Saturday, 10 November 2012

Fairy Princess Pattern

This pattern painting is for the 'Princess of Tyre', the one that gifted the golden gown to yours truly for the second mission to Israel has mentioned in the biblical prophecies.  She also reincarnated and is known has St Faustina, she has many redeeming features and may the LORD God forgive her, has I forgave her. May the LORD God have mercy for her, has I have mercy for her. I am aware of the biblical prophecies about her in this timeline, I understand what has taken place. 

However, I also understand that she is a very brave soul for choosing to be who she is. To be made an example of to benefit humanity is not an easy journey. In her case; it is more difficult than most. However, she is still young and she has a lot to integrate. She is a typical 'Indigo' that refuses to listen to the wisdom gained from the benefit of experience. She chose to learn the hard way instead of the easy way. 

I see the fairy energy of the elementals with her in the last days of the end times. I see her enclosed with three others that she knows. I see her surrounded by the water, there is no escape. There is a fruit of goodness there for them all. Once they truly understand how the fruit came to be; and who planted its seed. May this pattern defend her always, for mercy shall defend her in the same way that I did in the past.

Truly, she will remain in my heart. Would you ever turn against your own child? Would you ever stop being there for them? Would you ever stop loving them, even though you do not agree with what they do? I cannot stop loving, in the power of my love for the children, I intent that they will make their return to the sacred.

Love beyond measure


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