Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Nostradamus C3.Q44 Lightening and Virgin

Century III Quatrain 44
When the animal domesticated by man
After great pains and leaps will come to speak:
The lightning to the virgin will be very harmful,
Taken from earth and suspended in the air.

Scientists say that they are close to decoding dolphin talk. However, an animal domesticated by man can also relate to a person that was not domesticated, but became so. I do know a lady like that, when I first met her, she did not like to cook. The lady did come to speak to me prior to the lightening happening. [1] 'After great pains and leaps will come to speak'. She also lives by water, and has we know dolphins of unconditional love do leap for joy. 
Has you know my dear friend was killed by lightening in August 2012. 'Taken from earth and suspended in the air'. This painting was done prior to me receiving the news of his passing. 


After I received the news, this painting was compelled for my blessed friend. It looks like a pyramid tomb on wheels. There are acorns of love in its centre, surrounded by the blues of Archangel Michael and the holy mother. Then there is a yellow dome, a healing dome. Angels Healing Trust. A pyramid shape is also the shape of a mountain. The wheels indicate that the mountain is on the move; and that the love is going to a different place. 

Rest in peace my friend. Love beyond measure. 

Now look at this earthquake video to do with Chile. You will see an image with rings like the painting. 

Last week I delivered a wedding mandala for a lady from Chile, that married a friends brother. Anabel and Philip are planning to live in Brazil full-time. 


There was a 6.1 offshore at 'Libertador O'Higgins' and I do have a friend who I affectionately called Professor Higgins. He is a great soul, and if I remember correctly, he is also an Aquarian as well. 


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