Its very important to understand spiritual symbology and animal totems, so that you can understand the visions and images that you are given.

Turtle is to do with conservation and it is also to do with motherhood and longevity. The turtle was followed by a large elephant with lots of other animals that looked happy. Elephant is the spiritual totem with the most wisdom out of all the animals, in Africa, the elephant as right of way. Of course, Elephant is also special to India. I remember when Quan Yin used to come riding baby elephants, they were special times having lovely divine experiences. I feel sure that there will be more special times ahead for everyone that trusts the divine and their spiritual journey.

After that I spoke to Abba and asked him to tell me his will. He just gave me the word PEACE. Then a vision of a young man wearing Middle Eastern headwear. His head was covered in white and he had a dark coloured band around his head. He was standing on my left looking to my right.

Then I asked him if there was anything else and that he hadn't spoken to me in Hebrew lately, he replied KODESH and it means 'Sanctified, transcendent, set-apart by being with God.

It means HOLY.

Hebrew Strongs number 06944. Apartness, sacredness, holiness, of God, of places, of things.



Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sign of Jonah Arrives in Russia

After we finished writing up the commentary on Matthew chapter 12 and the big fish, I checked into youtube and this was on the front page.

A spiral of a whale/dolphin appeared in the sky, Russia East of the White Sea yesterday on Shabat.

The 26th of February 2011. What is important about the date?

26 is the gematria value of the name of God.

26th of February is also the 'Day of Arousal'.

26 x 2 = 52 The number of the Spiritual Elder.

It arrived in the EAST and the EAST is the direction of the Spiritual Teacher.

WHITE SEA, the colour WHITE also relates to the DOVE = JONAH = Prophet.

Its also a BLUE SPIRAL, blue = HEALER.

Divine intervention



Matthew 12 Prophecy

In Matthew Chapter 12, Christ gives us another prophecy regarding the end of the age. The prophecy criteria is as follows:

1. Whoever is not with him is against him. Whoever does not gather with him scatters.

2. Sin and Slander can be forgiven but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.

3. Anyone that speaks against the Son of Man is forgiven, anyone that speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, neither in that age (Piscean) or in this age. (Aquarian).

4. The mouth of the people speaks of what their heart is full of. Humanity are still to learn more about this and how it impacts on them scientifically, biologically, energetically and genetically. Scientists already know that anger is the biggest predictor of heart disease and that intelligence comes from the heart.

The bible is also correct in the book of Exodus when it states that the deeds of the Fathers (parents) impact on the next 3-4 generations.

5. Day of Judgement.

2010 was also the Appointed time when the herald ran with the prophecy that they were ordained to run with as predicted in the bible. The prophecy tells those that do not drink, to drink and be exposed.

6. By the words of the people they shall be acquitted, and by their words they shall be condemned. Everyone is called to give account for every empty word that they have spoken.

What are empty words? It relates to being hollow. In other words, saying things they do not mean, making promises that they do not keep. Offering help, then letting you down, not keeping to agreements and arrangements made. People that do not keep their vows of allegiance to their nations and to the heavenly Father.

Those that write empty words about the biblical prophecies, without truly understanding them, and the depth of their importance to the healing of consciousness of the past, present and future of humanity.

In the beginning was the WORD is the most profound statement ever written, because words and their numerical correspondence is also part of the physics of the cosmos.

The Essenes also knew that 'Energy follows thought',  cutting edge scientists have also been working with this and 'intentions', the power thereof in regard to consciousness. Professor William Tiller,  also discovered that the intentions of researchers can also impact on the outcome of clinical trials, this as far reaching international implications.

7. The Sign of Jonah arriving in Israel.

The whale arrived in May 2010, and it can also be seen in the 'Last Judgement' fresco painted by Michelangelo. After the sign is seen, then all of the religions begin to cave in. Jonah means DOVE.  When I was first found in the Galilee of the Gentiles after my son Jordan was born, as Prophet Isaiah predicted. I was known as WHITE DOVE, it was my Native American name.

The exhibition graphics had the WHITE DOVE and there were porcelain WHITE DOVES  on my stand that my mother had given me. I also used to wear a specific WHITE outfit, and the table was covered in white lace cloth.

When the Whale arrived in Israel last year, the marine scientists were in disbelief.

