Thursday, 8 November 2012

Proverbs 31 - The Bed Covering

Many people are making videos about wisdom. One American lady has also written a book about Proverbs 31. However, it is important to understand the prophecies that are included in the proverb. In a previous post I shared how it related to the Japanese tsunami, [1] and Japan had been warned in advance. I had asked them when they were leaving Japan, then in the November prior the LORD God predicted that there was a 'Tsunami of Pain' coming.

Has we know the proverb also mentions the snow and the snow is to do with the prophet of God. Remember Moses also had skin like snow on his arm. Has such it was ordained that she would be the same in that respect has Moses. I wonder is that an image of Moses on my arm? Is that what he looked like? Wouldn't it be amazing if it was him. He has a big nose, whoever he is.

The prophecy also speaks of the bed covering and now I have a scanner I can share with you a photograph of the bed covering that I spent two years making patiently after I was married. Each and every stitch of the King size patchwork quilt was made by hand. I had no idea that there was a prophecy about the bed covering, for in those days I knew nothing about biblical prophecies. I would call the color maroon, or cranberry today. Its the same color has my school uniform, and we wore blue shirts at Buckingham Gate (senior) school. It was a fashionable color in the late 70's. The cotton print is from Laura Ashley.  I made hand made patchwork cushions for everyone in the family when my husband and I were staying with them as well.

My step-mother in law offered to machine it to a sheet when it was finished. I thanked her, and informed her that I shall finish it all by hand.

Its great that I can share these pictures with you of the bed covering, and amazing that I kept it this long. I did offer it to others but it was always refused. That is why I still have it, it is too good to give to a charity shop, especially has it is mentioned in the biblical prophecy. It was packed away for many years, I just couldn't part with it, and now I know the reason why it was ordained to be.

One day, it will be an antique and they will be able to say 'ELIAKIM JOSEPH-SOPHIA made that quilt, it was another prophecy fulfilled. It kept her warm in the last days of the the end times. Its memories of true love and family embraced and surrounded her.

It was made with so much love, and tender loving care. With my own hand, every stitch, so much patience. Patience beyond measure. No surprise then that my mandala compliments it. I was so in love, and amazingly happily married when I made that quilt. Even though I was having laser treatment for cancerous cells at the time of making it. It was a labor of love, from a truly passionate heart.

There was a time in my life when I had to make a very important decision, a decision that would change the course of my life in relationships. It was the memory of this song that had been played to me on Christmas eve, that helped me to make that decision. The memory of it stayed with me until I returned.

While I was making my decision, all I could hear in my ears was this song that mentions the herbs. Although, I was not aware of the significance of the herbs and their connection with healing at that point in time. All I could feel from the song was its true love. The bus takes me by the house where the song was played to me. That house and its dear mother, was truly significant in my life, it was a huge turning point in understanding 'family'.  I remember that she taught me how to make bread. She will always be in my heart, has will her four sons.



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A full video on the prophecy of Proverbs 31 can be viewed in this video post.