Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Tinam says:
As you may know, the Carlsberg Ridge is a lengthy, prominent undersea structure in theIndian Ocean that lies off (and perpendicular to) Yemen (on the Arabian Peninsula). The Carlsberg Ridge is on the Asian tectonic plate. The (long and narrow) Red Sea lies between the Arabian Peninsula (Asia) and the African Coast. The Asian and Africantectonic plates diverge in the Red Sea.
Time is running out for Islam and for those that have not passed through the 'Gates of Mercy'. 

When yours truly was cut off has the prophet Daniel predicted, a Carlsberg glass exploded in the new kitchen cupboard. I was informed afterwards,  that was the exact time that a friend's father had passed over. The glass had completely shattered, and I left all the glass that looked like crystals, so that my friend could see what had happened. The door was closed and yet, the glass had managed to fall on to the two lower levels of the cupboard. Was it a sign? Indeed it was. It is no coincidence that my friends son also has the name Carl. 

At that time there were lots of energetic hearts in my room. Just like there were in Athens. 

Then last night I was counting the number of male elders that have passed over, elders that love me, it makes ten with the father that passed over when that glass exploded. It was because I could see in his eyes that he was ill,  that his life was extended by years.  Due to what I saw he received the medical help when he required it. 

What else do we have on Carlsberg? It is a Danish brewing company that originated in 1847. The founder J.C. Jacobsen named his son after his son Carl. 

Legendary goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel is the first ever World Wide ambassador for Carlsberg. The cooperation starts in 2012, and Peter Schmeichel will be active around the EURO12 for Carlsberg.

The Institute of Theoretical Physics (also known as the "Niels Bohr Institute") in Copenhagen, which was one of the leading international centers for theoretical physics during the 1920s and 1930s and is said to be the birthplace of quantum mechanics, was created in 1921 with significant funding from the Carlsberg Foundation. [2]

What is the significance of the magnitude 5.7? 
It is the Jewish New Year, 5773. Rabbi Ginsburgh gave this message. [3] It speaks of the deed, and this morning the LORD God spoke to me of the good deed that would be done; by a person that I would meet. I had called out to him due to my concern for the children of America, and when I woke up he gave me an important message. He also gave me the music of Carmen again, I could hear the album 'Fandangos in Space'. Here is the complete album. 
I also saw my mother in dream state, it was lovely to see her smiling and happy. She showed me my son and he was getting into gear to take action, then he came and cleared out loads of empty boxes in a large place. He was clearing up, it looked like a work situation. It showed me that Lily is with her grandson.  He will be 30 years old in January, 2013. 

What else do we have on 57? It is the Hebrew gematria value of 'Overthrow', 'Ruin'. 'To be raised'. [4]
'Carlsberg Ridge' in gematria is 'President',  'Obamas Order', 'Sorcerer', 'Rock the Bells'. [5]


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