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SOLAR FLARES 18th November, 2012

These solar flares follow the total solar eclipse, they happened on the 18th of November, 2012. That is the 'Day of of Temperament'. It was also the day that the Egyptian Pope was enthroned.

Has we know the most recent Diwali total solar eclipse was the eclipse of 'Path of Service' and what the Son of God calls 'Ergon', a cause greater than the self.

The last eclipse that comes this year is coming on the 28th of November, 2012.

A penumbral lunar eclipse, will occur on Wednesday, November 28, 2012. People in Alaska, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, and most of Asia will be able to observe it. [1] The 28th of November, 2012 is the 'Day of the Lone Wolf'. It also comes in the week of 'INDEPENDENCE'. Its strengths is 'Honorable', 'Intuitive' and 'Responsible'. The weaknesses of the Sagittarius 1 is being 'Overcompetitive', 'Impulsive', and 'Temperamental'. Its air element is fire, planet Jupiter that is about expansion and its symbol is the 'Archer' and its arrows of truth to hit the target. 
It is certainly a time when you will see the difference between those that are on the right path and those that are not. It will be a big one for reigning in those 'trolls' in the community networks, in the lead up to Christmas. It is a good eclipse for the birds that bring their blessed messages to the people. A 'wolf' cannot catch a bird who is in flight, anymore than man can harm a real angel, who is in flight through the heavens. 
The 'Lone Wolf' can also relate to the 'drones' in this period. I have to say, I was not impressed yesterday when I saw what Clinton had said about the pacific. Has we know Jesus also warned about the 'wolves' in sheep's clothing, and the original surname of ECP was 'Wulf'. Rev 2 mentions 'Jezebel' and the one that took the name 'Prophet'. Her followers are bound to make their presence felt during and following this eclipse. This eclipse will certainly impact on them, due to many of them being supporters of Islam and Obama. Has Rev 13 states 'This calls for wisdom' in this timeline. 
Wolves are also related to Alaska, will Alaska extricate itself from the USA and its states? Will Hawaii? I do foresee that the largest nations will become smaller ones, just like the USSR and Yugoslavia were divided up. Let us hope that the USA can makes its transition into independence smoothly, without a civil war. It is certainly a time for great change, upheaval, and civil unrest and has the Lute of Lovingkindness once said about the people that stood against yours truly, 'wounded animals are dangerous indeed'. Hence, why healing consciousness is imperative in this timeline; to assist humanity to become dauntless in the face of adversity. 
Its a lunar eclipse; so it is bound to have an impact on Islam and the Middle East as well. You could see some important moves being made at this time in Australia and New Zealand. So keep an eye open for the 'Ring of Fire' in this timeline. Its bound to be a time of fire and the expansion thereof. So one can anticipate some volcanic activity with this lunar eclipse, so keep an eye open for what is going down in Hawaii and in that region. 
Spiritually, the 'time of the lone wolf' was over a long time ago. So those that still walk alone, will find this eclipse difficult if they have not found themselves to be in the right community for the right reasons. Following the recent diwali total solar eclipse, alignment with the Hindu's is going to be important in this timeline. Their spirituality and philosophy has much more in common with the true Christ teachings, than those that come from Islam. 
This lunar eclipse comes on the 28th and 28 is also to do with the gentle and tender hearted lamb. It is a day of 'contradictions', and the matter of 'trust' will be a big one for the people in this timeline. 

