Wednesday, 21 November 2012


This painting was compelled in August, 2012 and it looks like a Mayan pyramid. I see the mountains of the spiritual christians and buddhists all going in the same direction upwards. There is an arrow above the Christ energy that is pointing to the point, to the corner. Has we know the corner is also symbolic of the capstone.

It also looks like there are three steps over and above the Christ energy.  There are two angels below the Christ energy and they are being blocked by the Christ energy.  The Christ energy is also in the shape of the sacred golden ankh, the electromagnetic key of life.

The angels below that key of life,  have not come into true divine equality like the mountains have. Above the Mayan pyramid there is a new horizon that you can see. I really like the energy of this painting and its colors of transformation. The background color in the centre looks like duck egg blue/China blue. Has we we know Enya also recorded a song called 'Caribbean Blue'.

The Duck egg is to do with the spiritual rebirth of a new bird that can fly. It was first given for a lady divinely who had been diagnosed in Hong Kong of a serious disease. It was the healing color that was divinely given for her healing process.


I like this painting so much, I keep it on my wall of healing.

This video of Enya and the child also holds an important message. She gives the book to the child.

No surprise then that at this point in time, the book 'Sacred Words'  is packaged to send to a young one has a gift. Its perfect timing.

Love beyond measure


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