8. The Son of Man is in the 'Heart of the Earth' for three days and three nights. In mystical Jewish philosophy, a day can be a year, so this can represent three years. The term Son of Man is also a term of endearment for a prophet. Most biblical scholars agree that when Christ was talking about the Son of man he was not speaking of himself.

9. Something greater than Jonah is here, Why greater than Jonah? Jonah was simply a prophet.  Something greater than Solomon is here, why greater than Solomon? Solomon was simply a wise King. There were some words in the HEART CODE video that we posted the other day and they really resonated with me. 'The greater that you are, the greater that you serve'. 

The Beatles also recorded a song called 'SOMETHING'. 

10. The Queen of the South rises at the judgement of this generation. Why does he call her the Queen of the South? The South is the direction of the prophets. In other words, she is the Queen of the Prophets and the one that they all wrote about. Christ also said 'WISDOM WILL BE PROVEN RIGHT BY HER ACTIONS'. 

In Psalm 45, she is the skilled writer, the Royal Bride that holds the sceptre. The one that was asked to wear the golden gown, when she delivered the covenant for the children to Israel. You will also find her mentioned in Micah 4 and Rev 12.

In Rev 3, he mentions the one that he puts upon his throne, the new name, his new name, the name of his city, New Jerusalem. He also tells her that she goes out no more and the scripture explains that she holds the Key of David.

Rev 3 also mentions Philadelphia, and the day that we flew into the USA, the Philadelphia Prince of Peace Church burned to the ground. It was after our return from the USA (2008) that I was told that I am the Paraclete, the Spirit of Truth that was promised to his followers.

The mission to the USA, is mentioned in the Micah 4 prophecy, in respect of her going to Babylon. It was there that she met with Michael M Mauldin, who is mentioned in the book of Daniel, so in many respects the prophecy is true, the Son of Man was in the heart of the earth for three years. Michael was an Earth sign, he was a Virgo. We also spent three days and three nights together in Florida.

Michael died in 2010, and this year will be three years since we met. After Michael died, the Prince of Greece arrived exactly as the prophecy in the book of Daniel predicted. However, it was a 24 hour flying trip.

You will find her in many frescos painted by Michelangelo, he knew the truth. You will see her in the ELIAKIM fresco, the Jesse fresco, and another mysterious fresco called the Gesu fresco. All of these can be viewed on this blog.

11. Whoever does the will of his Father in heaven, is his brother, sister and mother.

As we told people in the past, Christ is my brother, and I only do the will of the heavenly Father.

Was he telling you that I am his brother, sister and mother?

Why did he call me SOMETHING in the prophecy? Is it because I cannot be defined or confined by any religion or belief system?

Is it because humanity have not experienced anything like this before?

The biblical prophecies do state, that what is happening on the planet now, as never happened before, and it will never happen again, because this is something that is totally unique. To some it is the 'LAST JUDGEMENT', to the Jewish people it is the ACHARIT, the last. It is pictured as a white horse with wings, wielding a sword. Does it surprise you then, that she was born in the Chinese Year of the Horse?

Everything was perfectly arranged by the heavenly Father.

You decide.


Connecticut - Minnesota

Two place names in the USA have been given.

Connecticut is in New England and its nickname is the 'CONSTITUTION STATE', the highest peak is BEAR MOUNTAIN. 

Biblically speaking, the LEO, the LEOPARD with the foot print like a bear is featured in Rev 13, and there is only one man that as ever fitted the full criteria of the prophecy of the Leopard and that is Obama. In the Dead Sea Scrolls he is the 'usurper' and the Son of Lawlessness. However, with divine intervention the Sons of Light win and beat the Sons of Darkness.

Minnesota known as the 'LAND OF 10,000 LAKES'. Its name comes from a DAKOTA, word for "sky tinted water'. Highest point EAGLE MOUNTAIN. The legend is that Native Americans put milk in the water to give the settlers the name of the place. No coincidence then that we mentioned the Apostle Paul and the milk in the last post, in regard to the Athens gateway.

Did you know that the income tax rate in minnesota ranges between 5.35%, 7.05%, 7.85%?

Goodness gracious me, time for the British to wake up, they pay a minimum of five times that amount and that's without national insurance contributions, stealth taxes and the rest.

Check out what's going down in Connecticut and Minnesota.

924 Athens Gateway

Appointment on computer for Athens, 9.00am this morning. 27th February 2011. 27th of February is the 'Day of Insight', I was picking up on the Prince of Greece last night and also given the name GALLIO.

