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Interesting verse in Exodus in connection with the lampstand and how it must have four cups. 'On the lampstand there are to be four cups shaped like almond flowers and buds and blossoms'. 25:34, 37:20.

No surprise then that the almond tree blossom is light pink, the color of love. Pink, the color that yours truly was commanded to wear for the first mission to Israel in May 2006. In the book of Jeremiah he was shown the branch of the almond tree and the LORD said to prophet Jeremiah 'I am watching, to see that my word is fulfilled'. [1] Recently I painted a mandala for a member of my family and it has four golden cups in the centre of it.

There are various ways of looking at the cups depending upon who is viewing it and from which worldview or perspective. In the Tarot, the ACE of cups was the banner that was above my head when they found me in the Galilee of the Gentiles in the 90's. The two of cups is about the LOVE UNION that came to be in 2004. 2004 was also the beginning of the Rev 12 timeline.

The three of cups is about a celebration, three women and the fruit. That came to be in 2012 when three women were united. The four cups, one woman is hidden by the green leaves, she has three cups and then the fourth cup is given to her to help her to fulfill her reason for being. The Queen of Cups is also the May Queen and it rules Gemini, my moon sign in my astrological chart. King of Cups, mission to the USA that began in April and ended in May 2008. The mission to the USA is also mentioned in Micah 4 and the text informs that after daughter ZION returned from the USA she was given her Kingship.

The Rabbi's speaks of the four cups in a different way. They write of it in terms' of four cups of wine of the Seder.

"Therefore, say to the children of Israel 'I am Hashem, and I SHALL TAKE YOU OUT from under the burdens of Egypt; I SHALL RESCUE YOU from their service; I SHALL REDEEM YOU with an outstretched arm and with great judgments. I SHALL TAKE YOU TO ME for a people and I shall be a G-d to you...."[2] Exodus 6:6-7

Exodus 6:6:7 translation is 'ELOHIM' not G-d with a large G.

Has we know, Prophet Hosea predicted that the LORD God would betroth his people to him through his faithfulness and righteousness, that he would plant HER in Jezreel. e.g. May 2006. The passage in Exodus quote by the Rabbi's mentions the 'outstretched arm' and 'great judgements'. Has we know the Son of God predicted that the Queen of the South would come with the people to judge this generation when the sign of Jonah arrived in Israel. That happened in 2010.

The number Four is also the door, DALET, and the 4th gateway of selflessness was purified with salt in Israel in September 2007.

So what else do we have on the cups in the biblical prophecies?

The appointed time is mentioned and at the appointed time the herald was to run with an interpretation of a prophecy. In that prophecy it was predicted that the cup was coming around to Islam and the oil rich nations. Habakkuk 2:16 That prophecy was fulfilled in 2009 by the 'interpreter of the law', the herald did deliver it has ordained to do so.

The cup that was taken away because she refused to harm anyone. That cup was given to those that stood against her. Isaiah 51:17

After Joseph was made governor, he put the silver cup in the sack of his brothers. ELIAKIM is the governor. There is also a prophecy that the uprising in Egypt was the LORD's testimony for Joseph. Has we know that happened in 2011.

The poor man had one little lamb that he raised up. The little lamb drank from his cup, and even slept in his arms. 2 Samuel 12:3. The RAB was a poor man, and she did drink from his cup and sleep in his arms. He was also the Son of Joseph that had many brothers. He was also the governor in the workplace and at home. He gave the little gentle lamb her name; that is on her birth certificate. The name of the one that was promised to the children of Israel. The one that was promised to Moses.

The cup like the Lilly blossom has 2,000 baths. 1 Kings 7:26 No coincidence then that my genetic mother was Lily. The grieving widow also had a son that was raised up by yours truly.

OVERFLOWING CUP as depicted in the ACE of Cups. Psalms 23:5

CUP OF SALVATION Psalm 116:13, I also apply that to the overflowing cup, for my cup overflows with the mystical salvation that was bestowed upon me.

CUP OF RED WINE Proverbs 23:31 Has we know red wine is also associated with Elijah and the mystics.

CUP OF COLD WATER Matthew 10:42 A cup of water to refresh the children, the Aquarian water carrier that was ordained to serve the children of Israel.  She also drank from the cup of salvation that the Son of God gave her.

How many more cups would you like to choose from?

She did put her light on the lampstand for everyone in the house to see, exactly has the Son of God taught her to do.

Love and mercy beyond measure



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