Friday, 9 November 2012


Oh didn't they do well, first the new pope in Egypt with a degree in pharmacy, and now a new Archbishop of Canterbury. A white oil man of course, what else could you anticipate from the closed shop of the Church of England?

Justin Portal Welby was educated at Eton and Cambridge University, only the best academics for the Church of England. He then spent eleven years in the oil industry before studying theology at Durham. Ideal man for the job in running the Church wouldn't you say? Another one born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

An oil executive that was Bishop for a single year.

Goodness gracious me, whatever will they come up with next. They even claim that he is from the evangelical wing of the Church. That is the last thing that the UK requires. Oh do look at the photograph of him in his hat, he looks like a right 'plonker'. Oh goodness me, I can't stop laughing, I nearly fell off my chair laughing.  Clearly, the Church of England will become the laughing stock of the world with Justin Welby in the seat. He is a member of the House of Lords and sits on the panel of the 2012 Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards. The Church always did like to keep their fingers on the money, from coming up with the word 'economy', to hand out the plates. No folks, plates are not for money, plates are for consciousness.

So how could he afford to go to Eton and then on to Cambridge to study History and Law? Who paid for that? Well it looks like his mother married well, she became Lady Williams of Elvel. He is also related to a former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister, Rab Butler. His great-grandfather was Sir Montagu Butler. A true blue, a Conservative, oil man with banking interests.

Oh it gets even better, he worked for the ELF French oil company in Paris, prior to becoming treasurer of the oil exploration group Enterprise Oil PLC in London. Get this; his residence is Auckland Castle. St Francis of Assisi would love him, tongue in cheek. You can just imagine what Jesus Christ would say to him can't you?

He was born on the 6th of January, 1956. That makes him a Capricorn, the goat. You know what Jesus said about the goats don't you? It looks like he was born in the Chinese Year of the Sheep. This man is not a leader, he is a man that does has he is told. He is an agent, if ever I saw one. If the people of this country can't see through what the Tories are doing in this country, and how the history of this man will further destroy the Church, then they must be blind. You have the British crying out for a miracle to save the Church of England, I can assure you that an aristocrat can't even save his own soul, let alone the souls of the people of the nation. Check out what he has been writing about, he has been addressing the corporate world. Justin Welby is a corporate man, banker, oil man, that has added the tag of theology on to his list.

Oh the truth movement will have a whale of a time with this one.

Go for it folks,




Anonymous said...

Why so harsh against a man whose baby was killed in a car accident - the reason he turned to God? This man will be the official to coronate your next Queen as being the head of your church. He will also consecreate a woman bishop with what is written about him.

Eliakim said...

The British monarchy and men like Welby shall not last for much longer.

The LORD God will sweep them all away.

Welby is a corporate man, the only reason that he was chosen for the position of Archbishop of Canterbury was because he has the job of fund raising to save the Church of England.

My choice for Archbishop was the Bishop of York. It would have been wonderful for African community that lives in this country and also for the Christians in Africa.

However, those that put Welby in the position that he is in, have shown the world their true colors.

We see them all and what they are.

Nothing is hidden from the eyes of God, or the one he sent to help his real flock.

The British monarchy, Church shall return all properties, money and lands to the people from whence they came, or face the consequences for not doing so.

Not only in the UK, but also throughout the commonwealth.

Now it is time for justice to be done.

No longer shall the rich live off of the backs of the poor.

Eliakim said...

I noticed today that there was a PR shoot with him wearing a police helmet. That also showed the world his true colors. Does he have ideas of policing the Church? Or does he plan to police the corporations and the people that work in them?

The police in the UK transgress the spiritual law, has such, the fact that Welby aligned himself with the police, shows us that he also transgresses the spiritual law of creation.

So you can pass that on to Welby from the one that the LORD God sent to deliver it.

You can tell Welby that the teacher of righteousness is here now, so he better watch out, because the LORD's rebuke comes with fire.