The key to the number 28 is 'Look before you leap'. In other words, 'Be Prepared' for every eventuality. 2+8 compounds to 'ONE', it also comes in November, the eleventh month. There we have 111, and the Trinity, so you can anticipate some stirrings in the traditional Church and the Vatican. More people being exposed following this lunar eclipse. Has Prophet Isaiah said 'The slain will remain hidden no longer'. So a good eclipse for the indigenous peoples who are honorable, intuitive, and just. 
The full date of the eclipse is 1115 = 8 = Spiritual transformation, so we can anticipate some positive moves from the Spiritual Muslims and Jews during and after this eclipse. This eclipse is forming a mountain, so the mountains will be seen more during this timeline. Its a Saros 145 and I will take another look at that in a different post on this eclipse. The last time there was a 145, yours truly was getting her life sorted and 1+4+5 = 10 = new cycle of time. August 1999, Jordan and I were having to accept that we would have to leave Australia and return to the UK. That month there was also an important planetary configuration. 
Prior to that one, there was 1981 and interest rates were soaring around that time. It was a difficult one on a personal level, and in personal relationships. It was certainly about moving, endings and new beginnings and finance was a major issue for my partner at that time. Money had never been an issue for me, I had always been a saver, I could always afford to put something away for a rainy day when I was young. However, I attracted men that did not have the same inclination, foresight and wisdom. While I was saving, the men were overspending. Every time, I had to bail him out. You know what they say, a relationship ends -  the way that it begins. In the beginning, I bailed him out of his debts that he owed his mother; so that we could start our new life together with a clean slate with sure footings. No surprise then that money was also a major issue and contributory factor of the relationship ending. The boy, simply did not have the stamina or compassion; to become and be a real man while his wife was doing her utmost to combat cancerous cells. 
So you can anticipate more bail outs in Europe and the USA in this timeline; due to what the men and economists have done. Girls you are going to have to be excellent house keepers in this timeline. Always be prepared, always have something for a rainy day, no matter how small. Take care of the pennies and cents and the pounds and dollars will take care of themselves. 

As we know, traditionally, men were the bread winners. However, when financial times get tough, and they cannot provide for their families, it impacts on their self-esteem, and that is when they start behaving like a 'lone wolf'. The same applies to governments when they cannot provide properly for the community that they represent. Many of them of start ducking and diving, to save themselves, instead of do what is best for the people that voted for them. That is when governments begin to tumble, because they always get found out. There is nowhere to hide from integrity; especially in this timeline of the truth movement. 

It can be a time when communication starts to break down in relationships, when that happens, it is a never ending spiral that can bring ruin and destruction to the partnership. So this will be a period of time when many relationships are put through their paces, a time when the male energies are looking for a female to support them financially, and listen to their woes. A time when traditional allies start to split apart, business relations and partnerships can also find themselves on the brink. Hence, the closure of 41 Comet stores, and loss of over 1,000 jobs in this timeline is no surprise. This is not a good time for the job market, and you can also anticipate lay offs in the media, publishing, arena as well.  If the truth be known, performance; is simply not meeting the huge targets that are being set by the economist academics and financiers. They do not have solutions for that which ails humanity. Every time they come up with a new idea, like the bedroom tax, it always backfires on them, it ends up costing a lot more money instead of less. Remember when the people rose up over the poll tax? You can anticipate the bedroom tax will bring forth a major uprising, so it will be interesting to see how it manifests. In addition, the NHS doctors have launched a new political party that puts health and its service first. At the same time has Cameron is experiencing crushing defeats in bi-elections. We did warn the people that in this Saturn in Scorpio transit that began on the 5th of October, the truth will have a sting in its tail for those that do not live in harmony with the spiritual and natural law of creation. 
A time when the men will not wish to be sober, and face the reality of what is really going down. The mean time of reality checks; that the men do not like, this is about real responsibility for co-creation in this timeline. A time when many will fall by the wayside; due to them not being up to the job of being a real man. However, it will also benefit those that truly are honorable, intuitive, and just. Those that have put in the real effort to heal themselves, will score in the most amazing ways in this timeline. This lunar eclipse combined with the recent total solar eclipse; can bring out the best in the men that are really doing their best to help humanity. Those with a true path of service, that put others before themselves, selflessly, with mercy beyond measure for the 'wounded animal's can co-create miracles. Has I have said before, when a man is truly compelled by love, there is nothing that he cannot achieve. 

Love beyond measure 


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