The meaning of the name Gallio is  'One who lives on milk'. The milk is to do with the milk of the Christ teachings. Paul told the followers of Christ that they had only been given the milk and not the meat, because they were not ready for the meat.

Why were they not ready for the meat of his mystery teachings? They had not integrated the nutrients of the milk, as such they were still drinking from the bosom. Paul was telling them that they were not ready for solid food, due to the fact that they had not matured emotionally and spiritually.

Only the spiritually and emotionally mature are ready to receive the ancient wisdom teachings that Christ conveyed/s. People have to be able to walk the spiritual path home to God, without anyone helping them to walk. They have to be able to stand UPRIGHT,  to be able to walk, one step at a time.

Gallio ruled over Southern Greece and he lived in Corinth.

The Apostle Paul was brought before him for judgement. Under Roman civil law, the Jews had no right to charge Paul for criminal behavior. The same is happening now with the police that are transgressing UN privacy and human rights laws.

In numerology 27, is the number of the sceptre and the courage associated with it, the compound is 2+7=9 = Completion and Divine Love. Divine love in manifestation on the Earth plane as courage beyond measure.

The full date is 924 energies.

So what do we have on 924? The first is the Porsche car from Germany and there are plenty of them in Athens.

UN Security Council Resolution 924 adopted after the civil war in YEMEN. 1st June, 1994.

In the Year 924, Edward the Elder, an English King died, in England. He became King after Alfred the Great.

924 in Greek Gematria is the value of the following:

Do, way, come, taste, write, leave, four, receive, Egyptian, uncircumised, Gallio, ask, serve, Spiritual, slay.

It is the gematria value of the two following verses:

Of the tribe of Joseph, namely, of the tribe of Manasseh, Gaddi the son of Susi. Numbers 13:11 

This gate of the LORD, into which the righteous shall enter. Psalm 118:20 

Verse of the Day 

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” i John 3:18

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Zohar Prophecy - The Children

"When the days of the Messiah will get close, even little children shall find the secrets of wisdom, and will understand the calculations, and at that time it will be revealed to all" (Zohar VaYera) [1]

Criteria of the prophecy: 

1. Little children 
2. Secrets
3. Wisdom 
4. Understanding 
5. Calculations 
6. Revealed 

Why little children? 

Prophet Malachi predicted  that the prophet that God sends comes for the children. And Christ told his followers that they had to become like little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So when people began to write books about the 'inner child' and healing it. This was also a sign to humanity that the time was near. 

Why is inner child healing so important? When people access their own 'inner child' and heal it, they then discover how their own childhoods have impacted on their children. The words in the book of Exodus are true. The deeds of the Fathers (parents) impact on the next 3-4 generations. Parents are only the guardians of the soul, a child is a precious gem that is not meant to be reshaped. Only by accessing and healing the 'inner child' do people ascend the tree of life. 

No coincidence either that in 2002, we were a consultant to a government agency involving children. The children were amazing. There was one eight year old that was going astray, nobody in the medical profession could help him. All had tried and failed and now he was on his way to a detention centre. 

I got some information about the child prior to our meeting and from his birthdate, I was able to know that he was a Gemini and gemini's have incredibly energy, mental capability and they are blessed  with a photographic memory.  Prior to our meeting, I had made up some flower essences for the child to help to bring balance to his energy. 

The first day that we met, he looked at me, as if I was going to be like all the doctors and psychologists, detached from him, perceiving him and judging him. After he sat down in front of me, he turned away from me and was sitting sideways, so that he could still look over his shoulder, if he wished to talk to me. I began to talk to him about the things that he liked to do. His mother had told me that he liked doing car mechanics with his step-dad. 

While I was taking an interest in him, telling him how talented and clever he was, he started to turn around. Then I could look deeply into his eyes with smiling love. We started to share about negative -v- positive energy and what that can co-create in a manner in which he could understand. I asked him if he knew anything about ENERGY, he replied 'Yes, I do, when you're tired, you ain't got any'. 

We put our hands close together so that he could feel the energy, and he could. He could feel my auric energy and I could feel his. Ok, so now he and I understood each other, he was then able to understand the concept of the measure of energy and how it relates to the law of cause and effect. He was now very relaxed and smiling. I wasn't treating him like an inferior being, I told him that he was special and he responded accordingly. 

It also came to light that this child was the spitting image of his Father. The child was the teacher of the mother and was triggering her issues for healing. 

