Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Few people are aware that Proverbs 31 offers humanity a prophecy about a woman that was chosen in the last days of the end times. There were three women to choose from. Which one did the LORD choose and why? The prophecy shares criteria with you, and the reason why people are chosen to do his will. Translation from the NIV.

A fulfillment of prophecy.

Happy Diwali Solar Eclipse

Tonight, the LORD shared with me that it was important that this video was sent out tonight.

Why tonight? 

This solar eclipse is about ‘Path of Service’ and a cause greater than the self.

The 13th of November is also the ‘Day of the Commentator’. 

This mandala pattern was done for one of the children that she raised up. He was only 17 when he was first sent to her. He developed into a powerful healing angel of ELOHIM, and he has grown into a fine young man. Hence, he has been honored with his own pattern given freely to him, for his trustful loyalty to her, and the path of salvation that she shared with him. 



Now I am going to spend some time in my healing room, to enjoy the remainder of the solar eclipse in its blessed energies that are bestowed. 

Love beyond measure


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