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The new Egyptian Pope gives his people a sign with one finger. He is informing them that 'the one' is here. In this video he states that he is more concerned about security than Islamists.

So who is this new man that is representing the Egyptian Copts? The BBC report that in Egypt a blindfolded child picks the name of the new pope. The ceremony was carried out in Cairo's St Marks Cathedral and three candidates had been shortlisted. The new Coptic leader becomes the leader of the largest Christian minority in the Middle East.


The BBC report that the names were written on pieces of paper and put in crystal balls sealed with wax on the Church alter. Bishop Tawadros was chosen by the child. The Copts say that this process ensures that the selection is in God's hands. Tawadros will be enthroned in a ceremony on the 18th of November and that comes right after the DIWALI total solar eclipse on the 13/14 of November, 2012.

The 18th of November is the 'Day of Temperament' has such it is to do with temperance.

Tawadros is tall, strong and with a stout build. He looks more Jewish genetically, than the traditional, lean, genetics of the Greek Adonis with fine features. Maybe he comes from a line of Jewish Egyptians that became Copts in times gone by. My Egyptian Muslim brother Abraham also has the same stout build, although I must admit,  the last time I saw him he was more physically attractive than the new pope. However, has we know it is what is in a man's heart that really counts; and Tawadros does have all Egyptian's and the Copts in the Middle East in his heart.

The new pope shall be known has Tawadros II.

So what does his name mean?

In the ancient pictographs the cross sticks, X, became the Hebrew letter TAW, it became the letter T.  Originally it was the cross sticks that means 'Behold a sign', or signature. This painting was done in August, 2012 for Egypt. I once met a beautiful Copt Egyptologist in Egypt, and his name is ELIA.


This is what the name of Tawadros means in numerology. [3]

I quite like the play on words with 'TAW-A-DROS'.

'A sign on the dross'.

There is a main belt asteroid with the name '23922 Tawadros' and it has an orbital period of 5.48 years. It was discovered on the 26th of September, 1998. That was the 'Day of Patient Practice'.

There is also the name Tewodros and that is the Ethiopian version of the name. There were two rulers in Ethiopia with that name. Tewodros the I, (1413-1414) a member of the Solomonic dynasty. He only ruled for a year, although it is considered to be a golden age for Ethiopia. The explorer James Bruce made this comment about him.

'There must have been something very brilliant that happened under this prince, for though the reign is so short, it is before all others the most favourite epoch in Abyssinia. It is even confidently believed, that he is to rise again, and reign in Abyssinia for a thousand years, and in this period all war is to cease and everyone, in fulness, to enjoy happiness, plenty and peace.' [4] This king died defending his people against Muslims and the growth of the Islamic empire.  

Tewodros II, was an 'Emperor of Ethiopia'. He ruled from 1855 until his death. He was the son of a Christian nobleman. He moved his capital city to MAGDALA. It is written that he wrote to Queen Victoria to help him to defend his land against the Islamic invaders. There is a painting of him giving an audience surrounded by lions. The letter was never received by Queen Victoria, and because he did not receive a response from her. After two years, he imprisoned Cameron with other British people. He had hoped that by imprisoning them, he would receive attention from Queen Victoria. However, his plan backfired. There is a big story to this one; and well worth a read about what happened. This is the kind of story that Keith and Michael used to enjoy investigating. 

It ended up with Theodorus II of Ethiopia committing suicide; and they buried him in a Church in Magdala. Then the British burned the fortress of Magdala to the ground. 

'After his suicide, the British burned the fortress of Magdala, and departed from Ethiopia. They looted a vast amount of treasure from the citadel, including Tewodros II's crowns, a huge number of both royal and ecclesiastic robes, vestments, crosses, chalices, swords and shields, many embroidered or decorated with gold or silver, numerous tabots, the great Imperial silver negarit war drum, and a huge number of valuable manuscripts. Today one may see many of these in various museums and libraries in Europe, as well as in private collections. In burning the mountaintop fortress, they also torched the two churches and town as well. With the Church of Medhane Alem burned, Tewodros II's family would later move the Emperor's remains to the Mahedere Selassie Monastery in his native Qwara where they remain.' [5]

This painting was also painted in August 2012 and I shall dedicate it to Tawadros II because his name is a sign for my people.


Now there appears to be some difference on reports of his name. Wikipedia state that the name of the pope is 'Theodoros II of Alexandria. That makes a huge difference to the meaning of his name. Has we know in the Greek text the name for god is 'Theos', The real meaning of the Greek name Theodorus is 'god's gift'.

OK, it is Theodoros in Coptic and Tawadros in Arabic. So why is the BBC giving people his name in Arabic, instead of his Coptic name? He will be the 118th pope. 1+1+8 = ten = new cycle of time.

However, the man was not born with the name Tawadros or Theodoros, his birth surname is Sulayman.
His full name at birth, Waghi Subhi Baqi Sulayman.

The plot thickens!

Sulayman in Arabic means Solomon.

However, the name Sulayman is usually associated with Islam and can be found throughout its history.
Many famous Islamic men had that name with different spelling translations. It would be interesting to know about the real ancestry of this new pope.

Taking all of that into account, he is bound to make his presence felt. He has a degree in pharmacy, so he will understand the power of the medics to both heal and to kill. However, do remember what Solomon did, he was prepared to marry anyone, from anywhere; to keep the peace. We all know what happened to him. That is why, yours truly has more wisdom than Solomon has predicted by Jesus Christ for the last days of the end times.

Integrity and its wisdom is not for sale!

The new pope says he's not interested in politics, then in the next breath he says that his concern is to do with security. How can he differentiate the two? How can he have one without the other? It is written that this man is a diplomat and he is clearly interested in spiritual transformation. Solomon was also a diplomat, and embraced the spirituality from many different nations. It feels like this man will try to bring together the different people from different denominations in the name of peace. So can anticipate a visit to Rome and to Jerusalem during his reign.

He was born on the 4th of November 1952. Hence the selection of the new pope was carried out on his birthday. That makes him a Scorpio and this is the 'Saturn in Scorpio' transit. So he is bound to have a lot more impact during that transit. He was also born in the Chinese Year of the Water Dragon and they are dauntless in what they do. This is not a natural front man, being in the spot light is not a natural state of being of him. He is more like a diplomat that works behind the scenes, or like the pharmacist that works behind the counter. People usually study to become pharmacists; if their academic qualifications are not good enough to become a doctor.

Hence, this man is a people person, in preference to academia. He has an engaging charisma, and is bound to do well at what he plans to do to help his people. Has we know, Scorpios can be quiet and very deep. They are holders of secrets, so we could well see some important Coptic texts being revealed by this man.

He has what I call 'sad eyes' and you see it a lot in Egyptians. Not really surprising when you examine their ancient history of invasions.







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