Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Katie Hopkins, Teshuvah

Well the BBC has rolled out 'Katie Hopkins', she sounds like another one Cameron's camp. She stands against the people that receive treatment due to the core issues of smoking, drinking and obesity. Katie is pictured in an exercise position in a stadium.

Yet, she does not speak to us of the operations that have been required due to people doing too much, jogging, running or exercise. I can assure you that they do exist. Katie does not speak about the number of operations that have been carried out, or the people that have died due to the sheer 'incompetence' of the NHS, its doctors and surgeons.

No, it is far easier for Katie to pick on the poor that pay much higher taxes then she does; due to what they consume. Stealth taxes that prop up this government and its National Healthcare System. Katie does not inform you about the research to do with smoking that informs you how healthy it is, nor does she share the health benefits of a good wine. No, of course not, it is far easier for the former apprentice of life to target the poor; that have no access to internet facilities to do their own research. It is far easier for Katie to target the elderly of this nation; whose only enjoyment might be a smoke or a tipple.

Of course, Katie does not target the government itself for introducing what the LORD God refers to as the 'corrupt' systems. Nor does she target the tax payers that pay for those systems that keep the poor oppressed by them.

Katie does not mention the sheer waste in the NHS, or the quango's that cost the tax payer a fortune. Of course not. We cannot ask the government to pay back the money it took from the tax payer, to pay for its systems of academics, economists, and administrators. People that have no comprehension of the root causes of disease or its solutions.

No, it is far easier for Katie to stand on her BBC podium and point her fingers at the poor instead of her pointing her fingers at the rich for not paying their taxes. Truly, how many people do you know that are truly obese? I have only met three obese people in my entire life; and all of them had medical problems that were unrelated to food.

Although I do know a few people that are overweight, and they can afford private healthcare if they choose it. If a person chooses to live for today, not caring about tomorrow, then that is their look out. However, the National Healthcare System was put in place to help those that could not afford to help themselves. Did the NHS achieve its goals? In the last 100 years, disease has increased and not decreased. Was that due to the people themselves or an NHS that does not have the solutions to disease? Was it due to the pharmaceuticals and vaccines that do more harm than good?

Has we know 85% of all disease is stress related. Has such, the corporations and governments who put the systems and their hench men in, are co-creators of that disease. So teshuvah Katie Hopkins, for judge not, or you shall be judged, condemn not, or you shall be condemned. You shall not pick on the poor that have been oppressed for 1,000's of years by Church and monarchies.

You shall not pick on those that are forced to live like battery hens by the British government. You shall not pick on those that are now being inflicted by a bedroom tax. You shall let my people go as the LORD God ordains it.

Do you hear me Katie Hopkins?

What did Jesus say in these circumstances? Do you know?

He said this to people like you Katie?

“Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” John 8:7. 

Understand this Katie Hopkins you have been judged, and this is the timeline for the judgement from the divine court of the LORD God. 

The British government have been involved in social engineering for decades. Do you understand what that means and how it is co-created in schools? No, of course you don't. People like you Katie, judge by appearances and that is the difference between people like you Katie and the holy ones. 


The LORD God sees inside a person's heart. Is your heart full of pure intention Katie? Or has it become fashionable to attack the poor these days? Well the more that Cameron sends forth people to attack the poor, the greater my defence of them will be. Cameron will be leaving office, and the LORD God showed me that he must never be given a job in politics again. Anyone that employs Cameron will pay the cost of the consequences. 

I do not recommend that people start smoking. However, if people stop consuming everything that was unhealthy for them. They would stop breathing the air that is polluted, and would not exist anymore. I can understand why God mentioned the 'Air Raid'. They are consistently going after the poor to take the spotlight off of themselves. Well we see you, we are strong and we are global. There is nowhere for the rich to hide now. 

We have had enough of the social engineering enforced by governments; and those with a true heart of conscience stand with the poor, and not against them. 



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