Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Happy total solar eclipse that has come on the festival of Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. This solar eclipse is about 'Path of Service' and Ergon, a cause greater than the self. I checked into youtube to see if there had been anything special uploaded for this day. This video from a Rabbi had been uploaded yesterday and fits perfectly with this eclipse. Hence, sharing it with you here.

The skies are blue here today and the sun is shining beautifully, a lovely day to just walk in the heat and the heart of the sun.

In the news are the corporate giants that pay no tax in the UK, they include Amazon, Google, and Starbucks. Google told MP's that it funnels profits to a company in Bermuda. It is described has a three-hour inquisition carried out by MP's that are pointing at companies in the spotlight; to explain why they contribute little or nothing to the Treasury coffers.

The other news is that tens of thousands demand secession with petitions filed in 20 states since Obama was re-elected. The saddest news of the day was from Saudi, a Saudi preacher had beaten a five year child to death with whips and hot metal. May little Lamaa rest in peace.

This pattern was for a student and he asked for an explanation of its energies.


'You are in the Christ and Buddha energies and on the wheel of karma that you have to break this lifetime. That is done by healing the self and good deeds in helping others. You are in a large diamond of transformation so you do have a link with the Native American shamanic energy has well. I see a huge sunflower that encompasses you and that links you to an Italian past life and St Francis of Assisi from Umbria. The heart of Italy. 

I recommend that you have a past life healing with St Catherine. You have her phone number. The past life healing is essential for you to align your energies with your path of service. There are eight sections to the diamond shape, and the number eight is to do with spiritual transformation. I also see a connection with four different pyramids. The PATTERN does indicates that you will be learning more about the spiritual law, karma, the law of attraction and cause and effect.' So for instance, I just wrote this in response to a person in respect of 'adultery' and what a person in the USA had written. 

They don't understand the spiritual law of cause and effect. Nor do they understand how 'sexual energies operate in the being. Sexual energies stay with a person for at least six months. Most men and women are not happy if and when they find out that their partners have not been faithful to them. How can the people expect their governments to be true to them, when the people cannot be true to their partners? The cosmos is not a one-way street.

One does not have to stay in a relationship if one is unhappy in it. The OT does not have any issue with divorce if one of the partners is not meeting the requirements of their partner. The NT states that people will not marry in the last days of the end times, they will be like the Angels in heaven. In other words they will be like the spiritual that live in detachment of earthly realities. The spiritual do have relationships. However, they are based upon unconditional love between two people that honor each other and their path of service. First and foremost their trustful loyalty is to the Creator and the divine will of God. It is a cause greater than the self.

Will update this post if anything significant happens this solar eclipse.

Mercy beyond measure


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Eliakim said...

Has we know the LORD's rebuke comes with FIRE.

No coincidence that this was emailed to me by an American. It is about a fire in New York.

Fire at New York nuclear plant burns for hours — Outside firefighters called in to help — Reactor goes into shutdown

Published: November 12th, 2012 at 1:58 pm ET
By ENENews
Title: FitzPatrick nuclear plant in Oswego County shuts down during fire
Source: The Post-Standard
Author: Tim Knauss
Date: Nov 11, 2012 updated Nov 12, 2012 at 10:33 AM
Update: The fire caused the plant to shut down at 3:55 a.m., not 5:45 a.m. as reported in an earlier version of this story. The plant owners declared an “unusual event” at 5:45 a.m.
For the second time in a week, the FitzPatrick nuclear power plant in Oswego County shut down unexpectedly today, this time because of a fire.
The plant shut down automatically at 3:55 a.m. after a fire broke out in the plant’s main transformer, according to a press release from owner Entergy Nuclear. The fire was extinguished at 6:32 a.m., the company reported. [...]
CNY Central: Firefighters from outside the plant were called in, and had cleared the scene by after 8am.

NRC Emergency Classifications: [Level 1] Notification of Unusual Event – Under this category, events are in process or have occurred which indicate potential degradation in the level of safety of the plant. No release of radioactive material requiring offsite response or monitoring is expected unless further degradation occurs.

So what have they been planning to build in New York?

A mosque at ground zero.