I also asked the child 'Why did you drink all of your flowers essences down in one go? He replied "I want to be a good boy and I don't want to take Ritalin'. 

God bless his soul, even this child knew in his heart that the drugs were doing him more harm than good. Children are filled with their own wisdom when they're allowed to express it unconditionally. 

There was a beautiful 18 month old baby that wouldn't go to sleep without hearing a healing meditation CD. She taught herself how to use the CD player so that she could listen to my voice whenever she wished too. And there was a third toddler that had been described as 'indigo; due to the traits that he was demonstrating. 

He was unable to communicate what the problem was that he was experiencing. However, by helping the mother, recommending some specific books to read, providing the 'New Empowerment Model' for self-development, in addition to a Reiki healing training course. Complimentary therapy modalities  and a complete change of diet for the child. His daily, non-stop screaming stopped and happiness in the home resumed. 

It isn't enough to just heal the child, the parents must heal their inner child too,  because their lives are a co-creation. 

Those with wisdom understand the children, they can reach their hearts and get to the root cause of the core issues,  it requires no academic training to do so. It takes supreme love, listening skills, a heart of wisdom and compassionate action. 
As we said to a professor of clinical psychology some years ago, put the text books down and simply listen to what the person is saying. 

What else was revealed to humanity about children in the 21st century? 

There was a whole new wave of children called 'Indigo's,  'Crystal' and 'Rainbow' children, books about them and their natural, enhanced spiritual abilities. Also many children loved the crystals when they visited the Mind, Body and Spirit exhibitions, and some also began Reiki healing with their parents. 

As we have said before, the 21st century was born in wisdom and wisdom will be proven right 
by her actions. 

Of course, Prophet Joel predicted this would happen. 

We did not support the 'Indigo' hype by spiritual people due to the fact,
that all children have these abilities when they haven't been closed down
by parents, education or drugs. Of course, these children have a greater 
awareness, they were not born in the 20th century of judgement and fear, 
their parents were not born in a war-torn era like our parents were.

These children were born in the 21st century of the Aquarian Age,
the Aquarian Age that is the Age of the humanitarian, Supreme
Love and Wisdom.

God bless the children



Friday, 25 February 2011

Records of Divine Experience

The other day while in communication, I mentioned the fact that in the beginning of the divine intervention in my life, I kept a record of everything. However, as time went on and the divine intervention began happening all of the time. I then stopped recording everything, due to the sheer amount of it. However, the most important things about the divine experiences, I do remember.

After writing the post about the 'DAWNING', I just checked the bible to see what else is written about records, I was surprised to find that it is written in Genesis

"Joseph stored up huge quantities of grain, like the sand of the sea; it was so much that he stopped keeping records because it was beyond measure." Gen 41:9

Experience of the divine is what counts. 

Blessings in abundance 

Love beyond measure 


The Dawning

Well it as dawned on me this evening, that we have fulfilled more prophecies in recent years.

Prophet Ezekiel predicted that the true prophet of God would fit the following criteria:

1. They would enter the land of Israel. We were sent to Israel in 2006 & 2007.

2. They would be recorded in the records of Israel. In other words in the records of the prophets e.g. biblical prophecies. We could fill a book of the biblical prophecies that we have fulfilled. On another level, she is recorded in the records of passport control and the hotels and places that she stayed in.

3. Their hand stands against false prophets. This is true, even from the days that I was found in the Galilee of the Gentiles in the 90's.

4. They belong to the council of his people. True.

Its no coincidence that the Prophet Ezekiel chapter is no 13, and that he was an ECO prophet.

Prophet Isaiah predicted that they would do the following:

5. Foil the signs of the false prophets. Clearly, people have witnessed us doing this internationally, especially on forums since the year 2000.

6. Make fools of diviners. How could God's prophet make fools of diviners if they had not been a diviner? Not only can she divine, but she also vetted other diviners for a nationally recognized trade body in the 90's. She also taught and trained others, to assist them to be professional. She taught her students to be gentle and careful, when you hold a fragile soul in your hand. It was shared with them, that a soul of a person that turns to you for help, is like a flower that can be easily crushed.

When she was working on the Mind, Body, Spirit circuit, she was very well respected, exhibition stand holders would turn to her for help for their clients. They often said that she was the only one that they trusted with their customers. In addition, when damage had been co-created by others in the profession, she always stepped in to put things right for free.

