Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Angel of Snow

How wonderful the snow is to remind us of the true covenant. Each snowflake, individual and unique. Truly, a miracle, when those snow flakes come together has a white blanket of purity that refreshes the earth and its mountains.

How truly wonderful when the snow gently melts upon the mountains to refresh it with water. However, we all know what happens to the snow on roads, in towns and in cities.

How wonderful that the hearts of the children are glistened by the snow when they wake in the morning and see the snow for the very first time. My own heart still swells and smiles, every time the first fall of the snowflakes come from heaven.

Just to see the faces of the children and their hearts exploding, and smiling in joy, is truly a sign of the beloved.

So where did ELI ZIYYON go after she was born in the celestial realms of Mount Zion, do you know?

Did she not come with the children to purify and refresh the mountains?

Did the LORD God not show you his right arm?

Teshuvah humanity, teshuvah.


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