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Prophet Isaiah predicted that the land with two kings would be laid to waste. Has we know Clegg and Cameron share the political throne in the UK. Cameron is also involved in Syria and that will certainly impact on the UK in adverse ways. see Isaiah chapter 7. 

Maybe that is another reason that Scotland no longer wishes to be part of the UK. Scotland does not wish to be laid to waste has the prophecy predicts. However, Scotland will also have serious environmental issues to deal with. No Island is safe in this timeline. 

The other day I went to the local hospital for a regular breast screening. When I left the hospital, there was a lovely tall young colored guy waiting for a taxi. His right eye was completely closed, and it had blown up like a balloon. I stopped to speak with him. 

He had light in his left eye and love in his heart, the light of love shone from him.  I asked him what happened to him? He told me how he was innocently walking a long, and a person decided to pick on him and hit him for no reason.  The doctor had informed him that the nerve in his eye was damaged and in shock, this young one could lose his sight in that eye. The young one also described to me how he was suffering from the symptoms of post trauma. 

I gave him some recommendations for healing. I recommended that he get some rescue remedy and take it at least three times a day, I also advised that he get some lavender oil and put it in massage oil to put on all around the eye. In addition, to having Indian head massage immediately and Reiki healing. I gave him my telephone number in case he required any other help. 

What is this land of Joseph coming to? Why is it being laid to waste? Do you remember that I provided you with an article called 'Secret of Ascension and the Holy Grail' in 2004? Do you remember that I wrote about the 'wasteland' and how countries become a wasteland due to a lack of the divine feminine? Do you remember that I shared the importance of integrity and honor? 

The article also spoke about the condition of the soil, and living in harmony with the spiritual law of the cosmos. Did the farmers give the soil anytime to rest? Or did they pollute the land with chemicals? 

Did the people heal themselves or did they support Islam, Sharia finance, banking and law? Did they allow mosques to be built on the land of Joseph? Indeed they did. 

The bible prophecies gave a number of predictions about this land of Joseph. Prophet Isaiah predicted that it would be laid to waste in the timeline of Syria. In another prophecy the tribes of Joseph are saved. 

'With your mighty arm you redeemed your people, the descendants of Jacob and Joseph'. Psalm 77:15
'Then he rejected the tents of Joseph, he did not choose the tribe of Ephraim' Psalm 78:67. Has we know Ephraim is symbolic of the orthodox Christians. 

'To the tune of the Lilies of the Covenant, A Psalm hear us. Shepherd of Israel, you who lead Joseph like a flock. You who sit enthroned between the cherubim shine forth'. Psalm 80:1 Did she not shine forth to the flock? Did the LORD God not reveal her to you to help you in this timeline? 

Did our children not accept our colored family has our own people? Do we not love them has our own children? What is this that violence and prejudice rises in this land of Joseph, that innocents are being murdered and beaten up? Did the people of this land of Joseph not pollute it with bloodshed? Is that not why it is being laid to waste as well? Are Cameron and Clegg planning to murder the badgers of our land? Indeed they are. 

Did the LORD God not inform us that Judah and Joseph would become one stick? 

Prophet Amos warned the people of this land. 'Seek the LORD and live, or he will sweep through the tribes of Joseph like a fire. It will devour them and Bethel and there will be no one to quench it. Amos 5:6. 

Did the fire not come in 2011? Did yours truly not defend the children of Jacob for what they had done? Did she not defend 'little Israel' of Tottenham? Prophet Obadiah predicted that Jacob would be a fire, and Joseph a flame. Obadiah 1:8. 

'Hate evil, love good, maintain justice in the courts. Perhaps the LORD God will have mercy on the remnant of Joseph'. Amos 5:15 Has we know in the original meaning of the Greek word for 'hate' it meant to love less'. There was only loving and loving less. Like the man that loves his wife less when he commits adultery'. Do you remember that the Prince of Wales committed adultery on this land of Joseph? Do you remember what he did to our Queen of Hearts? Does he deserve to be King of England? Is he the kind of man that you wish your children to look up to? A man that committed adultery? Is what Prince Charles did to Princess Diana good in your eyes? Is he not held accountable for his actions? Everyone is held accountable in the spiritual law of the cosmos. Nothing is hidden from the sight of God. 

Amos also said 'You drink wine by the bowlful, and use the finest lotions, but you do not grieve over the ruin of Joseph'. 6:6

Hasn't Camilla been enjoying the finest lotions on another joy ride abroad? Teshuvah Camilla, Teshuvah, has the LORD God predicted, 'the smile of the mockers will be on the other side of their cheek'. Camilla, did you not make a mockery of marriage in this land? Did you not make a mockery of the true love and compassionate heart of Diana? 

Do the people of England have no comprehension or understanding of these biblical prophecies? I would say yes. Even the Church on my doorstep; is more interested in developing new revelation, than informing the people of what is coming upon it due to co-creation. Do you remember that I spoke to you of co-creation, and delivered articles about it for many years? Did you share those articles with the people? Remember this the biblical prophecies speak of the articles delivered by yours truly. 

What did Islam do to the African people down the ages? They made slaves of them. Muslims were the greatest slave traders, we are talking about 140 million Africans, and most of them died due to the treatment they received or were slaughtered. They are still murdering them in Libya today. Why? The leader that they murdered, supported and loved the people of Africa. He gave them equal opportunity and was planning to help them a lot more. 

Remember after the holocaust of the Jewish people in Europe we said 'NEVER AGAIN'. 

The history of Islam is not a healthy one, it does not speak to me of peace or well-being that the LORD God predicted would come to be. Even today, Muslims in Libya, Pakistan, Kuwait, Bahrain and other Islamic countries are being murdered by the Islamic regimes that are in place there. What did the Christian Church do down the ages do you remember? Do you remember this? 

Did this not happen to the Indian children under the noses of the British monarchy? Did it not happen under the noses of the Christian Church and by them? Is it any wonder that Canada is experiencing earthquakes? Kevin Annett defends the Indians and their children in Canada, and I stand with him in his defence of them. 

Just has I stood for Russell Means and his work to defend his nation and right to be a republic. Did the rest of the English stand with them? Did the Christians stand with them fully and give all the help that they could? 'What is this',  I hear you say, 'this is righteousness' I respond. 

Why has the Christian orthodox Church in the UK been rejected? They have stayed in their huddles helping themselves, enriching themselves, giving jobs to their own family and friends. The rich got richer, while the poor became poorer. The number of Churches are growing again at the expense of the people of this land. The LORD God did not ask you to give money to a Church or its leaders. 

The LORD God warned about the 'Nepotism' in this timeline. Look what was found in the government of Cameron? Do you remember? Do you grieve for your nation of people that are being laid to waste? It is seriously time for the English to catch up and truly understand the reasons why! The bible warned you what would happen to your nations if you robbed the ELOHIM and did not turn your hearts to the children of your nations. He warned you that your nations would be destroyed, if you did not align your will with the will of the divine. 

Have you grieved has I have grieved for you? The LORD God sent you his mercy, his Harp of Faithfulness, his teacher of righteousness for this nation. Did you appreciate it? Did you support it? How did you help her? What support did you give her? Did you walk with her hand in hand, side by side in the front line? 

Teshuvah England, teshuvah, while the gates of mercy are still open to you. 

Mercy beyond measure 


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