Wednesday, 28 November 2012

28th November Lunar Eclipse - Worlds Colliding

Has we know it is 'Lunar Eclipse' Day, I spent last night with a friend, catching up, eating well, relaxing, and laughing a lot. Pleasure time for yours truly. It only occurred to us during dinner that we had been brought together for the incoming Lunar eclipse energies. We had not planned it that way, it was just how things turned out. I haven't seen any decent videos of the eclipse itself yet, although if there are any posted I will add them to this blog post.

Many people are receiving a lot of experiences in dream state at this point in time and there is a lot to do with the spiritual law, co-creation, the cosmos and density that is related to it. The complexities of the being are being reviewed by individuals that are aligned with energies of this lunar eclipse. It is a star gate opening for friends and friendships on an inter-galatic level. Its a time of completion and a time of infinite possibilities.


On a career level it is to do with the Masters and unification of energies fields; related to closure that is required before the new beginnings come in. Cellular memories are also being brought to the fore for many to help people to align and unify their fields of consciousness. People are being called to understand their bodily functions' and to explore different avenues to help themselves. Due to people coming to know that they hold great power within; once they know how to access it by opening the gateways within themselves.

The Lunar eclipse brought many gifts to yours truly from beloved friends, it included a wonderful picture of an inter-galatic dog, and a new hoover. Jordan came to eat as well and he was born in the Chinese Year of the Dog.

Here is some more about this Lunar eclipse in GEM_IN I.

For more info see our first blog post on the eclipse to do with its numerics etc.

I am feeling like painting tonight and simply being creative.



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