Sunday, 11 November 2012


While bathing I asked the heavenly Father about Obama due to what is happening in the USA with the military. He responded. 'Fuel for the Fire'. I asked him again about the presidency, he showed me what looked like a kite at first, but it wasn't a kite it was a drone plane. Then he said, 'Did I not tell you that it is all going down?'.

I took a look at the phrase, no surprise then that this link about the phrase mentions the 'six hundred and counting'. e.g. Rev 13.

Then this video was posted on youtube. 'People able to make a difference end up dead'.

After that I checked to see if anyone had written about Obama being 'fuel for the fire', yes there is. Mitt Romney said it.

I must admit it has puzzled me why Obama was re-elected, when Rev 13 gave the Leopard forty two months. So do we have a correct translation? The book of Judges mentions 42,000 of Ephraim that fall, and Ephraim is symbolic of Christians. Rev 13:5 states that he was given 'authority to act' for 42 months. It could well mean that he was given 42 months to be an actor, e.g. act the part of being a president. It doesn't actually mention him leaving office at that point. The meaning of the Greek word translated has 'act' can mean the following:

'To make', 'to produce', 'to construct', 'to be the authors of the cause'. In the previous verse it states 'Who is able to make war with him'. Another major phrase linking Rev 13 with the USA, America who have the largest military in the world. Biblical scholar Alan Clarke associates this chapter with Germany and the Roman Empire. Has we have already shared with you, Obama's publisher, head office is also in Germany. Did he not also make a book available in the lead up to the previous election? Alan also associates the term '42 months' with 1260 years. Although he does not give any indication of when that timeline began or will end. [1] He also links it with Rev 17, and that is also about the USA. It is the only nation that meets the criteria of Rev 17 and 18.

The Son of God is speaking softly in my ear has I write this he said 'Suffer the little children, let them come to me'.

I have no idea when John Darby wrote his paper on this chapter of Revelation. However, the words in his conclusion become fascinating when you view it in this timeline of Obama and the Liberal Democrats. He wrote:

'It is a liberal time, but one of most complete tyranny as regards all who do not bow to Satan's power and the ordinances established by him. What characterises it is the absence of truth. As regards the number of the beast, I have no doubt that it will be very simple to the godly, when the beast is there, and the time of spiritually judging it comes, and that name will practically guide those who have to do with him." 

As such, this is not just about the defeat of Obama, it is about the defeat of the Vatican, and also of Germany (including the Germanic Jews) and its influence over economics. No surprise then that it was the German scientists that engineered this situation in Canada with the indigenous peoples; and the Germans had the best engineering in Europe.

If we view the 42 months e.g. years, beginning with the last days of the end times that began in 1975,  when Arafat and his men decimated the Christians in Southern Lebanon, that then gives us 2019. 
Honestly folks, could you take another seven years of what the biblical scholar calls the 'tyranny', and the 'war' that Rev 13 mentions? It does not matter whether they are Liberal or Conservative, has I informed people decades ago, they are on the same side. They are that which stands against humanity, and its natural evolution of consciousness. 

In the Apocalypse of Zephaniah it mentions how the supporters of Obama have Leopard like faces; and the heavenly Father did say that he would remove their claws. Rev 13 also predicted that they are not written in the lambs book of life. Hence, the Son of God said 'Suffer the little children, let them come to me'. 

Wisdom did do the count has required and 666 = 18 = Rev 18. 18 = "Materialism striving to destroy spirituality'. 

Now if we return to the initial statement of 'Fuel for the Fire', What was the fire in biblical times? Is it the burning bush has related to Moses? Or is the fuel being poured upon Jacob? For the prophecy of Obadiah predicted that Jacob is the fire, Joseph is the flame and Esau will be stubble. Esau is also symbolic of the USA. In the biblical prophecy about the herald that came at the appointed time, it also makes a prophecy about the 'fuel for the fire' and that prophecy is about the oil rich nations, e.g. Islam. 

It mentions how they destroyed towns and cities and built them with bloodshed. There you could link it into 1260 years. If we look at the word month in Rev 13, Greek Strongs number 3376. It is transliterated as 'Men',  it can mean month or time of the 'new moon'. No coincidence then that yours truly has the moon under her feet in Rev 12, or that Islam has the symbol of the moon on their mosques.

Has we know, the LORD God did not ask for sacrifice, he asked for mercy. He also asked the people not to pollute the land with bloodshed. 

He said 'No more war in my name'. 

Teshuvah humanity, teshuvah....



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