Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sophia Wisdom - Flame of Joseph

Remember that in the Spanish fire photographs there was a woman in the fire defending against the fire dragon. Do you remember that she had long hair and a glass in her hand? Do you remember that Prophet Obadiah predicted that Joseph would be a flame?

You will see the woman again with long hair just like in the photograph of the flames of the woman  This video is about wisdom. However, the creators of this video have blocked any comments from yours truly. You will notice this video does not include the scripture that mentions her being called. 

Has we know wisdom was called in Rev 13, she is a real person that was called to do the count. Jesus also gave prophecies about her, and informed his followers that the Queen of the South would have more wisdom than Solomon. He predicted that she would come to judge this generation with the people in the last days of the end times. 

No surprise then that the original birth surname of the new Egyptian pope means Solomon. 

Remember the SOPHIA WISDOM gateway in 2010. Does the energy look like a golden flame? 

Do you remember that the sign of Jonah arrived in Israel afterwards? Do you remember 5 million trees burned down on Mount Carmel at Jewish New Year? 

Onwards and upwards 


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