Tuesday, 6 November 2012


This prophecy about the 'Gates of Mercy' was given by Jesus Christ to a nun in a polish convent during the 1930's. It includes prophecies about the last days of the end times. The importance of the going through the gates of mercy, the exact timing. It is a serious, sincere and severe warning to humanity. It includes the prophecy from Jesus Christ about the 'PATTERN' painting as well and what he is asking of the people. It is their last chance!

Will you accept the miracle of mercy has he asked you to do?

For more information and explanation please see this link.

1. http://academysounds.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/gates-of-mercy-prophecy.html

2. http://www.godswarningtotheworld.com/?gclid=CPaAubH1pLMCFSbMtAodZjsAmw

Mercy beyond measure



Eliakim said...

This link speaks about the prophecy of Sister Faustina, much of which I agree with. However, I do feel that she did receive a good message from Jesus, it is what the Church did with that message that is in question. I feel that the video that I have shared with you is the true message. Due to Jesus speaking about the last days. Those that know, know that 3'0'clock was in 2010 at the Sophia Wisdom Gateway in Athens. However, in this link it also provides you with an image of a Russian Orthodox Cross that has the skull and bones on it. It also shows you a picture of a Mormon temple that has the third eye and four cups cup shapes turned over. This indicates that the Mormons think that they are the lampstand with the four cups due to the Mormon Prophet having the name Joseph.


Eliakim said...

Maria has reincarnated and I know who she is. It makes perfect sense to me that those that delivered prophecies about me would be brought to these 'Gates of Mercy' in the timeline that the prophecy was about.

Maria was brought to me due to her having a skin disease on her hands. The doctors had told her to put up with and that there was nothing that they could do to help her.

That all changed when she was led to me. After her initial healing and training with yours truly, the skin disease left her hands. However, there is a big story about what transpired after that.

Watch this space....

Eliakim said...

So yes, the reincarnated Maria did receive a miracle of mercy delivered by yours truly.