It was so important to her that troubled souls received help, so that they could be in peace. It was also important to her to defend the profession, because a lot of good work is done by some clairvoyants and mediums. Was the prophet of Islam a professional diviner? No. Did he walk on the land of Israel? No. Was he found on the circuit of the Gentiles? No.

7. Overthrow the learning of the wise and turn it into nonsense. Too many cases to mention. However, we have demonstrated it on this post, and in many other posts on this blog.

Prophet Hosea

6. Their sword of truth devours false prophets and puts their plans to an end.

How appropriate then that she arrived with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Divine Intervention Africa

This is only the second time that this as happened from memory.

Videos that I have not viewed or selected keep arriving on our youtube channel. Last night the first one to arrive was by Desmond Dekkers and the ACES, called FU MANCHU, that was then followed today with a video of a song from John Holt called 'POLICE IN A HELICOPTER' and its a warning to the police to leave the people alone. The police are currently in transgression of UN privacy and human right laws, they are also contravening EU rulings regarding the human rights of the people.

The medical profession are also contravening UN privacy laws with government support. Police in helicopter, reminds me of a man who had Aspergers and he escaped from mental health, they were hunting him down in helicopters like an animal.

Then just now another video arrived called 'BURNING SPEAR'. If you check the information about the Jamaican artist known as Burning Spear, it links you to KENYA. Who was born in Kenya? Obama. Obama as a brother living in Kenya and another one living in China. Connecting up the dots.

In December 2011, BLACK COAT publishers are planning to launch a book called 'The Destiny of Fu Manchu. It is set on the eve of the second world war. Then there is another book being launched in  2012 called 'Fu Manchu and the curse of 2012'.

Doctor Fu Manchu 

This is a warning about the medical profession, in Matthew chapter 10, Christ also warned us about the police and the medical profession. Did you know that American pharmaceutical companies sell products that were banned in the USA to third world countries? As we have said before, that which is not good enough for the Americans, is not good enough for the rest of the world.

2012 is also the Chinese Year of the Earth Dragon in water.

Abba is definitely with Africa right now.

God bless them all


Thursday, 24 February 2011


Today, was the day to receive a shamanic healer and do some cellular healing work to remove more memory from the cells. It was a STARGATE that I went through.

A lot was removed,  including memories to do with the past life of WHITE DOVE that was first experienced in 1996/7. White Dove and her two children died in the cold/snow while her husband, the Chief's Son went off hunting. SNOW/COLD represents DANGER, and the warning from the soul that is sentient when the people are heading for danger. Hence, why people are being pushed towards the SUN that can give humanity what it requires to live ecologically and self-sustainably.

The past life of the Egyptian High priestess that was trying too bring a man back to life after he was dead. I was married to this man this lifetime. However, the marriage was short-lived due to his affairs. I have to live in integrity, it was the way that I was made.

Bringing a person back from physical death is a transgression of the cosmic law and interferes with natural selection. If it cannot be healed, then it should not be tampered with, due to humanity having to face the fact, that they must heal themselves. The organs and the blood carry memories and when you transport organs, you are also transporting the memories as well. For those that are interested in this. I recommend the scientific work and books written by Dr Paul Pearsall.

The baby in the womb of the earthly mother that did not wish to be born, because the baby knew what was ahead of it this lifetime. In the inner child healing work done after my son was born this was experienced.

Due to not healing the self prior to my own son being born, then co-created a child born with a genetic energetic memory of not wishing to leave the womb. Hence, why he just laid on the nerve at the point of engagement, causing this mother to suffer incredible pain. The contractions that ceased at the crucial point of delivery. Hence, being cut open, resulting in 36 stitches. A traumatic birth for any baby that he is required to heal, prior to having children of his own, otherwise he will pass it on to the next generation.

The past life of the Queen of Atlantis that was let down by the people that she loved and defended, due to materialism destroying spirituality, shown in the 2010 crop circles. Many of the people turned against their Queen, due to a lack of trust, their own desires and perceptions of her.

Humanity have suffered ever since, and that has been a heavy burden for her to carry, due to knowing what she knows. The Queen of Atlantis returned to help her people. However, the one that was meant to help her with the restoration this lifetime, wasn't ready, due to holding on to that which destroyed Atlantis. Many other spiritual people were not ready either, due to them transgressing the spiritual law, just like they did in Atlantean times. So she had to go it alone, she couldn't wait for them to catch up with RIGHTEOUS LOVE, she had to continue in the best way that she knows how.

Memories that related to the CRUCIFIXION initiation, that took place in 2004. After the crucifixion came the ascension and the birth of the Son of Man.

A lot more was experienced to do with the cellular healing work, bodywork and the nervous system of the body, a lot of information was shared. Not all is appropriate for this post, there is a lot more work to do before I can explain it to you fully, in a manner which you can understand, and at a level that can help humanity to progress with the health of the nations.

A Native American symbol was also given and it was the shape of the sun with two lines either side of it. When we looked it up at home, the closest symbol to it, amongst those that I have is a Native American symbol for Happiness.

In addition, I was shown a swinging TRAPEZE artist. Trapeze artists are part of the CIRCUS and that is where humanity is right now, living in a circus. Where the animals are caged inhumanly, where they are forced to be trained to do the bidding of men and women. The Roman Circus was apparently the first circus, where the people observed, and the people killed each other for man's pleasure.

The Circus is also where the clowns dress up and paint their faces with different masks. Traveling from country to country, performing for the crowds. Now who does that remind you of? The New World Monkeys/G20, many of you give them too much credit, just like the money men give too much credit to the people, to ensure that they stay in the entrapment of debt to them.

The Trapeze artist is involved with 'Dynamic movements' and 'Precise Timing'. However, also be aware that there is a RING MASTER and a trapeze artist is a risk taker, just like the bankers in the money markets, the military and those involved in adventure sports. They take risks with their own lives; because they are what is known as cold blooded,  due to them not being aware of clairsentience. Those that are not in tune with clairsentience have been closed down at some point in their lives. For many it happens in childhood, in education and of course for the military it can happen during their military training.

Remember this, one that as become a LOTUS flower, turns up the heat as is demonstrated in the scientific research about Lotus Flowers. A person who is clairsentient does not put their own life in danger or the lives of others, because their own souls lead them away from danger.

As we have warned people in the past, this is not the time to take risks with your money or your lives. The other day on an orthodox Christian blog, the owner of the blog (USA) was stating that many saints will die. I told her that my saints will not die, they will pass the martyrdom initiation with flying colours.

Interesting that Britney Spears launched a song called the CIRCUS and check out the lyrics. Its a great video. However, her record company does not allow us to share the video of it.

Do you feel like you are living in a circus? Funny that, I used to wear a top hat and tails in the 80's and early 90's. In the 80's I was still working in the corporate world. In the 90's I was walking in two worlds at the same time. The corporate world and the spiritual world.

Remember the ELEPHANTS showed the CIRCUS exactly what they think of it. In 1992, in Florida the ELEPHANT stampeded. In Honolulu 1994, the ELEPHANT killed its trainer and mauled its groomer. Animals are not meant to be kept in Zoos, they are not meant to be in a circus. They all have a reason and purpose of being part of the ECO SYSTEM of the planet. They're not here for man's pleasure, they have more important things to do, to ensure Mother Earth lives the way that she is meant to live, naturally. Even pets are involved in the healing process of humanity, many of them consuming and transmuting the vibrations  of human beings.

I was also shown an obelisk that was being smashed, and then the clock of Big Ben at the side of it. Big Ben wasn't being smashed only the obelisk. There is an obelisk on the Thames in London called CLEOPATRA'S NEEDLE' and this is the one that I saw being smashed. It was presented to the UK in 1819, by the ruler of Egypt and Sudan, his name was Muhammad Ali. This was the first sign of Islam's intention to take over the UK. A sign that would put the captivity of Egypt on the map of England.

When Cassis Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali, that was also a sign for the USA of Islam's intentions. There was also Malcolm X at the forefront of the Nation of Islam, then USA elected OBAMA as the president of the USA.

It does make you wonder where are the spiritual people at there? What on earth have they been doing; to not see and understand the signs that have been planted all over the world. As I said to the Americans the other day 'What have you been feeding to your children?".

In modern times the obelisk was also erected in New York and Paris.

However, apparently, the tallest obelisk is in Rome, and Rome as more of them then anyone else. Did they think that the Queen of the South would go to Rome to see them? Did they think their obelisks would impress her? The heavenly Father never sent his Queen to Rome. Although he did send her to New York and Paris. However, he didn't send her to look at obelisks...

In the past Abba told me to tell Rome, that when they call,  the only one that can summon God's Queen, is God himself. Why is that? She is the PARACLETE.....

May peace be with you all.